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Developers posts on forum

In this section you'll find posts from the official developers forum. The base is updated every hour and stored on a server wot-news.com. If you encounter any bugs, have suggestions or comments, write to info@wot-news.com

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World of Tanks Is For You!
01.06.2011 10:58:15
Subject: News from the Front\Discussion of News Articles\World of Tanks Is For You!
Link on message: #597650

Cheeka: World of Tanks Is For You!
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Interesting statistics from RU server
31.05.2011 17:43:25
Subject: Game Discussion\Gameplay Discussion\Interesting statistics from RU server
Link on message: #596251

View Postm4inbrain, on 31 May 2011 - 11:50 AM, said: Yeah.. Oh wait, no. You dont. Maybe drive the tanks before saying something like that, that would help. And yeah, i HAVE a PantherII with 10,5.

LiannaSilverwind: I had an honour to drive Pershing (300 battles), Panther II (200 battles) and T-54 (500 battles) in CBT. I still stand by my opinion on:
Elite Panther II vs. Elite T-54 one on one duel -> Elite Panther II should win. Reason: higher accuracy and DPM. Same for Pershing.
I respect your opinion as well. :Smile_honoring:

Tanker’s Soul Secret
31.05.2011 16:03:26
Subject: News from the Front\Discussion of News Articles\Tanker’s Soul Secret
Link on message: #595972

View Postshnbwmn, on 31 May 2011 - 03:00 PM, said: To mods: update the news page too, it still has lt300 listed as winner

Vallter: We were on it, should be updated now.

Tanker’s Soul Secret
31.05.2011 15:49:00
Subject: News from the Front\Discussion of News Articles\Tanker’s Soul Secret
Link on message: #595921

Vallter: lt300 removed from the winners list. Also his participation in all further WG events will be always denied.

Ieteikums Deviem.
31.05.2011 14:42:26
Subject: International Forums\Baltic Forums\Latviešu\Spēles apspriešana\Vispārējas diskusijas\Ieteikums Deviem.
Link on message: #595701

OldFox: Es pikritu, ka WoT ir tala no pilnibas. Bet WG ir loti atkalata diskusijam ar speletajiem un ir tuvu mums. Pameginiet Blizzardiem kaut ko uzrakstit :)

Tanker’s Soul Secret
31.05.2011 12:53:08
Subject: News from the Front\Discussion of News Articles\Tanker’s Soul Secret
Link on message: #595358

Vallter: After a heated debate, we finally came to our decision. Allow me to assure you that this has been one of the hardest contests to judge. A lot of interesting and excellent works were submitted and more often than not, it was very difficult to choose between them.
We assembled a group of ten judges, who all carefully read the submitted works and gave them a score out of ten-point system.
We read many pieces that were very good, but unfortunately did not fulfil the main requirement: you had to write about your best battle. Nevertheless, we still awarded some of them as they were of such a high standard.
In some poems, the lyrics were connected with some beautiful melodies but we were unable to give any additional points to these poets. But stay tuned! As we will soon run a “Tank-Mix” contest and you will soon be able to participate.
The team at Wargaming.net would like to take this opportunity to thank all the participants! We really enjoyed reading the poems, but it is now time to get to the part you have all been waiting for and announce the winners!
The winner is Doofus with his entry:

The World changes, this digital age,
We play our games, time turns it's page.
Each day we hunger, we wait for the night,
to meet with our friends, to fight the good fight.
This game that we play, this social attraction,
Is filled with fire, with tension, and action.
The wars that we wage, the thrill of the victory,
Our online generation, inspired by history.
We drive forth our Tanks, we meet on the field
The metal surrounds us, our weapon, our shield.
The foes that I fight comprise every nation,
British, French, Russian, Dutch, German, Croatian.
The first fight an enemy, the next one, a friend,
Our historical shackles, we dismiss and transcend.
We're no longer bound by political ties,
Our nations united, as friends and allies.
It seems strange to think, not so long ago,
These pixels we ride in were not just for show.
Our monsters of battle, our armour and guns,
Once caused devastation to fathers and sons.
Now in our friendship, they're monsters no more,
no longer reminders of the horrors of war.
Now they unite us, instead of divide,
Allow us to play, form friendships worldwide.
Our barriers lowered, these great beasts of War,
Remind us all deeply, we battle no more.
kosmo24 receives the silver prize and 4000 Gold

„There’s always a bigger fish in the sea...
There’s always a bigger tank in the World Of Tanks”...
A tale of blowing up to smithereens
Of dust and and smoke and wreckage left behind
With iron monsters dead-alive
Just barely for them to give
My tale the truth, a honest story,
A proof of glory and brave men.
...And suddenly I feel a tremor
That’s deep inside, inside my chest
As I gaze thru the scope and lens
Of this, the mighty beast with
It’s big horn appointed in the front
And legs of metal torn somehow
That they resemble with a shield
Of plates sewed up together
That go both forward, backwards
And in circles; and thus,
Those feet with claws grip up the dirt
As they chew distance in the speed
To catch the prey,
A smaller beast.
I’m going fast and now my tank
Is almout twice the size of it,
It’s nearly over as I ride
Just crashing mad my target’s lid.
He’s blown into a thousand pieces
By shere force of beastly size,
The poor thing was a much younger
And softer version of my brute.
I emphasize of what I did,
Just for a moment as I see
A bigger monster at the corner
And my knees start to shake a bit.
I shoot my deadly darkened arrow,
Of steel and bolts and nails combined,
And I imagine it would kill the mighty beast
In jus one hit,
But as I look again it’s over,
This time for me, as I am shot.
My enemy survived my blow
And hit me back instead with rage
And now I’m crippled and he’s not
And I start dying and I sink
Into my desperation as I see
His bigger, better and he’s mean.
The fire’s burning me alive
And as life fades away, I shoot
The monster one last time,
He’s hurting more, but he’s not dead,
I only hope some other tank
Will finish him and take his wage.
And as for me, I say my prayer
And I go...
And leave my name in history.
boredguy13 and his poem are on the third place

I've finised eating,
Homework is done,
Time to start playing
With my VK 3001.
Got the H version yesterday
After I came from school
And I'll get the P on Tuesday,
(Sorry,math exam on Monday)
I know,that's not cool.
I quickly click on "Battle!",
The game starts to load,
I nervously await the rattle
Of tank tracks on the road.
As I start to move
We immediately lose a tank;
The poor guy got shot
For crashing into someones track.
As I camp on a hill for months,
Three light tanks appear.
They seem to have good guns,
But are only fifth tier
To shoot or not to shoot,
What should I do?
I can easily kill one,
But what about the other two?
A teammate shoots one,
But i decide to show off;
Few seconds later, I hear twice:
"They're knocked off"
After two more kills,
My killcount is now at four.
I now leave the hills,
Because I crave for more.
But I made a big error,
Actually, a colossal one.
My excitement turnes into terror
When both my tracks are gone
"Who's shooting me?"
I wondered furiously
As my ears were hearing:
"Fire, put it out quickly!"
The Commander is knocked out!
The main gun is destroyed.
The engine is cutting out!
Vehicle destroyed!
I realised what happened,
My mouth released words like a flurry
Something said by lots of people:
Special prize (750 Gold) goes for:

Countdown, quiet music, silent bird’s trill
Quick look at their list – deep breath, sigh and thrill
God Save the Tank, it will be a party
Two Buses, Dracula, they got three nice arty!
Countdown ends, purr, commander’s shout
Through the roar of the engine “Time to roll out!”
There is the first target, King Tiger ahead
Soon, my dear friend, soon you will be dead
BAM, says my cannon, nice shot – say my crew
I am really proud, their HP split in two.
He’s dead moment later, my teammates got view
They started to pound him (I feel so secure!)
I can see Leopard, hiss, Thump and KABOOM!
Freaking scout.
“Everyone get out!”
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Interesting statistics from RU server
31.05.2011 12:39:26
Subject: Game Discussion\Gameplay Discussion\Interesting statistics from RU server
Link on message: #595314

View Postintruder313, on 31 May 2011 - 10:51 AM, said: I'm not aiming to get a T-54 as I would just feel too guilty driving one.
My Panther II is absolutely no match for a T-54 but then I'm yet to obtain the definitive 105mm gun.

LiannaSilverwind: With top gun you will absolutely and utterly destroy top gun T-54. Stock vs stock T-54 will win due to its armor.
If you seek ultimate sniper, go Panther II. If you seek best DPM, go Pershing. If you want to go Vzoooom-rush, go T-54.

EU Questions & Answers
31.05.2011 11:47:30
Subject: Game Discussion\Gameplay Discussion\EU Questions & Answers
Link on message: #595152

View Posttabal5000, on 30 May 2011 - 09:59 PM, said: With many companies being played at the evenings,did you ever consider making the lvl limit a little bit bigger?
I was thinking like company battles,in which companies from lvl 70-90 would be matched up. Then companies from 90-120,and companies from 120-150 would be matched up.
If you already have this planned,can we expect it to be in v.6.5 or v.6.6?

Overlord: We are planning to introduce subdivisions/tiers for company battles. Supposedly in v.7.0.

View PostIzNoGooD, on 30 May 2011 - 03:28 PM, said: Question regarding Clan Wars:
Why do you state in your guide that the HQ, if captured, will be returned to use after 24 turns? When in reality it takes 72 turns?
I've reported this issue under Ticket: #BFG-927-92934 on: 22 May 2011 06:38 PM only got one response in form of a question on: 24 May 2011 10:09 PM
When we lost our HQ first time we were put in inferior positions to other Clans with working HQ. So the 2 extra days eventually cost us all territories.
Further consequence is that several players left Clan 'cause our "inactivity" - which wasn't our fault to begin with.
I've included SS, just to confirm my claims. I've asked your support, your moderators, made a post in Balkan forums and still can't get any response from WG

Overlord: Wrong description in the Guide. Thanks for pointing it out.

View PostAlcoholic_Semen_Thrower, on 31 May 2011 - 07:38 AM, said: Will there ever be Tier XI+?

Overlord: Tier XI+ vehicles are not planned.

View Posttheta0123, on 31 May 2011 - 11:11 AM, said: Dear overlord
I just aquired the S51
The stock gun is more accurate, has less aiming time and higher shell velocity then the M12's upgraded gun
The damage was the same in the last patch.
Will you people now PLEASE consider BUFFING the M12?

Overlord: S51: avg exp per battle - 352, win ratio - 48.45%
M12: avg exp per battle - 362, win ratio - 49.51%
Sorry, no buffs for M12. Apart from credit income fix.

View Postarminofme, on 31 May 2011 - 01:50 PM, said: can He shells bounce off enemy armor or is the message "that one bounced" bugged and what should it stand for then?
I've had this message both with artillery shells and tank/td shells(yes 0 damage).

Overlord: Yes, HE shells can bounce.

View PostJeno76, on 31 May 2011 - 02:18 PM, said: Dear Overlord!
In the new patch the VK4502 set on fire very often from a frontal hit(sometimes happened to me twice in one match!), this is intentional or a bug? If it is a bug when will be corrected?
You mentioned in your blog that the implementation of the E-50 is still under consideration, this means the whole german medium tech tree revision(Panther and PantherII tier decrease) is under consideration?

Overlord: 1. There were no such changes to VK4502. Must be bad luck.
2. E50 will be implemented sooner or later. We are not sure whether this vehicle make it to 0.6.6 or not.

View Posttazmanyak, on 31 May 2011 - 09:58 AM, said: Please Overlord can you say something about this information?:
Right/False/you dont know
More info could be interesting too: why did you chose this way of doing things, and not limiting tiers per map?

Overlord: 1. True.
2. Initially clan wars were regarded as end-game / high level content.

View PostB051LjKo, on 31 May 2011 - 10:11 AM, said: One question, concerning the crew; If you have a T34 with a crew at (for example) 97% in a garage when M103 is released, T34 becomes a premium tank, and the 97 percent crew "goes" with him. The question is, does m103 comes with a crew at 97 percent (or whatever percentage did it have at T34) or is it 100% in any case (even if T34 has a stock 50% crew at the time of the release)...
This issue is quite important, and the answer will direct players weather to grind 50K XP on T34 to reach 100 percent crew before T103 comes or not...

Overlord: M103 will get a crew with 100% skill.

View Posttip, on 31 May 2011 - 03:20 PM, said: Do you think buff/nerf calculations are ok now?
For example, wouldn't be better to use two steps W/B ratio (1. player, 2. tank) to nerf/buff vehicles instead of plain tank based W/B ratio? Now you say VK3601H has 52 W/B - it is OP - so we'll nerf it by matchmaking. Instead of that you should say something like player1 has VK3601H W/B ratio 55% and his overall W/B ratio (without VK3601H) is 56% so in fact VK3601H score is -1. And sum it for all n million users - if it is big plus then it is OP.
Some other parameters should be considered too, for example starting point (100% vs 50% crew), degree of researched modules, degree of equipment, games played (first 10-30 games not counted), less weight (0.5-0.7) for elite vehicles, less weight (0.7 - 0.8) for premium ammo etc.
I think right now main balancing problem is that player skills are not separated from tanks when using statistics, same for nerfs/buffs.

Overlord: Basically we are satisfied with the current metodology. Win ratio takes into account all players/skills and all vehicle setups which gives good results if sample exceeds 10k battles.

remove +_ 30% bounce chance
31.05.2011 11:43:55
Subject: Game Discussion\Gameplay Discussion\remove +_ 30% bounce chance
Link on message: #595142

View Posts0ulstorm, on 30 May 2011 - 03:11 AM, said: So..a KT with 225 average pen bounce a KV coz...the system decided that is the bounce time...give me a brake..

LiannaSilverwind: Take into account angle and range travelled.

Interesting statistics from RU server
31.05.2011 11:38:20
Subject: Game Discussion\Gameplay Discussion\Interesting statistics from RU server
Link on message: #595126

LiannaSilverwind: IS-7 win/loss ratio is 2% lower than T30 and Maus. T30 and Maus have similar values now.
Boost of IS-7 is not planned before T30 goes TD line and is replaced by new US heavy tank and new stats are being checked.
Original post:
Conclusion: evil conspiracy! T-54 - worst, IS-7 - worst, Object 291 - worst with T92.

Tracers To Be Back
31.05.2011 11:17:43
Subject: News from the Front\Discussion of News Articles\Tracers To Be Back
Link on message: #595071

View PostT1g3r, on 31 May 2011 - 09:50 AM, said: Does this "atmosphere" includes the fun way to play artillery AKA counter artillery?

Overlord: Personally I like to play counter-arty. Just got my Su-14 and I feel like I'm missing something.

31.05.2011 11:03:31
Subject: Game Discussion\Gameplay Discussion\Statistics
Link on message: #595031

LiannaSilverwind: In case you will find any similar data about auctions, please send them straight to support@worldoftanks.eu, so that they will deal with it.

Interesting statistics from RU server
31.05.2011 10:59:00
Subject: Game Discussion\Gameplay Discussion\Interesting statistics from RU server
Link on message: #595022

LiannaSilverwind: If I would be able to find out more statistics about population numbers, tank stats, tank prowess, etc., I will publish them as well. For now, unfortunately, we are very limited in knowledge of stats. Forum polls rarely get above 500-1000 votes that are just too few people comparing to server population of hundreds thousands. :Smile_honoring:

Tracers To Be Back
31.05.2011 10:41:21
Subject: News from the Front\Discussion of News Articles\Tracers To Be Back
Link on message: #594976

View PostNikola_Bathory, on 31 May 2011 - 08:39 AM, said: Indeed. Sounds like a partial solution to me.

Overlord: And it was announced that it would be partial. The aim was to bring back some of the atmosphere. The fix is still in development.

Labour Booklet. Community and Content
31.05.2011 09:11:00
Subject: News from the Front\Discussion of News Articles\Labour Booklet. Community and Content
Link on message: #594812

View Posthoover, on 31 May 2011 - 01:13 AM, said: I spotted him yesterday.
Posted Image

Cheeka: i've never thought that overlord looked like a bush! :P

Diplomats List
31.05.2011 08:23:37
Subject: Diplomats List
Link on message: #594762

vuque: Clan: Sultans Of The Field
Contact: vuque

Labour Booklet. Community and Content
31.05.2011 02:05:31
Subject: News from the Front\Discussion of News Articles\Labour Booklet. Community and Content
Link on message: #594566

View PostLito, on 30 May 2011 - 12:59 PM, said: No Overlord, sad face. :[

Overlord: He does not exist.

View PostNikola_Bathory, on 30 May 2011 - 01:03 PM, said: Overlord is shy.


Elementārs manuāls kā nopirkt zeltu.
31.05.2011 00:42:36
Subject: International Forums\Baltic Forums\Latviešu\Spēles apspriešana\Pamācības\Elementārs manuāls kā nopirkt zeltu.
Link on message: #594399

View PostStrikernm, on 30 May 2011 - 05:17 PM, said: EU serverī būs kādreiz tāda iespēja, ka varēs caur SMS pasūtīt zeltu?

OldFox: Var but, bet tas ir loti neizdevigi zelta pircejiem - sakaru kompanijas nem lielu komisijas maksu.

Tracers To Be Back
30.05.2011 16:44:18
Subject: News from the Front\Discussion of News Articles\Tracers To Be Back
Link on message: #593341

Cheeka: Tracers To Be Back
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EU Questions & Answers
30.05.2011 15:39:10
Subject: Game Discussion\Gameplay Discussion\EU Questions & Answers
Link on message: #593143

View Postcedars, on 30 May 2011 - 12:43 PM, said: Does WoT have targets for when it responds to support ticket?
atm I have one that has been unanswered for 1 week - #NXK-835-81496 - there has been no acknowledgement, it hasnt been allocated, just zero input so far ....
If you got an automated message saying something like 'we are very busy atm, sorry for delay, and thank you for your patience, we will answer tyour ticket within X amount of time' that would be a start.
also would appreciate it if you could let me know how i chase a ticket up - lemme guess submit another ticket to support :P ?

Overlord: Depends on what kind of ticket it is. If it is payment/billing related one, may take more time.

View PostSquadman45, on 30 May 2011 - 12:43 PM, said: I see, thanks, i dont ask the material part of the question... buy tracks, turret etc etc on T34 give equivalent to the M103? gun is not a problem because i think that is going to be used on M103 but no engine/radio are specific in every tank then when T34 become premium we receive the credits waste on this modules or M103 apear with then on depot???
Again thanks and sorry to dont ask this on first question.

Overlord: http://overlord-wot....d-improved.html
Players who have a T34 in their garage at the time of the revision will have it replaced with a M103 with the respective module setup and a 100% crew (top module T34 -> top module M103).
Additionally they will also get a T34 as a premium tank with the old crew and an extra garage slot.

View Posthan_solo_79, on 30 May 2011 - 01:08 PM, said: Question:
What is difference between T28 prototype/T28 and T95. In papers these tanks are the same, will T95 get better gun and armor?
and another one:
Cause I'm grinding to Panther II I'm looking on tech data of all T9 meds. T54 in almost all important parameters beats counterparts (better hull armor, much better turret armor, better traverse both turret and whole tank, slightly worse penetration with better ROF which compensating worse damage). I know tanks should be different but it's looks very bad when one tank got 200mm of frontal armor on turrent and its counterparts got only 120. I hope E50 will have these values equal. So, question is: will E50 be a real counterpart to T54? In all aspects?

Overlord: 1. Practically these 3 make the same vehicle.
2. It will be competitive enough to become a solid tier 9 medium.

View PostSzalona, on 30 May 2011 - 01:24 PM, said: If tracers fix will be before 0.6.5, will you put on the very same hot-fix patch also the T34 and T32 -4 degree gun dispersion nerfs rollback? Also - if not, why not? This tanks are now very unfunny to play.
Edit. I changed the question from "is it possible" to "will you"... you know... for more precise for players answer :P

Overlord: No.

View PostSajlonac, on 30 May 2011 - 03:03 PM, said: No for tracers or gun depression?

Overlord: Gun depression of course.

View Postposthumecaver, on 30 May 2011 - 03:26 PM, said: I thought there was already a fix for tracers hack in 6.4, whats gone wrong?
Btw, it is very funny at the moment, I see my screen all the red hit warnings, I can't even tell an Arty hit me or a normal tank, it is funny feeling...

Overlord: Tracer effects got hacked once again after 6.4 release.

View Posthan_solo_79, on 30 May 2011 - 03:39 PM, said: In real life. And in game? How do you plan to differ T28 prototype from T28? Engines? Guns? Armor? And what makes a T95 a tier9 TD? Better armor? 120mm gun? Another pair of tracks?

Overlord: Speaking of T28 and T95 that are about to be added soon, they will enjoy different models (and armor), guns, tracks. The difference is going to be substantial.

View Postcedars, on 30 May 2011 - 04:45 PM, said: no offence but that doesnt answer my questions at all. its a case of:
1. is there any targets for responses to support tickets? ('depends' isnt a decent answer)
2. who do you go to when when your support ticket isnt answered for over 1 week? (i note you ignored this one altogther :P)
3. now support have answered my ticket claiming to refund 500 gold - but they have not :P ..... seriously !!!! i am totally serial!!!! now what?

Overlord: 1. Yes, there are targeted response times for each ticket type.
2. Tickets don't remain unanswered for no reason. Support management is aware of the issue.
3. You got your answer at least.

View PostOrkel2, on 30 May 2011 - 05:51 PM, said: Overlord: Are you allowed to disclose any information regarding current supertest US TD equipment/tech costs/setups/stats etc? Or will it stay very classified until public test?

Overlord: Would be better not to disclose anything until the public test, many things are still subject to change.

View PostZieten, on 30 May 2011 - 06:24 PM, said: question concerning artillery in general
Q: are the current Tier 8 artilleries definitely the end of the line, or are there plans to introduce T9 or even T10 arty someday?

Overlord: Definitely not in the near future.

View Postmarian12345, on 30 May 2011 - 06:31 PM, said: When start public test ? ;)

Overlord: Not sure yet, my personal estimation is within 2-3 weeks.

View PostOrkel2, on 30 May 2011 - 07:27 PM, said: Overlord said last week that "Everything will become clear next week" to that same question. So it seems likely that we will get to know the precise answer this week.

Overlord: Yes, correct.

WoT Lexicon
30.05.2011 14:37:58
Subject: Game Discussion\Gameplay Discussion\WoT Lexicon
Link on message: #592933

LiannaSilverwind: Some people use derp as short-barreled gun, like KV-2 (152 mm) has.

Elementārs manuāls kā nopirkt zeltu.
30.05.2011 14:35:24
Subject: International Forums\Baltic Forums\Latviešu\Spēles apspriešana\Pamācības\Elementārs manuāls kā nopirkt zeltu.
Link on message: #592923

View PostAlis, on 29 May 2011 - 05:12 PM, said: jau trešo dienu nevaru nopirkt zeltu caur PayPal, spēlējot RU serverī. Atbalsts raksta, ka ir kaut kādas problēmas ar partneriem...gadījumā tas nav saistīts ar valūtas krīzi BLR?
vai Patria varētu noskaidrot , kas tur par lietu un kad es varēšu nopirkt zeltu?

OldFox: Doctus jau uzrakstija, kas notiek. Sodien solija visu izlabot. Izveido dubulto maksasanas iespeju - WebMoney macinu, un izmanto wmz.lv. Divi servisi vienlaicigi nevar nestradat :)

Interesting statistics from RU server
30.05.2011 14:34:14
Subject: Game Discussion\Gameplay Discussion\Interesting statistics from RU server
Link on message: #592917

View PostBallsOFSteel, on 30 May 2011 - 01:30 PM, said: Lianna your trying to prove that Russian tanks aren't OP? Well you have to waste a lot more of your time to convince some of these guys that Russian tanks are just Overrated.

LiannaSilverwind: Nope, I just love statistics and collecting. :Smile_honoring:
Every player knows that .

Labour Booklet. Community and Content
30.05.2011 13:41:24
Subject: News from the Front\Discussion of News Articles\Labour Booklet. Community and Content
Link on message: #592768

Cheeka: Labour Booklet. Community and Content
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Interesting statistics from RU server
30.05.2011 12:51:26
Subject: Game Discussion\Gameplay Discussion\Interesting statistics from RU server
Link on message: #592629

View PostGorDoink, on 30 May 2011 - 11:46 AM, said: How come tier 8 get very specific numbers for stats (i.e. stats) but tier 9 only get "best win ratio" (i.e. analysis of stats)?

LiannaSilverwind: These were SerB's answers to questions. He was asked about exact SPG stats and he answered about current T-54 situation as well.
I would like to get all data on all tanks, but I can only collect things that are posted. :Smile_honoring:

Labour Booklet. Community and Content
30.05.2011 12:48:55
Subject: News from the Front\Developers Blog\Labour Booklet. Community and Content
Link on message: #592621

admin: The insight into WOT-project is continued. We are going on with the revelations of our internal secrets but we keep the best bits for later and proceed with the description of how the operation of the game works. Today the department that appeared under our thorough examination is…ours, of the people who deal with you, dear players! We are called Community and Content department and the managers of the department are serving as a link between you and the developers. You’ve seen us already featuring in Beginner’s Diaries but then you were reading mostly about our leisure. However we do work! And this blog post is all about our daily routine and how we deal with…you!
As you can probably gather, we work in two different directions – the audience from Russian and other Russian-speaking countries and the players who enjoy playing World of Tanks on European and American servers. Obviously we are going to acquaint you with those whose nicknames you see regularly on forums.
And here is the face of the community:
Veniamin aka Zephid, Community Dept Lead
Posted Image
“Despite rare acrid comments we do not want to spare the game from players!:) Our main task is to make the community happy by means of some game-related entertainment including events and specials. We tend to make it comfy for fun, communication, creativity. No game exists without players and that’s why our department’s functions are crucial as we work with the players’ feedback, statistics, preferences, actions…” Zephid says.
In other words, what we do here is checking on you, guys! :) We are responsible for dealing with players in terms of their obeying the rules of the game, solving conflicts, proceeding feedback, informing you about the news within the project and its plans, organize events and specials.
Actually you should be a little apprehensive of us… We are strict when it comes to dealing with players violating the rules of the game.
And the terror of all the breakers is embodied in the name of Gustav_Fuchs (aka Andrey) whose responsibilities include banning accounts in case of different violations. He is a real threat not only for independent players but also for whole clans. He deals with all problems regarding these alliances of players and he also has the right to disband clans.
Gustav_Fuchs aka Andrey
Posted Image
“The thing I really like about what I am doing is its tight connection with history. Very often I cannot make a decision without a thorough look through reliable historical sources and consulting numerous specialists,” - Gustav_Fuchs says adding that the very best about his job is the preparation of info about in-game vehicles and those to be implemented in-game later.
As for violating the rules we analyze each situation separately and the degree of seriousness influences the choice of punishment. To help us out we gathered a team of reliable and dedicated moderators who are always there to check the forum threads and monitor the general atmosphere reigning on the community portal.
Obviously, the same scheme is applied to encouraging the players. Hard to imagine our life without World of Tanks contributors’ help. We observe their work and do our best to encourage them accordingly. Owing to their active participation in all aspects of the life of community the work of community managers goes smoothly and the communication between developers and players is being executed successfully.
The person responsible for the coordination of moderators’, translators’ and basically all outsourcers’ work is known among players as mediahead. media aka Alexey fancies the job a lot as it always brings something new.
mediahead aka Alexey
Posted Image
“I have a great deal of routine work that I am supposed to do always but every week I am trying to find something new to work on. Currently we are preparing the launch of some new projects including the one for newbies that will help newcomers to get adapted fast and WOT-radio that we are working on together with the players. I am open to new ideas and initiatives from our players and I always support them. So, do not hesitate if you believe you have a worthy idea to suggest!”, mediahead explains. He also added that at the moment he is busy with preparation to Electronic Entertainment Expo – E3 – which takes place in Los Angeles. So, if you want to see him in person, you know when and where to find him - Los Angeles Convention Center June 9-11. By the way, the exhibition promises to be great! Just imagine the three real tanks – American, German and Soviet – that have been rented by Wargaming.net to organize a parade along the streets of the city of angels. Apart from that on June 10 everybody who happens to be in LA will get a chance to catch up with the devs (and media) for real in a friendly atmosphere of a cafe specially rented for WOT-gathering (follow http://game.worldoftanks.com/news/ for details and updates).
Possibly the most fantasy and energy-consuming part of the job of community-managers is organizing events and specials. This deal of work is mostly under the control of our youngest representative – Valter aka Vladimir. There’s no end of creativity in this community-manager and in the sphere of dealing with players creativity is a must!
Valter aka Vladimir
Posted Image
“My job is really interesting. I deal with users every day and each of them is unique and interesting. My working day starts with checking forums and PMs to find out what issues are of greatest interest and importance for players. My main goal is to help them and make their day as good as mine!” Valter admits.
Although the guys work really hard, you would never know that without the news feed on our community portal. The news feed update is the main responsibility of content-managers who work side by side with their community counterparts.
Mad_Hatter aka Veronica prepares news and supervises the US community portal, namely the news articles threads, in order to obtain the correct feedback which will eventually be passed on to the developers.
Mad_Hatter aka Veronica
Posted Image
“I adore my job as I am a kind of a megaphone that broadcasts WoT news to all its players. The opportunity to present news in an exceptional way seems too yummy to miss it! And surely, communicating with our noble warriors gives me perfect basis for self-enrichment,” Mad-Hatter confesses.
Same task on the European server is performed by Cheeka aka Irina, whose favourite thing about the job is spotting game-related news and issues, making interviews with players winning competitions and contests and presenting them in blog posts or news feed.
Cheeka aka Irina
Posted Image
“WOT is not just a game, it’s the means of uniting completely different people who have their different reasons for spending time on battlefields or forum threads discussing game-related and non-game stuff. And that’s always fun and joy to learn what players are when they are not in a tank,” Cheeka reveals.
All devoted tankers know that the main sources of information – community portals - are in English. It could be a trouble for a lot of those Europeans who speak English not well enough or do not speak it at all. The intermediates between such players and the devs are the community managers speaking German and Polish and our helpful outsources from France, Spain, Hungary, the Czech Republic etc.
Gretchen aka Margarita is a life-line of the German-speaking community. Alongside moderators Gretchen deals with all the issues the German-speaking players are worried about. She is also the one who has been responsible for the translation of the game client and the localizations in German. Those who want to meet her in person will get this chance during the exhibition in Koln in August.
Gretchen aka Margarita
Posted Image
“The job allows me to communicate with people from different parts of the world. Although I speak German and English, I prefer to work with the former and it makes me really happy that I am helping the whole of German-speaking community to enjoy World of Tanks to the full scale in their native language. And the thing that makes me proud is that we all are working on the project that has been developed by ourselves,” Gretchen resumes.
Polish-speaking players can also enjoy the game in their native language owning to the help of Schperling aka Pavel. Taking into account that the Poles are really active participants of different events and tournaments (which, by the way, are also coordinated by Schperling), his knowledge of Polish is to everyone’s avail. Currently Schperling is busy with the organization of the Grand Finals of Ural Steel Championship that will take place in Moscow shortly.
Schperling aka Pavel
Posted Image
“I get great pleasure from organizing WOT-tournaments as the game concept is just perfect for organizing cybersport events. And before Ultimate Conquest was introduced in WOT, tournaments were the only means for players to show their combat skills. However the appearance of Ultimate Conquest won’t stop the series of competitions and tournaments. Quite the opposite, we are preparing a range of captivating struggles not only on the global map,” Schperling reveals a bit of a secret. Together with Schperling Electro Bragin aka Alexey is also busy with the organization and coordination of the tournaments.
Electro Bragin aka Alexey
Posted Image
By the way all tournaments markings, all banners and other designs on the web appear owing to work of another soldier of the community front – juraj aka Anton. In other words, he makes the life on our portal beautiful!
juraj aka Anton
Posted Image
However the main secret of our department won’t be revealed in this blog post. The person who knows answers to all of the questions (the main Q(uestion)A(nswer)-specialist) – Overlord – has decided not to give out any detail about himself.
“Everything players might be interested in, they will find in my blog,” Overlord states. Well, what can we add? Read Overlord’s blog! :)
Getting more and more involved? More stuff is coming soon. Do not miss it!

Konkurs "Maija labakais strelnieks"
30.05.2011 12:30:49
Subject: International Forums\Baltic Forums\Latviešu\Turnīri un konkursi\Viktorīnas un konkursi\Konkurs "Maija labakais strelnieks"
Link on message: #592557

OldFox: Konkursa rezultati:
1. Vieta: Strikernm - 1,625 - 5000 zelta
2. Vieta: Doctus - 1,613- 3000 zelta
3. Vieta: epror -1,577 - 2000 zelta
Apsveicam uzvaretajus! Liels paldies visien dalibniekiem!
Zelts tiks parskaitits lidz piektdienai.

Interesting statistics from RU server
30.05.2011 12:11:51
Subject: Game Discussion\Gameplay Discussion\Interesting statistics from RU server
Link on message: #592493

LiannaSilverwind: 8th tier SPG stats
Win ratio / Average XP per battle
GW-E - 51%, 399 xp
T92 - 50%, 391 xp
Obj 291 - 50%, 391 xp
9th tier Medium tanks stats
Pershing - best win ratio, best xp, best value for money
Panther 2 - just above T-54 in win ratio, xp, money gains
T-54 - worst win ratio, xp, money gains
Global economics
US tanks - ok
German & Soviet tanks - under estimated values (ie. gief boost! - Lia)
Source: http://forum.worldof...ost__p__2884867

EU Questions & Answers
30.05.2011 10:33:58
Subject: Game Discussion\Gameplay Discussion\EU Questions & Answers
Link on message: #592242

View Posttabal5000, on 30 May 2011 - 08:19 AM, said: In the new improved tech trees,we can see a link between M4A3E8 and the new tank destroyer line,M36.
So I was wondering,will this link be present at the launch of the US TD's ,so I can speed up the time needed for me to get T95?

Overlord: Yes, the link should be added in 6.5.

View PostSzalona, on 30 May 2011 - 08:51 AM, said: It was said that American equivalent of "the true premium tank" (like Lowe, KW-5) will be the changed T34 (if I'm not mistaken). Is it going to be sold in the shop like the T8 premiums except M6, and is it going to earn as good as Lowe/KW-5, or it will be "second class premium tank" like M6?
Edit. I was not mistaken: http://forum.worldof...467#entry575467

Overlord: T34 is going to be purchasable in store.
It should enjoy the same income/costs.

View PostMStinos, on 30 May 2011 - 09:06 AM, said: Hey Overlord.
Can it be that credit earn rate for T34 is normalized? Or am i just playing a lot better.
Instead of -25k, i earn an average of 10k per round. I'm very happy!
And maybe it's just me, but yeah it sucks that tracers are gone, but I prefer removed tracers over cheaters any day!
Good job on that Devs.

Overlord: There were no changes apart from those mentioned in the patch notes.
It sucks, but we were forced to do that.

View PostKampfpanzer, on 30 May 2011 - 09:46 AM, said: Gold exchange amongst players was announced for 0.6.4
1) will it be possible to freely choose to which player you transfer your gold or is it limited to clan-members only?
2) is there any ETA when the interface for that feature will be unlocked?
Thanks in advance

Overlord: 1. We are planning to make gold transfers available for all players. Improving the security of the service at present.
2. Can't give any ETA.

View Postmmipko, on 30 May 2011 - 09:50 AM, said: dear Overlord,
How do you plan to compensate to the premium users who have paid one product and all the sudden got broken one ?
I would also like to know what is behind this Moderating policy - moderating policy is outrageous ! There is huge chance that some moderator will find this post offensive and give me the ban.
Personally I don't care if I get ban although I have spent a LOT of money - you can certainly check amount. The reason why I do not care any more is because I have requested my account termination due lack of user support, the way you handle user complains and ABOVE all because of Moderators.
Treating customers like this is below any acceptable limit.
There is no way I will spend a single euro any more on WOT, or any other Wargaming product ever. I can bet that you do not give a damn about this and that's exactly the attitude that repelled me from this product.
EDIT: my ingame nick is mipko - so you can check what type customer is signing off.

Overlord: Premium account brings 50% more credits, allows to create platoons and companies. These features are working fine, the servers are stable.
There is nothing to compensate.

View PostZoijar, on 30 May 2011 - 09:54 AM, said: Did you have new evidence that sudden, massive cheating occurred as compared to the months before that? What people mean is that the hack has been around for some 8 months, and the sudden radical decision to turn tracers off seems arbitrary. Most people would prefer to have tracers on and live with the massive amount of cheaters for a while until you fix it. Why didn't you just silently implement some memory crc check in a stealth update and ban everyone cheating? Maybe next time :)

Overlord: The issue escalated to a such degree that it was necessary to disable this feature.

View PostDaKrieger, on 30 May 2011 - 10:11 AM, said: Credit transfers should not be implemented, because this would definitely cause "chinafarmers" to start Real Money Trading in WoT. <_<
And now a Question for you: Since I read somtime during Beta, that you guys(WG) plan to make "Tank&Crew Auctioning" possible somtime in the future. I this still in consideration/development and could you give a rough ETA about that? Like 2-5 months or longer.
Found nothing about it in this thread and only old stuff in the other posts on this forum so plz don't ban me :)

Overlord: Auctions/trading have been frozen, might be even cancelled.

View PostSquadman45, on 30 May 2011 - 11:02 AM, said: A question about changes on trees.
I am closer to the T34 and want know a clarification on this
"Players who have a T34 in their garage at the time of the revision will have it replaced with a M103 with the respective module setup and a 100% crew."
Respective module setup... what do you want say with this??? if i research on T34 tracks and 2nd turret i have both on M103??? their equivalent, and if i win xp on T34 i have it on M103 after the change???

Overlord: Yes, correct. Researched top turret for T34 will give you researched top turret for M103. Experience will be transferred to M103.

View PostRock_Spider, on 30 May 2011 - 11:25 AM, said: This thread is about asking questions... which is exactly what he has done. You yourself have not asked a question.
Question: The clan wars community vote is at -+ 400 people voted now. What do WG consider an adequate sample size of the population with regards to public opinion? In other words how many people have to vote before it is considered a fair representation of the communities viewpoint?
P.S I have alot of respect for the amount of patience you have Overlord. Some of the posts you guys have to put up with would drive me crazy. Keep up the good work. Stay sane.

Overlord: Don't know yet. Will be still assessing the situation. Currently we are not ready to change the existing concept.
Thank you.

View PostRock_Spider, on 30 May 2011 - 11:39 AM, said: Quick question again... What was the tracer hack? I dont play arty so I have no idea. Could someone tell me what the hack/cheat was? Im just curious.
Dunno why I never heard of it...

Overlord: I think you can just google it, you will find plently of images featuring "Star Wars mod" for World of Tanks.

View PostSzalona, on 30 May 2011 - 10:13 AM, said: Is it possible, that you will reschedule restarts on EU/RU servers, so they will not happened the same time? Last Sunday I was trying to play EU, but it was switched off. So I went to RU to my old account, but after like 2 games I think it went down too. So no WoT at all. Maybe switch it one day EU, next one RU etc.?
And btw. - any problems with EU server restart last Sunday? It was down longer then RU (RU and EU went up together, however EU wend down some time before RU) :)
Edit. Yes, I'm addicted... at least my wife was happy that I checked her Frontier Vile lol :)

Overlord: 1. Actually there is a 30 mins gap between the two. :) EU restarts at 5:00 UTC, RU - at 5:30 UTC.
2. A minor hardware issue, had to exclude one of the servers and reconfigure the cluster.

View Postmeuhbat, on 29 May 2011 - 10:12 PM, said: Hello,
Does the gun depression depends on the gun used with the same turret ?
I've just equiped the 128mm on my VK45, and I feel that the gun depression is worse than with the 105mm, the 105 model went through the glacis when aiming at the lowest, but the 128 has a good margin before being in contact, and when playing it seems I can't aim as low as before.
Or maybe it's just me, tired after grinding 50k xp.

Overlord: No, it doesn't.

View PostBaldfish, on 30 May 2011 - 12:04 PM, said: If we all stopped paying for premium would you still release patches and new content?

Overlord: If we started handing out premium for free, would we still release patches and new content?

View PostBaldfish, on 30 May 2011 - 12:23 PM, said: Sorry i thought this was Questions and Answers. Not Questions and more Questions.
But if you did hand out premium for free would you still release patches and new content?
Its exactly the same question. you just rephrased it and asked it back to me. Thought you were a QA specialist not the Riddler :P

Overlord: Your signature speaks for yourself, the bottom line question was answered a few posts above. The previous question is rhetorical it doesn't require any reply.

30.05.2011 10:05:25
Subject: Game Discussion\Gameplay Discussion\Why?
Link on message: #592193

LiannaSilverwind: Strange, I kinda like that thread. Will move it into Off-topic and open it. :Smile_honoring:

Being called a cheater
30.05.2011 10:02:26
Subject: Game Discussion\Gameplay Discussion\Being called a cheater
Link on message: #592192

LiannaSilverwind: Universal law of MMOs:
If you kill someone, you must be cheater, hacker, lucker or at least n00b.
If they kill someone, they're 1337 skillzor roxxor.

Ieteikums Deviem.
30.05.2011 09:29:22
Subject: International Forums\Baltic Forums\Latviešu\Spēles apspriešana\Vispārējas diskusijas\Ieteikums Deviem.
Link on message: #592147

View PostAgathodaimon, on 29 May 2011 - 12:43 AM, said: skip...

OldFox: Visi aprakstiti priekslikumi ir zinami izstradatajiem, notiek darbs pie vinu istenosanas. Es pats jau testeju kaujas rezumu "Dominesana", ari pie statistikas strada.
Par to, ka tas ir pusfabrikats, nepiekritu: tas ir produkts ar lielu potencialu, un sis potencials, atskiriba no daudzam citam MMO, ir zinams ieprieks. Kad tu saki spelet WoT, tev godigi saka: "Mums trukst ta un ta, pie ta un ta mes stradajam, tas un tas tiks ievests aptuveni XX.XX.XXXX, bet parejais - ASAP (as soon as possible)".
Par konta parcelsanu piekritu: tas man druscin sokeja. Un teiksu godigi, kapec tika pienemts sis lemums. Baltijas valstu regionam ir zema prioritate. Mums pedeja karta pievers uzmanibu. Kapec?
1. Potecialo speletaju skaits ir mazs. Nu seit mes varam izlabot situaciju caur reklamu un stradajam pie ta.
2. Konvertesana no speletajiem un maksatajiem notiek vaji: to speletaju procents, kuri iegulda naudu spele, ir zemaks par krieviem, poliem, vaciesiem un daudziem parejiem.
3. Summas, kuras maksataji iegulda spele, ari ir zemaki par parejiem regioniem.
WG specialisti un es stradajam pie ta, ka tikt gala ar sim 3 problemam. Bet, ka jus redzat, bez speletaju palidzibas gruti kaut ko panakt.
WG ir privata kompanija, un bezgaligi palielinat statu nevar. Tas nozime, ka datbiniekiem no divam nodalam, atbildigiem par kontu parcelsanu, ir liela slodze. Un, ticiet man, vina reali ir liela. Tapec vini strada pec prioritates principa, bet par prioritati es rakstiju augstak.
Padies dievam, ka man izdevas "izsist" naudu uz speles atsaknosanu latviesu valoda.
Vienigais, kur mes esam pa prieksu visiem, tas ir lokalizacijas kludu un bagu labosana - saja joma mus slave. Bet parejais ir ka ir.

EU Questions & Answers
29.05.2011 22:25:42
Subject: Game Discussion\Gameplay Discussion\EU Questions & Answers
Link on message: #591421

View Postshugendo, on 28 May 2011 - 03:59 PM, said: overlord, last few days i have ping: 999 in game very often about four or five times per game and i am stack and can't do anything , is it my internets fault or something wrong with server? thanks

Overlord: Most likely it was a local issue.

View PostNathaniak, on 28 May 2011 - 05:32 PM, said: Rough ETA on planned UK tree reveal? Or is that classified?

Overlord: I think it will be announced when French tree is added to the game.

View PostSturmtiger_304, on 28 May 2011 - 05:46 PM, said: Regarding the tracer effect removal, are you aware of what is going on in the random & company battles now? Absolutly no counter battery, no indication of where the enemy spg is shooting from & as well as the normal tank. You just get hit randomly & got no clue where the fire is comming from besides the built-in damage notifiers that will tell you the general direction of the fire.
The question becomes: Possible with a city priority before open maps? Making one class that 10% of the whole community plays suffer compared to the other 90% of the other players which are playing the other classes, but suffering becouse the other 10% is having the time of their life?
Oh, and I'll risk the: Ask a question & you have a 50/50% chance of getting banned randomly-whack-of-meter.

Overlord: 1. We do play the game and know what the removal of tracer effects mean. It was a coercive measure.
2. Nope, not going to change it.

View PostChaos123, on 28 May 2011 - 08:19 PM, said: Are you planning to introduce credits transfer to other players?
Since gold button is already there why not creds?
EX:I have 6 mil creds and my mate needs 800k to a new tank,module whatever....i want to help him but cant :Smile_harp:

Overlord: Credit transfers are very unlikely to be added because of the clickers/keyloggers/bots that allow to farm credits easily. Only if we get rid of them all one day.

View PostKrautPanzer, on 28 May 2011 - 11:08 PM, said: dont know if this was asked before, but i dont see any fixes of the spotting system in the patchnotes of both announced patches, but its worse than before the last patch, are you working on it ?
second question: when will we ever see new playmodes ?

Overlord: 1. It has not gone any worse. 6.5 and 6.6 are content updates.
2. Yes.

View Postcedars, on 28 May 2011 - 11:54 PM, said: may i ask when will cw map will be reset - a rough guideline - 1 week, 1 month or more?
may i also ask how victories are counted - we took 3 technical victories and 1 landing victory - but it appears that we were only credited with 3 wins :P

Overlord: 1. Not planning any resets currently.
2. Don't know. Submit a ticket to support.

View PostNathaniak, on 29 May 2011 - 10:48 AM, said: When the T5 lights are introduced, will the T4 lights no longer be allocated to high tier games?

Overlord: Tier 4 lights will have their MM spread decreased then.

View PostFimp3n, on 29 May 2011 - 10:20 AM, said: On the subject of the slope of the Hetzer's armour: The M4 Sherman is higher than the Hetzer so you won't get the full 60 degrees no matter what distance on flat surface you position your tanks.
Question: I understand the US tank destroyer branch will be introduced in two parts and that the M18 will be part of the second part. Have I understood this correctly?

Overlord: Yes, correct.

View PostZeshin, on 29 May 2011 - 11:24 AM, said: Does shells need to travel a certain distance to reach full penetration?
The real question is, is your penetration worse at 0m (tank right next to you, barrel inside him) than at 20m?
I ask because it's not the first time I've shot a tank (M6 in this case) coming straight at my T-34 with 57mm ZiS gun. I fire 6 shells straight into his front armor, all penetrate doing in total 85% damage. Once he ram into me, I fire another 5 shells, none penetrate, before he kills me.

Overlord: Max penetration is achievable within 0-100m range.

View PostTerrorsatan, on 29 May 2011 - 12:41 PM, said: What purpose has the Log, the Object 212 carries with it?
It clearly wont help the tank get through muddy holes or stuff, since the obj weights 55 Tons
Its not important, just want to know why its there ^^ ( i think the T54 has a log too )

Overlord: "Logs" were used for pulling tanks out if they got stuck.

View Postvince_grant, on 29 May 2011 - 06:25 PM, said: According to the new tech tree, Dickermax can be researched from Stug III, will it have around the same experience requirements as stug III to unlock, approximately 12.500?

Overlord: N/A at this time.

View PostStubentiger, on 29 May 2011 - 06:55 PM, said: Will you add a tracers hotfix prior to 0.6.5? Without tracers, the game has much less atmosphere and lacks an important element of gameplay, since tracers are a hint of enemy positions in battle.
If not, will you give any kind of compensation for premium users, who pay for a game which is partially broken now?

Overlord: 1. Yes, most likely.
2. Premium users don't pay for tracer effects.

View PostTerrorsatan, on 29 May 2011 - 07:22 PM, said: Why does the Battletimes in Clanwars switch from 1 Turn to another?
Today we wanted to attack a land, and we need to defend our landing zone.
This morning the Battle time for the Attack was 19:30.
Our defend was set to 20:41.
And at the 19:00 Turn it suddenly became 20:30+ attack and 20:41 defend.
So what is this?
this is seriously ********...
How are we supposed to do this ( since were a relatively small clan ) ( lotta members but not that frequent players [we can get 1 full company out of it ] ).
Thanks in advance.

Overlord: http://uc.worldoftan.../expansion.html
Encounter battles always start in 30 minutes after Prime Time. If an encounter battle ends in a draw, both clans are considered defeated. All defeated chips are removed to reserve. All chips from the winning clan continue their movement and participate in the battle for province, which starts in 90 minutes after Prime Time.
The first battle will occur in 90 minutes after Prime Time between the owner and one of the attacking clans. All battles for the province which is attacked by several clans will occur one after another with 30 minutes interval between each battle. The winner of the last battle in such series becomes a new owner. For the battle with the owner, clans are picked randomly out of the list of all clans applied for that battle.

View PostIsoA, on 29 May 2011 - 09:31 PM, said: When IS-4 is moved to tier 10, will it automatically have the best guns etc and no researchable stuff, as the tier 10 tanks currently?

Overlord: Haven't decided on it yet.

View PostBaldfish, on 30 May 2011 - 03:35 AM, said: No we pay for you to improve the game. not make it unplayable.
Any reason why the decision was made to change it now when its been around for a while?

Overlord: The reasoning behind this was to combat massive cheating, not to deprive players of an important part of gameplay.

EU Questions & Answers
29.05.2011 22:23:31
Subject: Game Discussion\Gameplay Discussion\EU Questions & Answers
Link on message: #591418

View PostSzalona, on 28 May 2011 - 10:26 AM, said: Question: can we get information in game in numbers about crew experience? Like how much he has and how much is needed to get perk to 100%? Not only the %% values?
(I like %%, but in bottle.. cold :))

Overlord: The amount of experience earned is diplayed in crew member's profile. Though it might be a good idea to "exp to the next rank".

View PostEl_Barto, on 28 May 2011 - 10:27 AM, said: How long does the supertest last?

Overlord: Depends on the update that is to go live. Can be 1-2 weeks, can be 1-2 months.

View PostLordsmoke, on 28 May 2011 - 10:37 AM, said: Hi Overlord. When can we expect to start the test?
I'm really looking forward to
mfg Lordsmoke

Overlord: Somewhere at the beginning of June, I think.
If you are willing to partake, register on Russian server to be totally sure you wont miss the testing.

View PostLordsmoke, on 28 May 2011 - 10:46 AM, said: So just log on the Russian server?

Overlord: Just create an account there. Prior to the launch of public test the database from the main server will be copied according to a particular date. No need to play on the main RU server.

View Postbeastlysun, on 27 May 2011 - 06:31 PM, said: How do you create ammo/gun dmg?

Overlord: Hitting ammo rack / gun, I believe.

View PostDriveBy, on 28 May 2011 - 11:12 AM, said: I have a question regarding tracer issues:
Is it possible to temporary (until hotfix) limit the mapcycle to non-open-space-bushy-maps (that means excluding mainly Malinovka, Murovanka, Erlenberg, Westfield, El Halluf, Karelia, Prohorovka) or even limit mapcycle to city maps alone?

Overlord: Not planning to do so. That would be too harsh.

View PostSzalona, on 28 May 2011 - 11:12 AM, said: Can we have copy of our EU accounts? You said some time ago that maybe you will do it. I know that exp and credits are boosted on test servers, but still some unnecessary grind is needed from us, but not from our Russian cleags.

Overlord: I said it was possible. Things will become clear next week.

View PostSchurmeyer, on 28 May 2011 - 01:02 PM, said: If I have the IS researched from my KV-3, will this be changed to the KV-4 in the new tech tree? I hope so, as I'd prefer to go the IS-4 route if I have to split.
I had a look through the interviews to see if my question was in there but couldn't find anything, apologies if it's been addressed.

Overlord: Your IS will remain researched.

View PostKoo294, on 28 May 2011 - 02:10 PM, said: Penetration, accuracy, ROF with best gun, health. Possibly more, haven't checked.

Overlord: Basically correct.

View PostOrkel2, on 28 May 2011 - 02:18 PM, said: Overlord: Me and my friend tested critical hits. Very often I hit him, and destroyed for example the gun or observation device, and got no "critical hit!" sound message at all! Is this a bug? I was using the Hetzer with 105mm HE, his was a Tiger. It was at ~150 metres on malinovka open ground.

Overlord: Yes, can be a sound message bug. Need video for confirmation.

Tank Poetry Contest
29.05.2011 22:18:56
Subject: Contests & Competitions\Contests\Tank Poetry Contest
Link on message: #591410

Vallter: The contest has ended. The results will be announced within a week.

What tier am i ...please
29.05.2011 19:18:14
Subject: Game Discussion\Newcomers' Forum\What tier am i ...please
Link on message: #591099

LiannaSilverwind: You can also check top-left of each tank icon in garage to find out its tier. :Smile_honoring:

WW2 boardgame/wargame with tanks
29.05.2011 14:28:17
Subject: Off-Topic Discussion\Off-Topic\WW2 boardgame/wargame with tanks
Link on message: #590478

LiannaSilverwind: Hello people,
there are many boardgames/wargames with WW2 tanks, including titles like Tide of Iron, Axis and Allies miniatures, Flames of War, Memoir '44 (cough) that have miniatures; even more boardgames/wargames with counters like Clash of Heroes, Panzer General (not legendary PC game), etc.
Did you play any of them? Which one was your favourite?
I have played:
Memoir '44 - too easy/abstract for me, ideal for children or starters though
Tide of Iron - nice one, but I missed more different types of vehicles and AT guns
Europe Engulfed - my favourite operational/politics level, but it's not about individual vehicles, it's about army corps.

Clanwars: All about who got most IS7/T30 and tier 7-8 artillery.
29.05.2011 13:09:55
Subject: Game Discussion\Gameplay Discussion\Clanwars: All about who got most IS7/T30 and tier 7-8 artillery.
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View PostKaap, on 28 May 2011 - 07:03 PM, said: 1PAD and CSA are the same lemming zergling clans like RED and they will ruin this community and game.

LiannaSilverwind: There is no need to insult other clans, please.
Lemming Zergling clans were wiped from Russian CW maps months ago. Only clans with perfect organization and ultimate hardcore skills remain.

Are Servers Down - Sun 29th May ?
29.05.2011 12:03:17
Subject: Technical Support & Bug Reporting\General Error Reporting\Are Servers Down - Sun 29th May ?
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LiannaSilverwind: Servers work for me from CZ. Moving to Technical issues.

Dev made a mistake
29.05.2011 02:26:47
Subject: Game Discussion\Gameplay Discussion\Dev made a mistake
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View PostMordante, on 28 May 2011 - 09:41 PM, said: This is also not true. There are no heavy tanks until T7 in the German line. So going PzII, PzIIIA, PzIV VK3001(H). Has the same amount of light and medium tanks as going Pz35(t), Pz38(t), Pz38NA, PzIII/IV, VK3001(P). Also in the full German tree the VK3001(H) does lead to the VK3002(DB)and not to the VK3001(P).

LiannaSilverwind: You can go the following lines:
1) Full heavy: Loltraktor -> VK 3601 H -> Tiger. Fast.
2) Non-standard heavy: Loltraktor -> Pz IV -> VK 3001 H -> Tiger. Fast. Allows moving to Medium line!
3) Medium line through heavy line: Loltraktor -> Pz IV -> VK 3001 H -> VK 3001 P. For those who hate Czechoslovak tanks or Pz III/IV.
Path 2 grants you ability to get to the Tiger and into medium line at the same time.

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