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Developers posts on forum

In this section you'll find posts from the official developers forum. The base is updated every hour and stored on a server wot-news.com. If you encounter any bugs, have suggestions or comments, write to info@wot-news.com

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MrVic's Wall O Text
08.01.2011 23:33:46
Subject: Archives\Beta\MrVic's Wall O Text
Link on message: #352321

View Postlammaer, on 07 January 2011 - 03:35 PM, said: Fully agree with Tantrum.
And regarding the "beta" claim, I always have fuzzy feeling because:
- the game is not beta in Russia.
- there is a russian beta server getting patches way earlier than we.
- we get the SAME patches what the russian production release get but several weeks LATER
Put the facts above together, and tell me, what is the beta here in the EU/US release ? (apart from the hardware testing we make) :)
Nothing is tailored to the EU/US needs, nothing special is added to the EU/US server, thus I see no beta purpose.
I don't really see beta tester/dev interaction around the EU/US CB, if people reveal some facts they get some penalty... and really, the beta testers are kept in dark sometimes.
On the positive side, we get the same stuff what the Russian paying customers get for free, so Im happy to be beta tester for a bit more time, but the release what we play on is NOT BETA. So faults cannot be labeled as "oh, shut up, this is a beta"

Overlord: Remember the last 2 patches? One day earlier. Is that a problem?
There won't be one single "Great leap" from beta into release. After the game goes live for EU/NA and rest of the world, it will be improved steadily. Issues that we haven't managed/won't manage to fix in beta will be fixed at release. We take this project very seriously, the development goes in all directions.
The below was slipped out of my mouth

View PostGnaw, on 07 January 2011 - 11:22 PM, said: Make up your mind please, is the game not Beta in Russia or is the Russian Beta server getting patched? In reality the game is released in Russia, so what? World of Warcraft was released before they actually included all the content, that game is dong well. Its an MMO, that means it will be constantly adjusted and rebalanced, just because its available in a certain market does not mean it will not be available elsewhere or that it is biased. The reason we get patches LATER then Russian server is because Russians speak Russian Language something I guess majority of EU and North American players will not understand. It takes time to localize the game into a different language, it takes time to check that localized release, thus the delay in patches. Regarding the game being tailored to EU/US needs? Yes it is, the servers were in EU prior to September and are now in NA. Do you think you would have the same exact experience playing this game if you had to connect to the Russian servers?
There are a lot more factors that determine if the game is Beta or not and just because the game is released in one region does not mean it can be released in another. Issues like localization, publishing, server hosting (and the large amount of contracts involved with server hosting), advertising and market research are all part of releasing a game.


MrVic's Wall O Text
08.01.2011 23:33:40
Subject: Archives\Beta\MrVic's Wall O Text
Link on message: #352320

View PostVercingetorix, on 07 January 2011 - 08:15 AM, said: I understand why the devs don't want Tigers dominating servers filled with Shermans and whatnot.
But why do they simply switch the tanks for other vehicles? KVs for example are matched into battles with lower tier vehicles most of which can hardly hope to damage them. I've never once played a Tier 3 or 4 match in which there weren't a few KVs at the top that could get 2-3 kills just by auto-aiming away and relying on the fact that very few enemy vehicles can damage them. Of course in my StuG III I've killed a few KVs, but in my Marder II for example its pretty hard and at times impossible. In the last few games I've played enemy KVs have been under bombardment by literally the entire team including direct arty hits, yet they survive long enough to one-shot a few of the weaker tanks around.
Believe me that when a new player gets a shiny Tier III tank only to have all of their rounds bounce off a heavy tank and get one-shotted in return, they're unlikely to be consoled by the fact that said tank killing them was a KV instead of a Tiger.
This is annoying because if a tank is going to be dominating at its tier, why can't it be a historically dominant tank? The KV was an unreliable and ineffective tank, the Tiger was extremely effective, but in WOT it is exactly the reverse because of the way the Tier system works. I just find that to be unnecessary.

Overlord: Explanation of how match-making system works: http://forum.worldof...post__p__336432
The game doesn't take account of historical reliability. We have too many prototypes, some existed only on paper.

The Löwe premium tanks
08.01.2011 21:59:12
Subject: Archives\Beta\Questions\The Löwe premium tanks
Link on message: #352117

View PostDemonicSpoon, on 07 January 2011 - 11:30 PM, said: How expensive will high tier premium tanks be?

Overlord: Quite costly since one will be able to get high tier vehicle with good performance without grinding to it.

View PostHomer_J, on 08 January 2011 - 11:10 AM, said: Using the credit cost of equivalent tanks to the current premiums (i.e. Ram II to Sherman, T14 to T1 heavy) then I'm getting a rough estimate of 15,000 gold, give or take a few thousand.
Again going by current premium tanks I would guess that to mean a stock Tiger II, so they would probably give it the long 88. Then again if this is going to be sold for several tens of real dollars they might have to make it something special, the 10.5 from the Panther II perhaps?

Overlord: 10.5 cm.

New tier 9 mediums battle ballance
08.01.2011 21:54:28
Subject: Archives\Junkyard\New tier 9 mediums battle ballance
Link on message: #352108

View PostSpectreHD, on 08 January 2011 - 08:09 AM, said: Hopefully the Devs will take the same time to assess and make changes to the T-54 and other recently added vehicles in the same timeframe they took to nerf the US line to oblivion.

Overlord: T-54's track repair time will likely be increased without deploying a separate patch during one of the upcoming server restarts.

New tier 9 mediums battle ballance
08.01.2011 21:52:58
Subject: Archives\Junkyard\New tier 9 mediums battle ballance
Link on message: #352104

View PostChewie, on 07 January 2011 - 11:00 PM, said: I gather that you need to pull those stats from DB. When do you plan on doing this? Would be so kind as to share that information with us again? Thanks!

Overlord: We expect to recieve the data on January 17.

I loathe the VK4502p
08.01.2011 21:52:23
Subject: In-Game Vehicles\German Vehicles\Heavy Tanks\I loathe the VK4502p
Link on message: #352103

View PostRAZORLIGHT, on 07 January 2011 - 11:20 PM, said: till T9 balancing is pretty ok atm, so its not a big thing and we all know its still a beta
its normal that there wont be a perfect balance but keep it as fair as possible and everything is fine
btw. any new date for the eu servers?
there are so many players atm its lagging too much for us european guys and girls

Overlord: EU servers are being set up at the moment. So, very soon.

View PostMikeSmith, on 08 January 2011 - 06:15 AM, said: KV-13?

Overlord: Sure thing, KV-13.
Fixed in the post.

"Mis-Platooning" needs to stop
08.01.2011 20:38:01
Subject: Archives\Beta\"Mis-Platooning" needs to stop
Link on message: #351957

Posted Image
I had a reasonable game, I was a bit on the front line, managed to get 10 shots off, 5 hit.
I died, team lost.
133 exp. the same as I would get in a MS1 firing 10 shots, getting 5 hits, dieing and losing in a normal game.
Fired HE, ms1 was elite with 100% crew.
As I said, I don't think there is any advantage for the small tank at all.
3am here, so I'll leave you to post some screenies showing 2-4k exp : )

"Mis-Platooning" needs to stop
08.01.2011 20:12:16
Subject: Archives\Beta\"Mis-Platooning" needs to stop
Link on message: #351904

View PostSturmtiger_304, on 08 January 2011 - 07:58 PM, said: I suppose no-one has told you that if you are in a platoon with a Tiger II, while you have a MS-1, and you damage the threads of a enemy high tier like ISU-152, you get craploads of experience in the MS-1. Easely reaching 2k, or more realistically 3-4k experience each map, granted you don't die in the process & do not loose the match.

Tanitha: No. Ive not been told that. Ive been led to believe it doesn't work.
I guess the only way, is to do some testing and find out ; ) not that I don't believe you or anything.
But some figures would be nice.. I'll try to get a platoon going now.

Hardcore Mode?
08.01.2011 20:05:54
Subject: Archives\Junkyard\Hardcore Mode?
Link on message: #351887

View PostGeorgePatton, on 08 January 2011 - 08:00 PM, said: This question has been asked numerous times, I believe the DEVs said it MAY be implemented later on...
Please use the search function before you make posts like this.

Tanitha: Yes i think this is where its at, at the moment, there is also some pretty huge threads on this full of extensive suggestions. So feel free to add to them, because i'll need to lock this rather than let another thread continue.

Since the Christmas update...
08.01.2011 20:00:44
Subject: Archives\Beta\Since the Christmas update...
Link on message: #351879

Tanitha: It does seem to happen.
Like.. you are in a big tank, smaller enemy is on 10%, you can kill it easily in a shot.
You fire, you hit, it registers the hit, someone else gets the kill down the bottom right.
But I don't know, its hard to tell, and I don't really care much while I'm playing, I just play and have fun..
I'm left guessing if my shot bounced and someone elses shot hit a split second later.
If I didn't do much damage and someone else finished him off a split second later.
Or two hits hit at the same time,
Or.. whatever..

"Mis-Platooning" needs to stop
08.01.2011 19:50:35
Subject: Archives\Beta\"Mis-Platooning" needs to stop
Link on message: #351860

Tanitha: I think it happens for the reasons he said.
"I'm doing it so he gets more exp." and everyone tries it, cause they are looking for easier ways.
BUT, I'm pretty sure it doesn't work at all. Like you said you get paid for what you do. And the smaller tanks (loltractors) cant do anything.
I would guess after a few games, the smaller tank's had enough and the platoon disbands. So I don't think it goes on for long.
But then there's always someone else who comes up with the idea of "oh this will work and be better" because it usually does work in most other games. Just not this one.
All in all I don't think its too much of a problem, because people should work out its no advantage at all, and voluntarily stop doing it.
I think, and hope..
But yeah as said above, if you drag a friend to the game as a new player, theirs nothing wrong with playing with him.

Some small observations
08.01.2011 19:34:15
Subject: Archives\Beta\Some small observations
Link on message: #351811

Tanitha: There seems to be some nice suggestions there. I cant remember every post on the forum, so I'm not sure if all of them or none of them have been suggested before or not. I think by you grouping the suggestions up like this and posting them into general, they might get lost. which would be a shame.
So id suggest you pick the important ones, use search to see if they have been covered before or not, and if not package them up into sections of related topics with a decent topic title and description that is related to the content of the thread. And throw it into the devs suggestion section.
If you could add a little more details to the ones you are doing up for the dev section, it would be appreciated too.
Since you cant post there yet without 50 posts, if you post to general, and then pm me a link, I'll move it for you.

08.01.2011 19:26:27
Subject: Archives\Junkyard\hi
Link on message: #351790

Tanitha: Hi you can get keys here instantly mate.
They come with a free tank usually too.

Whould you rebuy you CB account?
08.01.2011 16:51:13
Subject: Archives\Beta\Whould you rebuy you CB account?
Link on message: #351464

View Posthalfik, on 08 January 2011 - 03:32 PM, said: and other thing is - that this CB is going to long. we need CW ASAP so it can be tested and realse also ASAP.

LiannaSilverwind: One of the reasons why Russian release was so soon (it's still not version 1.0 of the game) was the demand of players. They wanted to have fun with their vehicles forever, ie. no wipes whatever. And you could also buy gold for money.
Sidenote off-topic: We should remember though that people of former USSR countries usually have much lower salaries than EU. For example Germany salaries are 3-5x higher than in Czech Republic for the same position/job, and Czech Republic has 2-3x higher salaries than Russia. At the same time price of food, electronics, etc. are more similar to each other. If price will be similar, Western countries will definitely be able to enjoy it more than Easterners. But it's normal for all MMOs.

Holiday Theme
08.01.2011 16:10:00
Subject: Archives\Beta\Holiday Theme
Link on message: #351383

View PostWingNut, on 05 January 2011 - 08:00 PM, said: fix the leaky roof in the hanger? :Smile-hiding:

Tanitha: I wonder if they will put a option up soon. "Click here to fix roof - 5000Gold."
It would help them recover some of the extra gold they gave out :P

08.01.2011 14:55:47
Subject: Archives\Junkyard\Teamkills
Link on message: #351242

View PostEllusion, on 08 January 2011 - 02:43 PM, said: but if they happen accidental or to save yourself or your teammates, they are OK.

Tanitha: Shooting someone on purpose isn't accidental. So no its not ok..
Shooting another tank on purpose, or blocking, or killing, is against the rules, If someone does this, you need to screencap and report it so they can be banned.
if you decide to break the rules by shooting or killing teammates as well, then you are also breaking the rules, and will more than likely be banned as well.
If someone is shooting you, its easiest to die while screenshotting it, lose a 5 minute game, and then report it to get them banned. you lose 5 mins and games continue they are banned. If you want to shoot back, you will probably end up with a few days lost for breaking the rules.

Friends online
08.01.2011 08:13:35
Subject: Archives\Junkyard\Friends online
Link on message: #350692

Tanitha: answered. locking.

need help with spg
08.01.2011 08:09:45
Subject: Archives\Junkyard\need help with spg
Link on message: #350689

View Postmechman2010, on 08 January 2011 - 08:07 AM, said: i'm unable to change back to tank mode after going into sniper mode i've try most keys on the keyboard, and i've try the shift button but still am unable to which back.... can someone help me

Tanitha: Shift, and if shift don't work its probably your xfire.
Closing this since its in the wrong forum (public section)

Chat bans
08.01.2011 05:55:09
Subject: Archives\Junkyard\Chat bans
Link on message: #350583

Tanitha: If someone is not behaving "in game chat" then they don't behave "in game chat" whether that's general, other channels, or in game.
Banning someone from chat, and then leaving them F' keys they can spam, and game chat to continue spamming/insulting/etc into.. isn't a very good idea..
You all know people spam those F keys as it is, its not uncommon.
A mute, is a mute. At least you can still play, Even if you are restricted a little.
If you played with a clan on teamspeak. you wouldn't be restricted at all, with the TS being there.
Depending on the clan, you would also be free to swear or whatever on their teamspeak.
The game chat's though has rules, and moderators that enforce those rules.
The rules and mods are in beta too as well as the game. Open beta will probably see the introduction of a new set of forum game and chat rules. And there is quite a few changes that will be made.

Viewpoint bug, sight completely broken
08.01.2011 05:30:55
Subject: Archives\Beta\Viewpoint bug, sight completely broken
Link on message: #350538

Tanitha: All i get is
Site dont allowed
Any chance of re-upping to
http://imageshack.us/ please?

VK4502 Needs Attention
08.01.2011 03:29:32
Subject: In-Game Vehicles\German Vehicles\Heavy Tanks\VK4502 Needs Attention
Link on message: #350419

View PostShAtTeR_DrEaMz, on 08 January 2011 - 03:07 AM, said: I'm using the 105 barrel

Tanitha: Yeah youve only had 100 battles in it.. And thats your main problem, the gun..
If you have it maxed and fully upgraded, which takes 200? battles about from memory. then its a decent tank.
I still don't think its as good as a IS4, but its pretty close..
I think the vk4502 is closer to the IS4, than the tiger/tiger2/mouse is to the russian counterparts.
So out of the tiger/tiger2/vk4502/mouse, I prefer the vk4502...
Grab the bigger gun and its a different tank.

Your Kill/Death Ratio?
08.01.2011 01:28:08
Subject: Archives\Beta\Your Kill/Death Ratio?
Link on message: #350206

Tanitha: Not that much over 1..
But then again, my most played tank is a leo doing suicide runs to farm credits with a 5% survive rate.

Patch today? <DELETE/Solved>
08.01.2011 01:22:38
Subject: Archives\Beta\Patch today? <DELETE/Solved>
Link on message: #350186

View Post6ep3a, on 08 January 2011 - 01:18 AM, said: It was a language pack, thats all the info i could dig up.
I cant know 100% either about the hidden things :)

Tanitha: I doubt there is anything hidden, as in nothing changed without us being informed.
Because Ive not even updated yet. I don't usually run the launcher and just run the game directly.
The version number didn't change, so it still works with or without any patches.
When there is changes the patch number changes too.

Live release
08.01.2011 00:27:22
Subject: Archives\Junkyard\Live release
Link on message: #350079

View PostMindsnap, on 08 January 2011 - 12:23 AM, said: any chance this game is going to move from beta to a live release in 2011?

Tanitha: Its currently scheduled for march, that was the latest date given anyway.
Closing the thread. since there is nothing to discuss here. And will pm you the reply.

Whould you rebuy you CB account?
08.01.2011 00:22:52
Subject: Archives\Beta\Whould you rebuy you CB account?
Link on message: #350068

View Posthalfik, on 07 January 2011 - 06:00 AM, said: Lets say $10 for every month you playd CB. For this price you will get all your xp as free xp.

LiannaSilverwind: I responded to Halfik's proposal of being able to buy CBT account to get free xp for credit card money. Therefore we could pay for our free xp and then pay for gold, therefore gaining TT10 vehicles immediately. I apologize if I confused you.
Is it more clear? Thank you for stopping using sentences like

View Postdeathnoise, on 07 January 2011 - 08:52 PM, said: Players still need to play with a tanks.. No one can "buy" a free xp, for money. You can only convert it.
And now - its just a pure nonsense. You cant drive a t9 tank from the day one. Buying the gold won't help you as you still need the +-600-700k experience, to buy all upgrades and unlock all vehicles, on the way.

LiannaSilverwind: It does not make you sound better, just more nervous in attempts to sound serious and persuade us that your proposal is worthy of consideration. Thank you. :Smile_honoring:

View Postdeathnoise, on 07 January 2011 - 08:52 PM, said: It wont make any sense.
Now - your argumentation doesnt make any sense.
Stick to the one thought.
its just a pure nonsense.
This time - try to understand it.
That makes, absolutely, no sense for me.


Can't get into game
08.01.2011 00:15:53
Subject: Archives\Beta\Can't get into game
Link on message: #350057

View PostPOKER, on 29 December 2010 - 09:58 PM, said: No good. I cannot even get into the game at all. From the webpage, it tells me my email addy is wrong, and my pasword is wrong, but WOT gave me the password! I have the minimum requirements to run the game, but why such a hassle to play a darn game?

Tanitha: You are not a beta tester for starters.
# Group: Members
If you were you would be group "beta testers"
You need to get a key, (from the announcement in this section)
And make a beta account. download and install the game, etc etc
Good luck.

No More Clans. It'S Time For Squadrons!
08.01.2011 00:01:42
Subject: Archives\Junkyard\No More Clans. It'S Time For Squadrons!
Link on message: #350027

Tanitha: You may call your clan, a squadron if you like,
Locking the old thread.

Promo Code
07.01.2011 23:43:29
Subject: Archives\Beta\Promo Code
Link on message: #349997

Tanitha: Its a release function, not in use yet.

I loathe the VK4502p
07.01.2011 23:16:50
Subject: In-Game Vehicles\German Vehicles\Heavy Tanks\I loathe the VK4502p
Link on message: #349941

View PostRAZORLIGHT, on 07 January 2011 - 11:12 PM, said: i love to hear you know the problems
if you fix the sightsystem and fix the balance this game will be one of the best games in 2011

Overlord: Spotting system - yes.
In terms of balance there will always be something to complain about.

Beta Impressions
07.01.2011 23:10:29
Subject: Archives\Beta\Beta Impressions
Link on message: #349925

Tanitha: Moving to the beta section of the forums.

New tier 9 mediums battle ballance
07.01.2011 22:58:49
Subject: Archives\Junkyard\New tier 9 mediums battle ballance
Link on message: #349900

View PostElAtaque1944, on 07 January 2011 - 10:42 PM, said: The official statistics of Politburo are saying: There is nothing wrong with soviet mediums!
And you wondered why people in this forum are getting aggressive and sarcastic when you´re asking for feedback... :rolleyes:

Overlord: Are you an oracle? :) The performance of all newly added vechiles is still to be assessed. Personal impressions are important, but only together with impartial figures they make complete picture.
People are pretty much the same everywhere.

07.01.2011 22:57:58
Subject: Archives\Beta\beta
Link on message: #349898

View Poststaticrage, on 30 December 2010 - 12:56 AM, said: i just signed up on the forums i went and got a beta key and how do i get that in the game?i downloaded the game and just need to figure out how i can play

Tanitha: # Group: Members
You do not have a beta account yet.
You can grab a key here.

I loathe the VK4502p
07.01.2011 22:53:10
Subject: In-Game Vehicles\German Vehicles\Heavy Tanks\I loathe the VK4502p
Link on message: #349885

View PostJetu, on 07 January 2011 - 10:46 PM, said: The plus side for E-100 is you already have the hull done thanks to the Gw E Series.
VK4501P/4502P A is the same ( Ferdinand/Vk4502P Ausf B )

Overlord: Still need to designate and model that 15cm KwK44 for E100...

I loathe the VK4502p
07.01.2011 22:49:32
Subject: In-Game Vehicles\German Vehicles\Heavy Tanks\I loathe the VK4502p
Link on message: #349878

View Postpainless, on 07 January 2011 - 10:37 PM, said: Great news :Smile-bajan2: (e-series, i couldn't care less 'bout french tanks even if i wanted to)
When can we expect e-babies? And, sorry to bother You, but will there be softwipe before e series introduction, or i have to start saving free xp now for e-stuff? :Smile-izmena:
and any news about maus mudguards/mantlet fix?

Overlord: Can't give even a rough date at the moment. Likely that along with French tanks, after Lowe, KV-5, Pz. 38 NA, KV-13, and US TD line are added.
E-series will be added after release, so there will be no more wipes after the game goes live.
Mudguards are to be fixed in the upcoming update. Don't ask me now when it's going to be released. :)

I loathe the VK4502p
07.01.2011 22:41:16
Subject: In-Game Vehicles\German Vehicles\Heavy Tanks\I loathe the VK4502p
Link on message: #349860

View PostStevepidge, on 07 January 2011 - 10:17 PM, said: Awesome to know the E series will see the light of day soon. I do understand that there was a gap to fill between the Tiger II and the Maus, my question is why was the VK chosen for tier 9 instead of the clearly historically superior Tiger II?
edit: thanks for jumping in Overlord must've had a rough night ehh? first post of the day?

Overlord: Need to ask our tank experts. I'm not knowledgeable enough. Guess, it's because KT is a well-known real warfare vechile that would require some buffs to become decent tier 9. VK4502 is a prototype, we have more freedom "playing" with its specs.
Actually not the first one. After all, I'm having a day off ;) .

How to get key
07.01.2011 22:38:04
Subject: Archives\Junkyard\How to get key
Link on message: #349853

View PostSysiu, on 07 January 2011 - 10:34 PM, said: I apply yesterday, download this game and i don't receive key
My friend get it in 1h, please send me one - kriss279@gmail.com
Thank u, i love this game

Tanitha: Announcements are there for a reason, please read them before posting.
Locking the thread.

New tier 9 mediums battle ballance
07.01.2011 22:34:10
Subject: Archives\Junkyard\New tier 9 mediums battle ballance
Link on message: #349839

View PostSnoozE, on 05 January 2011 - 09:24 PM, said: Overlord I got one straight question 4 u. Are there any plans to nerf T-54 (frontal armor?)or buff Panther II/Pershing ?

Overlord: A most straight reply, not planning anything until we get statistics at our disposal.
T-54's track repair time will be increased.

Server Split Up Discussion Thread
07.01.2011 22:30:35
Subject: Archives\Beta\Server Split Up Discussion Thread
Link on message: #349829

View PostPanzerkraker, on 06 January 2011 - 05:41 PM, said: eh last post about this from devs was like a week or two ago?older?please give us some info -_-

Overlord: The new hardware has arrived to its destination. It is being set up at the moment.

I loathe the VK4502p
07.01.2011 22:14:41
Subject: In-Game Vehicles\German Vehicles\Heavy Tanks\I loathe the VK4502p
Link on message: #349794

View PostWhiteHyena, on 07 January 2011 - 03:49 PM, said: That's something I've been saying for a very long time now. The more factions they bring in, the complicated the entire balancing process becomes. The joke is that Russian and German tanks were the first nations and are still the most unbalanced.
I'd also love to know how the devs are deciding which nations to bring in next, throwing a dart at a map maybe? No offense but adding French tanks before British, who's idea was that?

Overlord: Rebalancing will take place non-stop after release as well. It's inevitable, the more tanks we have, the more difficult the whole system becomes. Current balance between factions is quite ok, but there are several weak spots like tier 9-10 US tanks, Maus, IS-4 (better than counterparts) and some others. Current trees will be reworked, especially US and Soviet ones. Regarding German tree, production of E-series will be speeded up.
It was our idea to implement French tanks first. Do many people know much about them? Have they been represented in other games much? I think, no to both.

Graphical Updates of Tank models
07.01.2011 22:00:55
Subject: Archives\Beta\Questions\Graphical Updates of Tank models
Link on message: #349769

View PostElAtaque1944, on 31 December 2010 - 02:45 PM, said: Hm, over 100 views but no replies from official sides...

Overlord: Holiday season. Will check the models when it ends.

View PostElAtaque1944, on 05 January 2011 - 01:00 PM, said: Indeed - the Schmalturm on PzIV is one example of crappy dimensions. It is horrible, to be honest.
Over 300 views and not a single dev was seen, this "Question"-Section is quite good... :rolleyes:


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