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Developers posts on forum

In this section you'll find posts from the official developers forum. The base is updated every hour and stored on a server wot-news.com. If you encounter any bugs, have suggestions or comments, write to info@wot-news.com

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v. update - preliminary discussion
28.01.2011 23:41:06
Subject: Archives\Beta\v. update - preliminary discussion
Link on message: #386578

View PostVendettar, on 28 January 2011 - 11:39 PM, said: again no fix for german gun mantels, great to still have a glass jaw :angry: :angry:

Overlord: Gathering and examining data. Patience please.

v. update - preliminary discussion
28.01.2011 23:40:04
Subject: Archives\Beta\v. update - preliminary discussion
Link on message: #386575

View PostDkc, on 28 January 2011 - 11:30 PM, said: Where can I find some preview of new map?
- Decreased Panther II size.

Overlord: Screenshots and the map itself in high resolution should be posted in the upcoming newsletter.

v. update - preliminary discussion
28.01.2011 23:21:18
Subject: Archives\Beta\v. update - preliminary discussion
Link on message: #386563

Overlord: New topic.

beta v.0.6.3.x update
28.01.2011 23:20:51
Subject: Important Information\Updates & Patch Notes\beta v.0.6.3.x update
Link on message: #386561

Overlord: v. - v. patch notes
- Added new map Westfield.
- Fixed certain cases of shells flying outside the aim circle.
- Fixed certain cases of disappearing shells.
- Fixed bug of autoaim sticking to destroyed tank.
- Fixed mistiming of "the battle starts in" counter for different players.
- Removed turret for GW-Panther, M12, M40M43 from the shop.
- Removed unupgradable modules of top tier tanks from the store.
- Removed "showcaptchadialog" line from hangar's headline.
- Fixed discrepancy of turret traverse speed between turret specs window and the corresponding tech tree.
- Fixed bug in searching for a contact with less than 4 symbols in its name.
- Fixed bug of missing scrollbars at chat window.
- Fixed bug of positioning in chat window after switching to it.
- Fixed copyright year at intro screen.
- Decreased Panther II size.
- Fixed from with missing some textures for destroyed T-28 model.
- 105mm_KwK45_L52_ausf_B gun (Panther II): shell velocity increased by 20%.
- 150mm_sFH18_L30 gun: dispersion during turret traverse increased by 12%, range of fire decreased by 15%, increased trajectory curve..
- 150mm_sFH36_L43 gun: dispersion during turret traverse increased by 25%, increased shell velocity, increased trajectory curve.
- 170mm_K72_Sf gun: rate of fire decreased by 20%, damage increased from 1100 to 1400.
- Hetzer: added new 220 HP engine, traverse speed decreased, decreased passing-ability for normal and bad terrain by 15%.
- JagdPanther: increased armor for 88mm Pak 43 L/71 gun.
- Pz35(t), Pz38(t): increased reverse speed, durability increased by 10 Hit Points.
- Ferdinand: decreased rate of fire for 128mm Pak 44 L/55 gun.
- VK3001H: durability increased by 20 Hit Points.
- LTraktor: durability increased by 10 Hit Points.
- PzII: increased reverse speed, durability increased by 5 Hit Points.
- PzII Luchs: increased reverse speed, durability increased by 10 Hit Points.
- PzIII/IV: increased reverse speed, durability increased by 20 Hit Points.
- PzIII: durability increased by 10 Hit Points.
- PzIIIA: increased reverse speed, durability increased by 20 Hit Points.
- PzV/IV, PzV/IV A: durability increased by 20 Hit Points.
- S35 739(f): tank tier decreased from 4 to 3, durability decreased by 20 Hit Points, decreased passing-ability for normal terrain by 10%.
- 38H 735(f), Pz IV, and VK1602: increased reverse speed.
- Grille: fixed turret name.
- M3 Stuart, M5 Stuart, T2 lt: increased reverse speed, adjusted shaking effect after firing.
- Ram2: engine changed to less powerful Wright Continental R-975C (440 HP), increased reverse speed, increased passing-ability.
- 155mm Gun M1A1 gun: rate of fire increased by 5%.
- 90mm_AT_Gun_M3 gun: price increased from 110550 to 127300 credits.
- QF 6 pounder Mk III gun: decreased penetration by 5 and 10 mm for AP and APCR shells respectively.
- M12: decreased horizontal aiming curve.
- T14: slightly increased passing-ability.
- T1 heavy: slightly increased passing-ability.
- Т23: repair costs increased by 30%.
- T2 med, M2 lt, M2 med, M3 Lee, and M4 Sherman: increased reverse speed.
- V-2-44, V-2-54, V-55U, and V-2-54IS engines: chance of fire on impact increased by 2%.
- T-43: increased rate of fire for 100mm D10T gun.
- Т-26: increased reverse speed, durability increased by 10 Hit Points.
- Т-28: increased reverse speed, increased rate of fire for 57mm ZiS-4 gun.
- T-46: increased reverse speed, durability increased by 10 Hit Points.
- KV-3: slightly increased passing-ability.
- KV-1S: slightly increased passing-ability.
- Т-34: increased rate of fire for 57mm ZiS-4 gun.
- BТ-2, BТ-7, А-32: increased reverse speed.
- ISU-152: increased weight limit for top suspension.
- SU-14: dispersion increased during movement and turret traverse, rate of fire decreased by 5% for 152mm gun, rate of fire decreased by 3% for 203mm gun.
Projected timeline: coming soon.
Current status: in public RU testing since January 28.
Topic for discussion.

v. update - preliminary discussion
28.01.2011 23:20:36
Subject: Archives\Beta\v. update - preliminary discussion
Link on message: #386560

Overlord: Discussing the upcoming patch.
Note! How to join RU public test:
1. Your account on main Russian server must be registered prior to January 27, 6:30 am UTC/GMT
2. Donwload and install.
v. client
v. update
v. update
v. update
v. update
v. update
v. update
3. Log in with your account credentials for main Russian server.
February 11
! RU public test server is offline.

Monastery Bug
28.01.2011 18:13:24
Subject: Archives\Beta\Monastery Bug
Link on message: #386277

transfero: Dear TheCanni6al,
Please request to the Support Center. It's recommended you attach all screenshots in an archieve, ziped, and a dxdiag.txt file (Click «Start» (Windows Menu). Select and press «Run». Type "dxdiag" and press "OK". In the appeared window choose "Save all information". After you've saved the file attach to the letter.)

We have to buy the game?
28.01.2011 18:01:02
Subject: Archives\Beta\Questions\We have to buy the game?
Link on message: #386257

LiannaSilverwind: You do not need to buy the game. You can buy ingame gold, if you want, to make your ingame progress faster.
It is fully possible to play the game without spending a single cent on it, getting top tier tanks and enjoying them. Will take you more time and effort though. :Smile_honoring:

World of Tanks Open Beta Video
28.01.2011 15:19:21
Subject: News from the Front\Discussion of News Articles\World of Tanks Open Beta Video
Link on message: #386066

View PostObey, on 28 January 2011 - 02:52 PM, said: Would it be possible to have this track as a clean mp3 for download?

Overlord: Yes, it will be available for download as mp3 today.

Improving German vehicles
27.01.2011 17:47:26
Subject: Archives\Beta\Suggestions\Improving German vehicles
Link on message: #385083

View Posttizianenel, on 27 January 2011 - 05:30 PM, said: Does this mean suggestions that didn't make it into the shortlist have been rejected or do they still have hope?

Overlord: The original post contains issues shorlisted so far. It's not full.

Improving German vehicles
27.01.2011 17:24:39
Subject: Archives\Beta\Suggestions\Improving German vehicles
Link on message: #385045

Overlord: Current shortlist of issues will be displayed in the original post.

Maintenance works, January 27
27.01.2011 14:40:53
Subject: Archives\Junkyard\Maintenance works, January 27
Link on message: #384806

Overlord: The server is up and running.

Official Open Beta Launch Announced
27.01.2011 14:40:03
Migrating Profiles
27.01.2011 13:07:13
Subject: Archives\Beta\Migrating Profiles
Link on message: #384659

LiannaSilverwind: Try to contact support@worldoftanks.com (if you're US-based now) or support@worldoftanks.eu (if you're EU-based now), they could help you. :Smile_honoring:

Official Open Beta Launch Announced
27.01.2011 13:02:39
Subject: News from the Front\Discussion of News Articles\Official Open Beta Launch Announced
Link on message: #384651

View PostCheetah28, on 27 January 2011 - 09:49 AM, said: ok just thought ... on Russian server they don't get any daily gold.

LiannaSilverwind: Russian server has Game Release already. We were still in Closed Beta and from today we're in Open Beta. Open Beta will provide 250 gold per day.

Historic Battle - Event No.11 - Battle of the Ch'ongch'on River
27.01.2011 12:59:20
Subject: Contests & Competitions\Special Events\Historical Battles\Historic Battle - Event No.11 - Battle of the Ch'ongch'on River
Link on message: #384646

View PostST61, on 21 January 2011 - 09:14 AM, said: Maybe, if mods will allow, you should open one (hopfuly pinned) topic with general rules of historic battles, and all pics and movies would be posted there. It would be "advertising topic". And of course there would be new topic for every weekend event (like now), where we would only gather for battle.

LiannaSilverwind: Definitely make such topic, I will pin it. :Smile_honoring:

Official Open Beta Launch Announced
27.01.2011 12:50:15
Subject: News from the Front\Discussion of News Articles\Official Open Beta Launch Announced
Link on message: #384634

View PostHomer_J, on 27 January 2011 - 12:42 PM, said: Thanks for the info, I did look but couldn't find anything.
It's not here.
And it's not here.
The main site is down so I can't check the news page but there wasn't anything there the last time I looked.

Overlord: The announcement on the web site - http://game.worldoft...en_beta_launch.
Posted on the forums as well - http://forum.worldof...rks-january-27/

Maintenance works, January 27
27.01.2011 12:48:41
Subject: Archives\Junkyard\Maintenance works, January 27
Link on message: #384631

Overlord: The maintenance works are scheduled for January 27, 10:00 am UTC. The game and official web site will be temporary unavailable.
Reason: open beta launch.
Estimated downtime: up to 3 hours.

World of Tanks Open Beta Launch Date Announced
26.01.2011 16:19:03
Subject: News from the Front\Discussion of News Articles\World of Tanks Open Beta Launch Date Announced
Link on message: #383763

View Postplizzken_dk, on 26 January 2011 - 01:13 PM, said: World of Tanks Open Beta Trailer from Overlords blog:
Am I the only one who think russian tanks get a little to much facetime in this vid? Oh well its a russian game..

Overlord: You are not alone. I've got the same impression. :)
Might want to check this topic, kind of compensation.

Improving German vehicles
26.01.2011 13:38:44
Subject: Archives\Beta\Suggestions\Improving German vehicles
Link on message: #383547

Overlord: last updated March 12, 2011
With the release approaching problems of German tanks are going to get in the center of our attention.
In this topic, please leave your ideas on German vehicles. What are their main faults and weaknesses? Be brief and constrictive here. No discussions, just considerable and sensible suggestions.
The purpose of the topic is to gather all ideas in one place.
E.g. JagdTiger's invisibility value is too low, increase the speed of Tiger, King Tiger, JagdTiger according to their real-life values, etc.
This topic is severely moderated. Useless and non-constructive suggestions will be deleted.
Shortlisted so far:
1. Visibility. Mostly applies to TD line.
2. Gun mantlets. Tanks and TDs.
3. Max speed values Tiger, King Tiger, Jagdtiger.
4. Jagdtiger. Mantlet.
5. Maus. Lower front hull armor plate, "mudguards", side armor/tracks
6. NEW! 12,8 cm KwK 44 L/55: accuracy increase, damage increase.
7. NEW! Jagdtiger:
- visibility reduction, i.e. camo adjustment
- damage per shell increase (might come along with RoF decrease)
- increase of speed values
- hit points increase
8. NEW! 88mm KwK 36 L/56: possible damage and accuracy buff.
in progress
Won't be taken into account:
1. Mass damage and or penetration increase, ie "group buffs"

Impressions of Russian community of Euro CBT
26.01.2011 11:48:42
Subject: International Forums\BY, RU, UA Community\Impressions of Russian community of Euro CBT
Link on message: #383431

LiannaSilverwind: Сегодня последний день, как никак. Завтра уже CBT не будет, так что - возьмемся за руки, друзья, возьмемся за руки, друзья...

Релиз когда будет?
26.01.2011 11:47:34
Subject: International Forums\BY, RU, UA Community\Релиз когда будет?
Link on message: #383430

View PostZendarUA, on 26 January 2011 - 11:01 AM, said: Вроде разработчики говорили что общей будет только глобальная карта, а рендом так и останется разделён, или уже всё таки решили что буду полностью сливать кластеры?

LiannaSilverwind: Таковыми планы и остались. Сначала будет бета клан варов, и только после этого сольют общую карту. Пока кластеры сливать не планируют.

Clans and ClanWars
25.01.2011 23:28:12
Subject: Archives\Beta\Clans and ClanWars
Link on message: #383125

Overlord: The topic has gone into the wrong direction. Discussing developers instead of discussing the game.

Релиз когда будет?
25.01.2011 21:26:01
Subject: International Forums\BY, RU, UA Community\Релиз когда будет?
Link on message: #383028

LiannaSilverwind: Релис будет в конце февраля. Объединения серверов пока не будет.

EU Questions & Answers
25.01.2011 17:51:41
Subject: Game Discussion\Gameplay Discussion\EU Questions & Answers
Link on message: #382799

View PostSouroy, on 20 January 2011 - 12:21 PM, said: Few questions about the French tree:
- Apparently changes have been made to it, do you know when we'll be able to see the "final" tree ?
- As for the others nations I suppose that only a fraction of the French vehicles will be released in the beginning, any hint about which branch(s) will be chosen ?
Thanks. :Smile_honoring:

Overlord: At this stage no changes have been made to the announced tree.
Likely that initial package of French tanks won't contain all vehicles. Details will be revealed later.

View PostDandy, on 20 January 2011 - 02:07 PM, said: Is there any chance to get some details about how the new spotting system that is being developed is supposed to work and what are the key defferences between current system and the new one?

Overlord: Will post some details on the reworked visibility system at open beta.

View PostStormscion, on 25 January 2011 - 03:16 PM, said: In this ( http://www.youtube.c...h?v=CDyHXf_6K3w ) interview Victor, CEO of Wargaming.net mentions in the end that there are plans to make skill tree for crew more like talent trees that are in the use in the other MMOs.
Is this still planed and when we can expect that?
I think it would be kind of cool.

Overlord: Crew skills are being worked on and some new ones are going to be added. Active skills are not planned currently.

View PostScharthak, on 25 January 2011 - 06:53 PM, said: Question regarding release versions:
Since boxed version seems to be likely to be available after release, will it be possible to "upgrade" an existing account with the bonus ingame material?
Or, in other words, is it possible to accumulate several bonusses (Beta tank, beta promotion, boxed version, pre-order, ...) via key codes or the like into one game account?

Overlord: Certainly, it will be possible to accumulate all bonuses in one account.

View Postarkhell, on 25 January 2011 - 11:53 PM, said: Are you guys planning on fixing the King Tigers long 105 visual?
Since it looks like the 88 now and the only way to get it to look right is modding the files yourself, the file is in the folder it just isn't used so geussit's just a matter of adding a string to use the file.

Overlord: Yes, it will be fixed in one of the upcoming updates.

View Posttheta0123, on 26 January 2011 - 04:28 PM, said: For the french tech tree=
The char B1 at tech 4. Is this the Char B1 version(with 40mm of armor) or the Most common Char B1 bis(With 60mm of armor)?

Overlord: The specs for B1 haven't been finalized yet. The tank itself has been modelled recently.

View Postcynabal, on 29 January 2011 - 11:58 PM, said: Questions
1: How much notice are you planning to give players before release? I have some holiday left over i'd like to take to coincide with WoT going live but need to give atleast a weeks notice lol :D
2: Are there any plans to choose what server you want to play on in the future? So 1 account, but switch between EU/NA and RU server? I have alot of friends split between EU and NA time zones.
3: This is a bit of a long shot but any plans for WoT for other platforms? (MAC) or consoles? (360/PS3) :Smile-hiding: I think the games style of play and simplicity could quite easily transfer over to console and joypad.
Finally keep up the great work, I know you guys get a bit of a hard time sometimes (T-54/Arty/Balance) but I think the majority of players really appreciate your hard work and involvement with the community, so big thanks from me! :Smile_honoring:
*Wow someone gave me a minus? thanks, really* :huh:

Overlord: 1. At least two weeks I think.
2. Currently you can register 1 account per server but each server has its own database. Switching between servers at launch is unlikely to be added.
3. No such plans, exclusively for PC.

View PostDriver134, on 30 January 2011 - 11:38 PM, said: Few question about relase
1. Any info about pre-order packages Tanks, gold amount and price
2. Beta testers tank. Overlord said it will be something better than kv 220 (can't find this post now)

Overlord: 1. They will be available rather soon and offer 10% discount on gold and the following tanks: A-32, Pz. V/IV, and M6A2E1.
2. Will be announced a bit later.

View PostNikola_Bathory, on 31 January 2011 - 01:22 PM, said: About Clan wars:
I have a question about the gold each province provides. How is it distributed? Among all the clan members? Or? How?

Overlord: Gold that each province produces is going to be assigned to special clan account which can be accessed by clan leader, its deputy, and clan treasurer. Of course, gold transfers between clanmates will be enabled.

View PostDieWith, on 31 January 2011 - 01:29 PM, said: I know its not a complicated question, but any estimations on british tank tree? End of the year, summer, something?

Overlord: A most complicated question indeed. My personal rough estimation would be Q3 2011 at the earliest.

View PostArmitxes, on 31 January 2011 - 05:14 PM, said: Q1: Is there a way to get more than 100 Members in one clan (for exaple buying slots with gold)? or is one clan allowed to create multiple Clans ingame?
Q2: It's really possible to fight with full T-10 team in CW's without tier limit in battle or was it just a misunderstanding from my part?

Overlord: 1. No, one clan can't have more than 100 members. Several clans can conclude an alliance with one another and cooperate.
2. Yes, it will be possible to fight with the team of 15 tier 10 vehicles. No overall tier limitation. At least for "absolute" global map, if we launch 3 of them.

View PostKieme, on 31 January 2011 - 06:18 PM, said: Hello Overlord,
I would like to ask you this:
about M6A2E1,
Will this tank be the US equivalent (tier) of German Loewe Premium Heavy Tank?

Overlord: No, M6A2E1 is going to be tier 6 heavy, overall it will be weaker than Lowe, but being equipped with 105mm gun this tank should have quite good firepower.

What Open Beta means for CBT testers
25.01.2011 16:40:41
Subject: Archives\Beta\What Open Beta means for CBT testers
Link on message: #382721

View PostBarleyman, on 25 January 2011 - 02:00 AM, said: I just hope we don't get shafted with $1 = 1€ conversion rate again. :Smile_harp:

Overlord: No, this won't happen. No $X = 1X.

Clans and ClanWars
25.01.2011 16:39:10
Subject: Archives\Beta\Clans and ClanWars
Link on message: #382719

View Postdnarag1m, on 25 January 2011 - 03:53 AM, said: This...Wargaming, are you paying attention?
The above might be a (version of) solution to the problem we all know is coming : After one month every clanwar is going to be the same with a ton of IS7/Maus and a hand full of high tier arty. Why go for anything less?
Even if we agree that let's say 60% of the clans will not be able to field an optimal army of tier9/10 tanks, we still have the problem that a small group of 'ubernerds' ( a few clans working together as alliance) will dominate an entire continent because they CAN field tier10 tanks whenever they want. Is it not by physical force throughout their empire, it will be because they can threaten with their perfect armies of doom. Taking one look at the history of EVE-Online MMORPG should learn this lesson right away. Do not underestimate the will and capability of a thousand persistent players in an alliance to work together to spoil the fun of others just to pride themselves to be the best.
We really do not want to make the clanwar/combat system one exclusively based on how much you can play. There need to be some kind of motivation to use lower-tier tanks as well, since they provide dramatically different gameplay and hence hard needed variation to W.O.T.
A good look at the current company mode shows it is very unpopular ; even at primetime only a hand full of companies are available - what, 10 companies (100 players or so) from 10,000 active players ? Why? - the current company battle system is flawed in exactly the same manner that the clanwars mode is described to be - except it will be magnified since there are no upper limits to the tank configurations. Clanwar battles will become a boring affair, and most educated and active WOT players I speak to feel exactly the same (both about company mode and the projected clanwars modes).
Wargaming, get your act together and offer us a viable solution to fix the company mode being a tier X+Arty affair. IF you manage to fix company mode, it is time to think about a clanwars mode that works and has enough variation to keep people interested for more than a few months. Long-term commitment to world of tanks is our in our mutual advantage - gamer and gaming company.

Overlord: That's why we need beta clan wars. To assess how it goes in its current state. Not how it looks on paper, but is it fun or not to play it.

Ingame missions
25.01.2011 14:31:22
Subject: Archives\Beta\Suggestions\Ingame missions
Link on message: #382591

LiannaSilverwind: I must agree with Vuk.
Imagine scout gets mission: "Scout A0", he will drive there for XP/credits/achievements even if it is obvious that location is deathtrap or entirely empty, just because that's his war-order.
In WAR there was event when certain players were randomly marked by Khaine, so you gained achievements or nice bonuses for killing them. But even that would mean, that all people would shoot poor Hetzer in the far bushes, instead of T30 tearing them apart right in front of them, because they want XP/credits/achievements.
Even missions like "Team must win the battle with 3:1 destroyed tanks ratio" or "Win with no more than 2 losses" can change the gameplay a lot - people may start camping at all costs to avoid losses.
I would like to get some interesting kind of missions for personal glory, but they should never damage teamplay.

Ingame missions
25.01.2011 13:47:05
Subject: Archives\Beta\Suggestions\Ingame missions
Link on message: #382539

LiannaSilverwind: The following is message sent to me by Anarin. Lia
i could not write on suggestion forum so i wanna give it to you - if you like it then you can suggest it.
It would be good if you can implement "in-game" missions in each battle so game can be different each time (like : for light tank you need to go to scout sector A-3 in 2 min or for TD you need to ambush (hit tank while not been spot) for 3 times etc.) If you complete mission you could be awarded with bonus exp/credits.

Clans and ClanWars
24.01.2011 23:29:21
Subject: Archives\Beta\Clans and ClanWars
Link on message: #382073

View PostEnvisioned, on 24 January 2011 - 09:47 PM, said: Personally, this just reeks of Eve's mentality. You come in late, and sure, you may be able to eventually acquire something useful. Unfortunately, that new shiny tank has just been eclipsed by the newest tank line introduced (see: British, French, Italian, other tanks to existing lines.) The Russian players will have accumulated vast quantities of free experience to cash in on new tanks, as they are introduced. This means while yes, we may have time, how much? And while we have time, nothing prevents the head start guys from continuing to progress.
I realize that this may be a totally unfounded fear, but with any competitive environment, I get uncomfortable when one side is given an obvious edge.

Overlord: No way this can happen. All tanks are balanced and will be balanced on statistics. Even if some claim the methodology is flawed it is uniform and applies to all vehicles.

Does Matchmaking stack certain vehicles intentionally?
24.01.2011 23:16:54
Subject: Archives\Beta\Questions\Does Matchmaking stack certain vehicles intentionally?
Link on message: #382063

View PostNateBlack, on 21 January 2011 - 03:00 AM, said: Quite often I've seen the matchmaker stack vehicles in one team. Say there is 5 Tigers in the 'pool' of players. These seem to wind up on just one team, not split up.
Is this intentional? Or is this just me?
Another example is the new tier 9 meds. Seems like it's always Pershings and Panther IIs on one team, and T-54s on the other.
Now, do you see this as a problem, and can anything be done about it? I think games tend to be more interesting if the teams are diverse.
Just an example.

Overlord: It's not intentional. The number of vehicles of particular tier and type depends on what vehicles prevail in waiting line.

Clans and ClanWars
24.01.2011 21:30:40
Subject: Archives\Beta\Clans and ClanWars
Link on message: #381969

View PostKoo294, on 24 January 2011 - 09:11 PM, said: looks good, but:
So basically, all clans are really gunna want is tier 10 heavies and tier 8 arty. It'll be worse than the current company battles :/

Tanitha: If you think that's the best combo..
Personally I'm thinking T9 mediums with arty raining down and no T10 heavies might be the best option.
But anyway, clans are groups of 100 players, clans will struggle to get 100 players with top tanks, who are good players, who are available, etc etc.
A lot of the game will be logistics. Not just the tank people drive.

Clans and ClanWars
24.01.2011 21:27:49
Subject: Archives\Beta\Clans and ClanWars
Link on message: #381965

View PostEnvisioned, on 24 January 2011 - 09:09 PM, said: There is actually quite a bit of information, including exchange of payment in the original thread on Clan Wars. I believe that Overlord posted this, but the link is up in the original post. Read through it, as it is quite in-depth. Mercs will be paid in gold from the clan that hires them and there was the attachment of a reputation / rating system for the mercs.
I have reservations about the entire system, but I am willing to see how it turns out. The devs stated that we would have time to "test" things in beta, but it looks like this has been changed to "test a beta version of clan wars" in the full release.

Tanitha: Yes overlords original clanwars post had a lot more info, but some was a bit dated (October). please refer to the main post for in detail descriptions.
The main reason I wrote this, is the original post had that much info, it was very hard to find the important bits, and to get all that info to sink in. So apart from updating a few things Ive purposely left out and summarized a lot of info.. To try and make it easier to understand.

Clans and ClanWars
24.01.2011 21:25:13
Subject: Archives\Beta\Clans and ClanWars
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View PostEnvisioned, on 24 January 2011 - 08:54 PM, said: Okay, well the final item is my primary concern.
There is no indicated ETA for this item. Additionally, the Russian server will have a huge head start on the rest of the players. With the "destruction" of tanks and the waiting period involved for repairing them (24 hours, last that I read), how will Euro server teams compete? I would assume the hard core Russian clans will already have 75-100% of the tech tree researched, meaning that they can freely lose multiple tier 10/9 tanks, while Euro/US based clans are still trying to obtain additional tanks. It is a continuously losing proposition, as the Russian server will continue to advance, even as the Euro/US servers are getting populated and researching their trees.
Is there a solution in the works for this, or is this just a lost cause?

Tanitha: Overlord has posted that the time difference between clan wars beta and the full 3 server linkup, will be sufficient time for the Euro's and USA'ers to max their tanks and crews.

Clans and ClanWars
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View Postseemore, on 24 January 2011 - 06:22 PM, said: how does costal boarders work in relation to this?

Tanitha: Some coastal land is linked, you can see the links in the maps. Thats all i know sorry.

Clans and ClanWars
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View PostHighway_Star, on 24 January 2011 - 06:01 PM, said: So you can confirm that clans can be created before the end of the Beta?

Tanitha: No I can confirm that clans are scheduled to be allowed to be created before the end of beta, and soon.
Scheduled does not mean definitely, it means if things goto plan and no problems arise.

Server Split - Auto Ban System
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Tanitha: Important Information
On the swap over to Open Beta (27th January 2011) or shortly before then the server split Auto-Ban system for double accounts will be activated. It is therefore important that you only log to the account into the server which you intend on staying on, and do not swap from one server to another. This will help ensure that the system keeps the correct account open and active.
If you wish to play both servers, you may make a NEW account on the other server (The rules now allow one account per server) please download the appropriate client for your second account. USA Client Link. Euro client Link and make sure you install it to a different place and don't get the two clients mixed up.
More info will probably be announced shortly, this is just an un-official post to give you some advanced warning.

Clans and ClanWars
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View PostHighway_Star, on 24 January 2011 - 05:20 PM, said: So the registration of clans is closed now? :(

Tanitha: No, as posted, When clans are activated players will be able to make their own clans for 2500 gold, you can use the free beta gold, or wait until release and pay for the gold... ETc its written above..

World of Tanks Open Beta Launch Date Announced
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View PostEAF19_Clasic, on 24 January 2011 - 12:47 PM, said: I want to test the US tank destroyers, having asked if they are coming in the patch I have not been answered and as I cannot see any indication that they are coming I will presume that they are not which is a real shame because I know the Russian TD line is nice and I am very tempted by the M18 but trying that route when the game is full release could prove expensive and disappointing :)

Overlord: US TDs are going to be added with the upcoming major update, the one after minor patch. It will be released either some time prior to release or shortly after it.

Clans and ClanWars
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Tanitha: Clans and Clan Wars
Planned schedule
EU Servers & Server Split (completed) ->
Open Beta (Due 27th January) ->
Game Release & Hard Wipe (Due End of February 2011) ->
Clan Wars Beta -> (Due on or close to release)
Clan Wars Full Release (Global world map) (3 servers Russian/European/USA connected for international clan wars) & (clan wars map wipe)
So there's a thousand and one FPS (first person shooter) games out there, and I don't like them and don't want to play them. I'm here in WOT and here to stay because WOT has something extra and something different that all the other FPS's don't have. A major clan-wars system with a world domination map.
So forget about the game, and the game balance and matchmaking and whatever.. Clan-wars is where its at.. Well for me it is at least..
Unfortunately there is a lot of confusion around the clan-wars, I don't think many players understand how in depth a system wot are making, they haven't listed WOT as a MMO because of its 15v15 random battles, its clan system it has in the works is HUGE...
There's been one released info on clan wars so far Link , and like most players, I read it, scratched my head and read it again. After reading it three or four times with a lot of falling sleep in between I was left with one expression left in my mind. WTH?. So I'll try to write a summary of the old guide which hopefully you will find to be easier to read, there's also been some newer updated information thrown in aswell.
The original clanwars guide was from back in October, since then many players have snuck in questions to overlord, and overlord's leaks bits of information here and there. So I'm going to attempt to piece pieces of info together to share my view of what I *think* clan-wars entails..
Ive tried to confirm the validity of whats contained within here. But things might change a bit between now and when they are officially announced and placed in game, so read things as a guide, instead of a this is exactly how things will be..
Clans and Clan Registrations
On the 23rd December nominations opened for clans to request registration into the game, this closed on the 10th January. Approximately 150 clans nominated, and about 50 of the largest, most active, oldest clans were selected to be the first clans into the game.
Preliminary list of accepted clans.

CS Army
Fallen Angels
Red Tide
Company of Reveran
Team Germany
130. Panzer-Lehr-Division
Triple Entente
115th Scwhere Panzer Division KampfGruppe Schwarzen Lanze
A Red Sky
Treasure Trove
Strategy Games Italia Team
Forgotten Hope Alliance
Hellenic Armored Division
116th Panzer Division
Relic Armoured
Iron Wolves
World of Tanks France
7th Armored Cavalry Regiment
1.Tábori Páncéloshadosztály
Hearts of Draconia
War Geeks United
Pro-Internet Gaming Society
7th Armored Division
Finnish Tank Clan
Division Wüstenfuchs
Crimson Blade
División Acorazada 250
Die Söhne Guderians
Men of War
2nd Armored Division
503rd Joint Fighter Wing Typhoon Witches
1ª Cavalaria Blindada ROTA
Survivors Of Chaos
Stug Lyfe
1st Armored Division
Angels of Death
Armoured Assassins
RaGe Balcanians
Terminus Est
Divisione Corazzata Ariete
DarkStar Alliance
3d Armored Cavalry Regiment
1stPolish Armoured Division
Kampfgruppe FHW
These clans will be manually added to the game (free), this manual addition of the clans is to mainly secure these clan's names and to ensure the clan names aren't stolen by another player or clan.
The same day these clans are manually added to the game, Open clan registration will also commence, where clan leaders can register their clans within the game.
Registering a clan costs 2500 gold. So it is better for you to do this during beta with the free gold that is provided, instead of registering the clan after release where the gold would cost you about $10. Clans will not be wiped on release. Players joining an existing clan has no cost associated with that. Players will get 250 gold a day when we switch to open beta on the 27th January, so if you are a clan leader, start saving up for your clan registrations now.
Clan wars, the info..
Pre clan wars beta
Cant wait for clan wars beta? well this will pass a couple of hours for you, and get you motivated and give you some clan war training. Ever play risk? then try TripleA its similar to what I envision wot to be like.

TripleA is a sourceforge free to download free to play game.
Download page: http://triplea.sourceforge.net/mywiki
There is some screenshots of TrippleA on that website, i wont post them here because the people that just look at the pictures and don't read anything will get confused.
You can have a solo game, or you can play online in a lobby against friends.
Now hopefully that's got you warmed up for mixing WOT's game, with a risk type clan-wars map. Imagine the two together? maybe not, so let me tease your appetite a little further.
Please note: posting links to other games is against the forum rules, the above has been posted with WOT approval, as an exception.
The Map, Clan Wars Beta, Clan Wars Release, The World Map, Time Zones, And Other Info..
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Full Interface (Russian)
Posted Image
Ain't it sweet?
For clan wars beta the play zone will be a euro only map placed onto the three servers, Russian, European and North American. All three servers will play the clan wars beta on their separate servers. This will be placed into our USA server "soon", yeah I know you hate that word, but when its done its will be put in, its almost done now and hits the devs test-servers very soon for some dev testing, then onto the main servers. When it hits the devs servers, I'll get a sneak look at it, and I can (with devs permission) start leaking a lot more info out.
This "clan wars beta", is looking to be introduced soon after release, So you will start playing clan wars after the full wipe on release on an even playing field. Quick leveling after release would therefore help you and your clan get a head start into the clan wars.
When clan wars beta is fully finished, and ready for a full clan wars release, it will be operating on a full world map that should cover all area's except the arctic regions. So it should cover Australia and Asian for the Australians to take over, Europe for the euro's to take over, Russia for the Russians, and America for the Americans and all the other major counties on the map. When clan wars full release is ready and comes out, the three servers will link together to battle on this new and clear and empty world map. IE a clan-wars wipe, NOT an account wipe, or a server wipe, just the old euro only beta map being deleted, and a new shiny empty world map put up for clans to "start conquering again"..
During clan-wars beta, All battles will be scheduled at the prime time the next day of the server time. So for example, a USA clan attacks a German piece of land on the euro clan wars beta map, That battle will be scheduled in the game for the next day, USA time, somewhere between about 8pm -> 10pm IE prime time server time.
On the full clan-wars release, with the full map, battles will then be scheduled at the prime time of the country you are attacking. So on the above example. A USA clan attacks a German piece of land on the world clan wars full release map, That battle will be scheduled in the game for the next day, German time, somewhere between about 8pm -> 10pm German time IE the prime time of the time zone of the country you are attacking. It is done this way to stop the Russian clans from taking over the whole map, or the euros or the USAers. Attacking, taking, and then defending land that is not in your time zone, will be inconvenient, and thus unlikely. Similarly as the above, the server the game will be played on on this multi server game, will be the server of the land that's being attacked. If you are fighting for USA land, it will be on the USA server, if you are fighting for Russian land, it will be on the Russian server, a roaming system for accounts is being worked on.
When there is just a euro map, players outside of the USA Prime-time timezone will struggle to partake in clan wars, with all the battles being scheduled at the prime time of the server. When clan-wars is fully finished, and a world map introduced, it opens up all the options for non USA time zone players. So an all Australian clan could then take land in Australia and Asia and battle for that land in their time zone, An all UK clan could play on the USA server and could then battle for euro land, in the timezone of the land they are fighting for IE euro timezone, etc..
How big are the maps?
The initial Euro only clan wars beta map will contain about 200 provinces, each on the three servers.
What maps are the clan wars fought on
Initially maps will be a bit random, and selected from roughly appropriate maps, Like countrysides will be a random countryside map, cities will be one of the current city maps randomly selected. With more maps constantly being added. For example Paris atm would either be fought on the Himmelsdorf or Ruinberg maps. In the long run all key historical and capital provinces will have their own unique maps.
Team limits & Tier limits
Unlike companies, clan wars will not contain limits on the teams. The teams are open, up to 15 players attacking / defending, with a minimum of 5 players per side.
The only restrictions on tiers or teams is you must have at least 15 players of tier 5 or above to get started in clan wars.
Tokens, Stationing and moving troops and blockading land
At the start of the game you start with 100 tokens for your 100 clan members (100 player limit on clans), Or 65 for 65 etc whatever.. They will start "off the map" and to go into play they need to land on a coastal region. You then progress from there, and obviously aim at taking over more land. You may "station" up to 15 tokens in a particular region. You claim one piece of your land as your capital.. if you lose all your land, your tokens are off the map and you need to once again start on the coastal land. Land earns gold, and each region earns different amounts depending on its value (eg Paris region is more important than Brittany). However only the land that is directly connected to your clan capital will be earning you gold, any land that is not connected will be considered "blockaded" and will not earn until its reconnected to the clan capital. Tokens are not linked to particular players, they are open, so any clan member may fill the spot of the token.
Moving tokens
Only the clan leader can move the tokens. If the leader is offline, the player with the status of 1st deputy can move them. If the leader and 1st deputy are offline, the right to move is delegated to the 2nd deputy. A clan can move the same tokens once per day. After tokens were moved, they cannot be moved for the next 24 hours from the movement, meaning they are unavailable for movement. One territory may not have more than 15 tokens from the same clan.
Stationed troops
Tokens will not be able to move to another region unless those regions have a common border. And turns/moves may be made hourly, however attacks are scheduled for the next days prime time of the appropriate time zone.
Cloak of war
Other clans wont be able to see where you have your forces stationed. Obviously it would be preferable for enemy clans to attack your undefended or lightly defended land. This is where the special ops, of scouting and spy missions becomes invaluable.
Special Ops
During the hourly turns above, apart from troop movements clans have a range of recon and spying techniques they can employ. As well as an extensive diplomatic system where alliances etc can be formed.
Region Revolts.
Like other games when you conquer lands the local's aren't very happy about it, and you need to station troops within the region to maintain order. if its left unattended for too long, they will revolt. Except for your capital which is free of revolt.
Mercs and clan leaders will run off reputation and a track record. If a merc has a track record of not showing up, not being very good, or at worse being a team killer. Then obviously a clan leader wont be very tempted to employ them. Similarly clan leaders who have a reputation for non payment and a bad team, wont be sort after for mercenaries.
Mercs are also required to buy a license that is valid for about a week, after the initial payment/duration they may renew and keep their merc license for 1/2 the initial price per period of time. Like a lot of things, most of the merc system comes down to trust, who can you put your trust into and who cant you?
I hope the above clears some things up, and you start to look forward to clan wars as much as I am. See-you on the clan wars battlefields.
If you would like to read through the full details on clanwars the link is here
If you have any questions still, feel free to ask them here, one of the Euro mods will either answer, or seek answers for you.
Please do not PM me on the EU forums, I'm a USA mod so I don't log into the euro forums very often.
If you wish to PM me please do so on the USA forums.

Preliminary list of registered clans
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LiannaSilverwind: Clan: Red Tide
Leader: LiannaSilverwind
Server: EU

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