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Developers posts on forum

In this section you'll find posts from the official developers forum. The base is updated every hour and stored on a server wot-news.com. If you encounter any bugs, have suggestions or comments, write to info@wot-news.com

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I have to ask...
15.11.2010 17:19:52
Subject: Archives\Junkyard\I have to ask...
Link on message: #230537

Tanitha: Locked and closed. Trolling, Insulting, with a bit of racism thrown in.
RO'ed 5 days.

Premium Account Bug: Bonus Not Applied
15.11.2010 15:12:30
Subject: Archives\Beta\Premium Account Bug: Bonus Not Applied
Link on message: #230293

transfero: Dear All,
We would like to thank you for assistance. The issue with premium account miscounts, mentioned by players, and incorrect displaying, we claim it to be, is seeing to by responsible persons and will be fixed by a new patch layout. Besides, we would like to inform you that the premium status of your accounts is active. In case you notice any anomalies, please inform the Support Centre about it (Please entitle your tickets "Premium account doesn't work" and attach a screenshot with a minimized window of the client).

The Old Gits Army =TOGA=
15.11.2010 14:43:59
Subject: Archives\Junkyard\The Old Gits Army =TOGA=
Link on message: #230240

Quote Hi InsomniaX Clan,
Just a big hello from fellow WOT's clan The Old Gits Army "TOGA".
Thought that I should drop by and say hello. Hope to see you all on the battlefield soon.
With Best Regards, TOGA Shadow Wolf, HR Admin for The Old Gits Army.

Tanitha: Hi TOGA.
Hows things going? I found that your recruiting thread had fell off onto page 2, So I thought id drop in and say hello.
Ive added you to my friends list in game so I'll catch up with you for a chat soon. Actually you are online now, So I'll go PM you in game now.
Have fun..

Ok when do we get euro server back
15.11.2010 14:40:22
Subject: Archives\Beta\Questions\Ok when do we get euro server back
Link on message: #230224

LiannaSilverwind: I long to play on EU servers again. Although ping did not change much after the patch, lags are much more intense.
Would be nice to play on 50 ms again instead of 200.

Top 1000 Playeres
15.11.2010 14:37:07
Subject: Archives\Beta\Top 1000 Playeres
Link on message: #230212

LiannaSilverwind: Any kind of ladders will lead to rating grinding.
IMHO the only real ratio of player's prowess is his win/loss ratio.
Why so? Player faces real challenge of fighting alone (in duo, in trio) with 12-14 unknown people against similar team. Good player will try his best to change the balance, bad player will negatively affect his team.
Imagine poor player on Maus, he will be destroyed immediately, making his team much weaker and losing the game probably. Or genius on Luchs that will be able to survive scouting non-stop and providing crucial information for his team.
By winning the game player shows his ability to positively affect his team against all random odds. He also grants everyone in the team +50% bonus.
Damage is highly based on player's cannon (different guns on different vehicles) and ability to camp hide.
Kill count is based upon frag collecting, finishing heavily damaged targets.
Who's more useful for the battle? BT-7 that covered damaged IS-4 with his own body and dying with 0 frags and 0 damage, but allowing IS-4 to continue firefight with Maus and winning (Hi, Diva!), or top Jagdtiger camper in the corner that collects 5 kills, but still loses due to being alone against 9 surviving enemies.
And now ironical motto: "Whoever has higher win/lose ratio, is nolifer, hacker, cheater. Whoever has lower win/lose ratio, is n00b!" :Smile-bajan2:

15.11.2010 13:44:26
Subject: Archives\Junkyard\InsomniaX
Link on message: #230106

Tanitha: Recruiting post updated.

InsomniaX Clan
15.11.2010 13:20:35
Subject: Archives\Junkyard\InsomniaX Clan
Link on message: #230042

Tanitha: Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted Image
Dictionary meaning..
In·som·ni·a (Pronunciation[in-som-nee-uh]) –noun Inability to obtain sufficient sleep, esp. when chronic; difficulty in falling or staying asleep; sleeplessness.
In·som·ni·aX (Pronunciation[in-som-nee-aks]) –noun. A person who plays World of Tanks way too much, when they should be sleeping.
Posted Image
InsominaX Clan is a Hard-Core professional gaming clan, that has kicked booty in every game its entered over the last 12 years since the release of Ultima Online. World of Tanks will be no different. Your only choice really is. Join us, or lose.
Who we are looking for.
Clan members should meet the following requirements.
1. Be playing on the USA server on release.
2. Be available during USA prime time for Clan Wars on a regular basis.
3. Be free to grind quickly on release. IE. Preferably Retired, Self Employed, Unemployed, or able to schedule a few days or a week off work.
4. As above, be aiming to gain a T10 within 5 days after release.
5. As above, be willing to pump a little cash into the game at release to get ahead, IE premium and some extra gold for credits/exp conversion etc.
6. Be forum literate enough to work out when you will be required for clan wars.
7. Be drama free, Drama will not be permitted. So its expected that you have a fairly clean TK record in beta, have little or no forum warnings, and a positive forum reputation.
8. Be an adult, 18+, that isn't easily offended, and doesn't whine and create drama over pointless issues.
9. Be available for VOIP communications, Currently we are using TS.
In return we offer you.
1. Fun. winning is fun losing isn't. So join the winning clan and have fun and earn the bragging rights.
2. A fairly "Rule Free" environment to play in. Our clan forums and team-speak contain very little if any rules on swearing etc.
3. A kiddie free no drama environment to play in. We only play with good like minded adults. Anyone not fitting that description is removed from the clan quickly.
4. Lots of credits and gold earned from all the land we will own, Split fairly between the clan members based on their activity.
Team Speak Server Details
Teamspeak 3 address Port 9987 No Password
Clan Activity
We are not overly interested in platooning during beta. Most regulars in the clan already have T10 tanks ages ago, so they are just playing casually occasionally and are waiting for release.
Our sole goal is winning clan war's. We are not interested in zerging 100's of casual gamers into our clan at this stage, we are just concentrating on building the super strong foundations by gaining a few more hard core elite players. If this is you. PM me in game or in the forums or reply here.
Our clan website is professionally hosted here. http://insomniaxclan.com/index.php
But it will not be used much before release.
Tank Selection
With the game as it is currently, We will probably be aiming for team's of the following tanks.
IS7's and a few T10 TD's.
A few T9 medium tanks for scouting.
& Top tier artillery.
Previous clan recruiting posts have been closed and junk-yarded.

Stronger measures against offensive players
15.11.2010 12:05:37
Subject: Archives\Beta\Stronger measures against offensive players
Link on message: #229883

View PostArctic, on 15 November 2010 - 05:15 AM, said: The problem is that you are trying to push your view on everyone else even though you already have the tools to deal with people you don't like.
#1 censor filter
#2 ignore

Tanitha: Not really Artic, there are rules against swearing, people are free to use the censor or ignore it if they wish. But the tools for dealing with the issue are..
Screenshot / Report, And then mods and support can Chat ban / Game ban.
Swearing is not permitted, even with the censor that doesn't work very well. Players that do so will be banned. This isn't really up for discussion.
The topic is, should the penalties be stronger.

The Contest on Most Original Model of World of Tanks Unit.
15.11.2010 10:54:17
Subject: Contests & Competitions\Contests\The Contest on Most Original Model of World of Tanks Unit.
Link on message: #229754

transfero: Deviant... Guess, this guy is a real warrior, who makes his enemies suffer... :)

Where did your nickname come from?
15.11.2010 10:22:22
Subject: Off-Topic Discussion\Off-Topic\Where did your nickname come from?
Link on message: #229716

Tanitha: Tanit was a Phoenician lunar goddess, worshipped as the patron goddess at Carthage .. Etc..

The Contest on Most Original Model of World of Tanks Unit.
15.11.2010 09:28:06
Subject: Contests & Competitions\Contests\The Contest on Most Original Model of World of Tanks Unit.
Link on message: #229643

Tanitha: Wow, what a great contest. I'm personally a fan of the unusual ones.
Like the toilet rolls on fire, the packet of smokes, and the slab of meat.
Good job everyone.

New Player Questions
14.11.2010 13:02:47
Subject: Archives\Beta\New Player Questions
Link on message: #227890

View Postlacko75, on 14 November 2010 - 11:42 AM, said: Hi Guys!
Please someone give me Invite code.Please!!!
Thx so muck!!!

What type of legs will this game have?
14.11.2010 10:53:34
Subject: Archives\Beta\What type of legs will this game have?
Link on message: #227731

View PostWarcrime, on 14 November 2010 - 10:13 AM, said: But once you've maxed the tanks then what?

Tanitha: Clan Wars.

View PostWarcrime, on 14 November 2010 - 10:13 AM, said: You clan claims a country or whatever and you get what for it? Credits? Exp? But if your maxed those things arent worth anything anymore.

Tanitha: Then you have bragging rights, and preventing other's from getting the credits/gold/resources/land..
With every MMORPG, maxing a character is fairly easy. And then the "end content" is things like the clan war's system..
The clan wars will make me pump cash into the game to get ahead. IE get a T10 tank very quickly.
Without clan war's id not spend much/any on the game, because there would be no hurry, and I could play casually and grind the higher earning T5 tanks in random battles.

Anyone else cant connect for the last 2 days
14.11.2010 04:22:10
Subject: Archives\Beta\Anyone else cant connect for the last 2 days
Link on message: #227364

View Postwagga2650, on 14 November 2010 - 04:00 AM, said: I have downloaded the new patch played it a few times came to play again a few hours after and now I cant connect.
Any help would be much appreciated as I haven't seen any notifications saying the site is down.

Tanitha: Its online now and i've had no problems. So provide more info so people can help you out.

Invite Code
14.11.2010 03:39:50
Subject: Archives\Junkyard\Invite Code
Link on message: #227315

View PostRhym, on 14 November 2010 - 12:59 AM, said: Enjoy, still <1000 keys here: http://mmohut.com/gi...ta-key-giveaway
Free Valentine (and garage slot) included.

Tanitha: Thanks, but there is a stickied topic here.
So closing this resurrected thread.

Why the heck the tank turns when it gets tracked?
13.11.2010 16:24:06
Subject: Archives\Beta\Why the heck the tank turns when it gets tracked?
Link on message: #226346

View PostBigBadVuk, on 06 November 2010 - 11:42 PM, said: It is simple:
Damaged track will stop moving due to tracks being jammed between wheels or simply by wheel starting to sink into ground without support of tracks.
Other undamaged track will move at same speed for a while --> tank pivots around slower track like in real life when driver slows 1 and accelerate other track..
It is a really nice add to reality.

Tanitha: IMO the question in nicely answered here. So i dont see the need to leave this in the dev's section, the devs time is short.
So I'll move this to the closed beta discussion section.

Stronger measures against offensive players
13.11.2010 14:16:40
Subject: Archives\Beta\Stronger measures against offensive players
Link on message: #226196

Tanitha: I don't think stronger measures are needed. Just ask the 10 or so people that have been banned from garage chat in the last hour for 1-3 days. The problem more is, there's 150 games going at a time, they cant have in game mod coverage in the games like you can in garage chat.
But there is a reporting system. Just screen cap things. And email them in.
There's also a few months until release (1st Q 2011). I'm sure things will be easier and streamlined more before then.
Personally id like to see games continue after the game for a few minutes. People are still free to exit if they wish, but they dont have to be forced out like it is at the moment. Where you get full stats instead of just kills. Exp, credits, kills, shots, hits, damage done. etc Time to discuss the above after game. And reporting features you can click for team damage, AFK, macroing, abuse, etc.
Sending in emails is a pain, but it is what it is at the moment, beta and still under construction.

Bad player behavior
13.11.2010 11:06:07
Subject: Archives\Beta\Bad player behavior
Link on message: #225931

View PostBCTiger, on 09 November 2010 - 06:07 PM, said: @whoever said that saying "u mad" ingame is bannable, is that seriously true? seems a bit much.

Tanitha: Fad statements like IBLT are chat/forum banable.
There's no way id apply that rule to "Umad?" though. But i am only one mod of many so I cant speak for "mods" in general.

ppl calling you a camper
13.11.2010 10:52:35
Subject: Archives\Beta\ppl calling you a camper
Link on message: #225924

Tanitha: Defending, Camping, its the same thing.
If someone says you are camping they are just pointing out the obvious.
I wouldn't let it get to you. Defending is a good option for a lot of tanks.

Refill Balance Gold Interface
13.11.2010 10:47:05
Subject: Archives\Junkyard\Refill Balance Gold Interface
Link on message: #225917

Tanitha: You can buy gold on release, release is about 1st quarter 2011 so a way away.
This is in many many topics throughout the forum, no need to start another.
Thread lock and moved.

Indication for 1st game of the day.
13.11.2010 10:42:38
Subject: Archives\Beta\Suggestions\Indication for 1st game of the day.
Link on message: #225914

View PostEvisicator, on 12 November 2010 - 10:42 PM, said: First off I would like to ask a Mod/Admin to move this thread to the suggestions thread. I can not start a new topic there, why I do not know.
With the addition of the first game of the day giving out double exp. I think it would be nice to have some kind of indication as to when that time is.
Something like a timer in the garage frame when you select a tank.
Also, I think that the double exp. should be changed to first win of the day. I played a game last night with one of my tanks and got knocked out due to lucky artillery fire within a few seconds of the match starting. Our team lost, and I got a whooping 78 exp after it being doubled. So that means I earned a whooping 39 exp for the game, that is a pretty craptastic number to have be your one doubled exp game.

Tanitha: Sure i'll move it..
And on topic, I agree, id like tanks who's next game will be "double exp" to have a little * exp icon on their top left in the garage.
When you play the tank, it disappears, When the day ticks over, it comes back..
It should be easy to program, and would make it a bit nicer IMO..

T-23 stats and comparison with Panther an T-44
13.11.2010 10:31:19
Subject: In-Game Vehicles\American Vehicles\Medium Tanks\T-23 stats and comparison with Panther an T-44
Link on message: #225901

Tanitha: Ive played a fair few T44 v's T23's 1v1 in the training room.
They appear to be very similar.
Speed. T23
Acceleration. T23
Turning. T44 but not by much and its probably balanced out with the extra speed the T23 has.
Looks. T44 ^^
Gun. Not much difference between the T44's 100mm and the T23's 90mm
The T23 has a quicker rate of fire, does more damage, and penetrates less.
T23 v's T44 slugout, the T23 usually wins.
T23 & T44 V's IS7. the T44 would probably out damage the T23 and land more hits due to having a higer penetration value. But i've not tested this yet.
All in all, I think the T23 replaces the T44 as the clan wars scout vehicle. It equals it at least.
The T23 also has a smaller 21 rounds/min gun too, which is fun.

EXP nerf
13.11.2010 09:04:03
Subject: Archives\Beta\EXP nerf
Link on message: #225827

Tanitha: Merged two threads on the same topic.

Prem broken
13.11.2010 08:26:35
Subject: Archives\Junkyard\Prem broken
Link on message: #225792

View PostAthrin, on 13 November 2010 - 01:50 AM, said: plz fix this bug or that u aglodge this bug or something devs.......

Tanitha: There is 8 Posts in this thread, 4 (Half) of them are yours.
You have already been warned once today for swearing, You seemed to have ignored the warning to behave.
Reading through your 31 posts that you have made since joining the forums.
All 31 of them were posted today In a 12 hour period. Most of them on the same topic "not getting enough EXP", All in 4 different threads.
1/4 of the posts are on "My premium is broken so I don't get exp"
1/4 of the posts are on "The patch nerfed EXP so I don't gain much exp since the patch"
1/4 of the posts are on "I have trouble hitting anything now since the patch"
1/4 of the posts are just one liners whining, swearing, abusing, insulting the devs, threatening, etc..
"Read Only' Ro ban Placed for 28 days.
14 days for flooding the forums + 14 days for insulting devs and swearing.
And continuance after a warning earlier today.
Thread locked, there is other threads on this topic already.
Please continue the topic in the open threads..

US OPEN Championship World of Tanks - discussion
13.11.2010 03:41:52
Subject: Contests & Competitions\Championships & Competitions\Championships Archive\WOT US Open\US OPEN Championship World of Tanks - discussion
Link on message: #225548

View PostEliminateur, on 12 November 2010 - 09:54 PM, said: btw, i love your avatar lianna i can't get enough of it(oh and the signature is cute too :D )

LiannaSilverwind: [OT] Thank you very much! *blush* Check DIVA's signature as well! I made them in pair. :Smile-bajan2:

Guilty pleasures
13.11.2010 03:33:46
Subject: Archives\Beta\Guilty pleasures
Link on message: #225533

LiannaSilverwind: Always destroying T-44 for disappointing me as an uber-machine. :Smile-hiding:

Limit of Clan War battle?
13.11.2010 01:17:04
Subject: Archives\Beta\Limit of Clan War battle?
Link on message: #225347

LiannaSilverwind: Hardcore clan will always use all possibilities to win the game.
So if it's possible to have hundreds of people in clan, they will do it. If it is not possible, they will make sub-clan divisions, that will cooperate together and rule the map together.
If Tier 10 tanks are needed, they will cooperate together to get them ASAP. If points are limited, they will make ideal teams and cooperate together to get them ASAP.
No limits:
Hardcore people should have several Tier 9-10 tanks in garage.
Usual teams will have Tier 10 heavies, Tier 8-9 TDs, Tier 8 Mediums, few lights, Tier 5-6 SPGs (Tiers will be increased in time)
Point limits:
Hardcore people should have several Tier 8 tanks in garage.
Usual teams will have Tier 8 heavies, Tier 8 TDs, Tier 8 Mediums, few lights, Tier 5-6 SPGs (Tiers will be increased in time)
So what is the real difference? Casual player won't be able to join hardcore clan for very long time, before he gets his vehicles to "must-to-have" level, be it 8 or 10. Is point behind "point limits" ability of normal player to join Clan Wars sooner than with "no limits"? Yes, Tier 10 takes much longer to gain than Tier 8, but if we care about more "normal" players, what about limiting Tiers to, say, tier 6, like Junior league?
I do not want to cause trouble, I'm just trying to find deep logics behind "We need points limit". Hardcore clan will make subdivisions if limited and it will have perfectly cooperating teams for every battle in any case. Hardcore clan is not here for you to have fun, it's here to farm every other player and Win The Game ™.
In any case I'm very curious about Clan Wars and hope we'd be able to test them too.

Does what you do in the Closed Beta carry on into the full game?
12.11.2010 23:32:04
Subject: Archives\Beta\Does what you do in the Closed Beta carry on into the full game?
Link on message: #225178

View PostWaRRi0R_FarseeR, on 24 September 2010 - 09:56 PM, said: Are you guys sure beta testers are going to get a free tank?

Tanitha: There's nothing confirmed at this stage, no. Release is still a while away.

Why was auto-aim (Lead computation) taken out in yesterdays patch?
12.11.2010 23:23:48
Subject: Archives\Beta\Why was auto-aim (Lead computation) taken out in yesterdays patch?
Link on message: #225165

View PostThaTrip, on 12 November 2010 - 10:02 PM, said: No offense there are many topics of Auto-Aim already. Only different names, but they all mean the same. Can you next time post in there.
For auto-aim being changed. It takes more skills now to shoot at a tank. So work on that. And you love it.
Here are the topics that have been already created about discussing about Auto-Aim.
New aiming system, good or bad?
They Need to fix Auto-Aim quickly

Tanitha: Correct, +1'ed the neg rep you had.
In future though if you press report, or pm me, I'll get to it quicker : )
I'll merge these three threads.

EXP nerf
12.11.2010 22:52:00
Subject: Archives\Beta\EXP nerf
Link on message: #225107

View PostHomer_J, on 12 November 2010 - 10:20 PM, said: So do you think it could be a bug.... or some people are having a hard time adjusting to the changes?
Played some more today, don't see any difference to before the patch.

Tanitha: A few things that will effect the exp.
1. 20% shell speed reduction, and a apparent alteration in the auto aim.
I usually rely pretty heavily on auto aim. My excuse is I'm from Australia and I'm normally on about 350+ ping. So when I first logged in, I was missing a lot!. Playing the dog fighting tanks wasn't much different, but playing the long range snipers and trying to auto aim snipe moving tanks that are 400m away. yeah big difference.
2. New usa tanks has effected the team balance, I'm finding a lot more lower tanks (usa) in the games and shooting tanks lower than your tier pays less exp.
Please mention what tanks you are in, maybe add some screenshots too to show what tiers you were up against.. etc..
Exp is based on the tanks you are shooting, And atm there is lots of low tier USA tanks in the game. Id guess this is the problem.

Achievement Medals?
12.11.2010 21:58:09
Subject: Archives\Beta\Achievement Medals?
Link on message: #224998

View PostThaTrip, on 12 November 2010 - 09:53 PM, said: Little earlier I was in a battle. I was being owned hard, by 6 tanks shooting me for at least 1min+. I got hit more then 20 times at least. And I didn't get the Steel Wall medal.
Yesterday a friend of mine in his IS-3 also was complaining about he didn't get a medal for sniper. Is it changed or is it bugged for him and me?

Tanitha: Its changed.
1. Steel wall now needs you to survive and live.
2. Sniper now needs you to shoot more than 10times, and hit 85% of the time.
So 9/10 for a example.

Russian community WoT!!!
12.11.2010 21:40:23
Subject: International Forums\BY, RU, UA Community\Russian community WoT!!!
Link on message: #224966

View PostunReaL, on 12 November 2010 - 06:56 PM, said: Почему у немцев, поляков и сербов отдельные подразделы, а у нас всё в категории "Off-Topic Discussion". Негодую! :)

LiannaSilverwind: Ответ: потому что поляки могут говорить в чате по-польски, немцы - по-немецки, а попробуй ты поговорить по-русски, воплеж до небес.

US OPEN Championship World of Tanks - discussion
12.11.2010 21:36:26
Subject: Contests & Competitions\Championships & Competitions\Championships Archive\WOT US Open\US OPEN Championship World of Tanks - discussion
Link on message: #224957

View Posted_anger, on 12 November 2010 - 05:13 PM, said: im sure you can sign up if you want to play at 3am, just like americans were free to play in the last championship over several weekdays mid-afternoon.

LiannaSilverwind: I see certain difference between mid-afternoon and deep night. :Smile-hiding:

when us European will be able to play us?
12.11.2010 20:35:15
Subject: Archives\Junkyard\when us European will be able to play us?
Link on message: #224829

Tanitha: Problems solved. Moving thread then..

Why was auto-aim (Lead computation) taken out in yesterdays patch?
12.11.2010 20:20:03
Subject: Archives\Beta\Why was auto-aim (Lead computation) taken out in yesterdays patch?
Link on message: #224789

View PostPhazuka, on 12 November 2010 - 08:00 PM, said: ETA: Should I post this under Gameplay? Please reply with intelligent responses, not anonymous negative reputation dings.

Tanitha: All posts on the closed beta should be in the closed beta section, this was not..
I'll move it.

12.11.2010 18:48:31
Subject: Archives\Junkyard\aim
Link on message: #224577

Tanitha: Pointless rage thread that is barely understandable and containing too much bad language.
No Ro issued at this time. but locking..

AA clan recruiting
12.11.2010 16:19:26
Subject: Archives\Junkyard\AA clan recruiting
Link on message: #224202

Tanitha: Closing this duplicate recruiting post as requested.
Have fun and good luck with your clan.

Post Patch Arty 6.1.5
12.11.2010 11:44:26
Subject: Archives\Beta\Post Patch Arty 6.1.5
Link on message: #223662

LiannaSilverwind: My feelings after 6 hours of gameplay on normal tanks and S-51.
1) 10% accuracy nerf is definitely present, making SPG fire more random than before. If Random Gods did not like you before, you would only scratch other vehicles with splash. If they decided to like you, you would oneshot everything 5 times in a row. Now randomness is increased.
2) Due to lower shell velocity it's harder to hit properly driven targets at long range. Fortunately most people did not drive properly before... will they now?
3) Counterbattery is much harder now due to points 1+2. Hummels and S-51s are now completely safe against non-SPG platoons trying to counterbattery them unless being completely unlucky. SU-14 chances to survive increased a lot.
4) US SPG Tier 2 is so perfectly armoured that most tanks ding their shots off it, having very nice speed it's also able to work as... Scout.
5) As a tank driver I was destroyed by enemy SPGs only once, because I made stupid mistake. Situation did not change here.
My conclusions based on very short period of time after the patch:
1) SPG weapon are now more random than before which is not good. Personally I'd rather see damage decrease (if nerf is needed) than accuracy decrease.
2) People who will not learn how to cover or how to drive properly will still ask for more SPG nerfs because they will be destroyed quickly. Before patch my IS-7 nor my ISU-152 were ever destroyed by SPGs, I doubt situation will be harder for them now.
3) Forget about counterbattering good SPG drivers. Now it's upon you, dear tankist, to deal with enemy artillery. <_<

EXP nerf
12.11.2010 02:06:43
Subject: Archives\Beta\EXP nerf
Link on message: #222733

View PostAthrin, on 12 November 2010 - 02:00 AM, said: Why was our EXP gain nerfed?????

Tanitha: I haven't noticed much difference really.
If anything i was wondering if it went up.
Posted Image
45k credits on a vk4502 is a bit more than usual. (And no it wasn't a double exp game)

Half fps with new patch.
12.11.2010 01:13:58
Subject: Archives\Beta\Half fps with new patch.
Link on message: #222638

View PostEnder_Ward, on 12 November 2010 - 01:06 AM, said: I've got a GTX 460 (768mb version) and I too can report constant stuttering and greatly reduced FPS. I've turned most settings to low, only a very few are on medium and nothing on high. Yet I am getting much, much worse FPS than I did before the patch on higher graphics settings.
It's gotten so bad that I've had dips to below 10fps. That never happened before the patch.
Latest drivers.
Core 2 Duo E6700 CPU.

LiannaSilverwind: My computer is: i7 QuadCore 2.8 Ghz, 4 GB RAM, GTX 460
Problem: FPS jump from 120 to 5 and then rise up to 120 during 1-2 seconds very often, ingame graphics settings are Moderate to Low, which is insane when taking into consideration hardware we use.

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