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Developers posts on forum

In this section you'll find posts from the official developers forum. The base is updated every hour and stored on a server wot-news.com. If you encounter any bugs, have suggestions or comments, write to info@wot-news.com

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Buy Gold for Special Price and Get The Unique Tank for Free!
24.03.2011 14:58:39
Subject: News from the Front\Discussion of News Articles\Buy Gold for Special Price and Get The Unique Tank for Free!
Link on message: #442514

View PostTerrorsatan, on 24 March 2011 - 02:54 PM, said: I would like to know if theres still a CBT-Present or is it just those three tanks?
im feelin the IV/V is quite weak isnt it?
deciding between heavy and light or heavy+light

Overlord: There will be another gift tank. US medium.

Buy Gold for Special Price and Get The Unique Tank for Free!
24.03.2011 14:42:51
Subject: News from the Front\Discussion of News Articles\Buy Gold for Special Price and Get The Unique Tank for Free!
Link on message: #442465

View PostZorinWarfield, on 24 March 2011 - 02:38 PM, said: So can we assume that a regular 2500 gold for a month of premium will come in at around 8,50€ when the game goes live?

Overlord: The value will be roughly the same you mentioned above. But there will be pre-defined gold packages with different amount of gold each.

Buy Gold for Special Price and Get The Unique Tank for Free!
24.03.2011 14:39:51
Subject: News from the Front\Discussion of News Articles\Buy Gold for Special Price and Get The Unique Tank for Free!
Link on message: #442453

View PostNikola_Bathory, on 24 March 2011 - 02:33 PM, said: * There are no restrictions on the number of packages a player would like to purchase. Any player can buy several packages, but in case of purchasing two identical packages you will get only 1 unique tank, 2 slots and double amount of gold.
But if I buy 2x of the same package and use them on 2 different accounts, then both account will get the unique tank, I hope. Right?

Overlord: Right. You can use it as a present too.

6.3.9 Special Patch
24.03.2011 14:28:17
Subject: Game Discussion\Gameplay Discussion\6.3.9 Special Patch
Link on message: #442405

Vallter: Only few cases of so called 'Memory Leak' were fixed. More significant improvements will be implemented in the next patch

Buy Gold for Special Price and Get The Unique Tank for Free!
24.03.2011 14:26:30
Subject: News from the Front\Discussion of News Articles\Buy Gold for Special Price and Get The Unique Tank for Free!
Link on message: #442398

View Postian666, on 24 March 2011 - 02:22 PM, said: Why euro and usa prices are not even equal? I remember overlord said that they will be same.
For example large pre order costs 75 eur, its equivalent of around 106 usd, but usa pre order cost only 90 usd
People in usa pays 3,7 usd for one gallon of gasoline, in europe they would spend over 6,6 usd. People in eu got less money and for us this pre orders are twice as expensive.

Overlord: They are equal, barring the fact EU prices include atleast 15% VAT, US prices don't.

rewards & resuppley / repairs
24.03.2011 14:08:11
Subject: Game Discussion\Gameplay Discussion\rewards & resuppley / repairs
Link on message: #442343

Vallter: The game concept supposes that players have to play on mid-level tanks to earn credits for playing on the high Tier tanks. This is made due to need of the game balance and such systems is implemented in most MMO games.

Balance issues
24.03.2011 13:24:45
Subject: Game Discussion\Gameplay Discussion\Balance issues
Link on message: #442275

Vallter: As I have already mentioned we are planning to remake a balance value for all Medium Tanks and fix with this some matchmaking issues.

What would you choose after release?
24.03.2011 13:21:49
Subject: Game Discussion\Gameplay Discussion\What would you choose after release?
Link on message: #442271

Vallter: After the game release I will play on the American Medium tanks, German and American SPG's and German Tank Destroyers. And also American TD's.

Ability to deselect at least 2 maps
24.03.2011 13:15:47
Subject: Game Discussion\Gameplay Discussion\Ability to deselect at least 2 maps
Link on message: #442262

View PostDraig, on 23 March 2011 - 02:36 PM, said: Thanks for the reply, can you do something to make the varierty of maps coming up more...varied?
Seems to me it is the same few maps all the time. Going on Campinovka 4 times in a row gets annoying very quickly.

Vallter: Some maps have higher priority for the system than others. That is why players can play on some certain maps more than on other. But with increasing the map quantity the issue of playing on the one map for 3-5 times on end won't happen. Also we are working on both match- and mapmaking systems and try to improve them from patch to patch.

Module damage last days
24.03.2011 13:00:44
Subject: Game Discussion\Gameplay Discussion\Module damage last days
Link on message: #442238

Quote I severely disagree with this design choice, considering something like a Sherman/T-34 should not be able to penetrate a Tiger whatsoever yet they can.. why? Oh yeah, game balance.

Vallter: They can penetrate it, because all tanks have their weak spots, and it is not difficult to deal damage to the tank hitting them.

Quote Dont You think that to often module damage is another game breaker ?

Vallter: I agree,that it can spoil the game,but there is no issue with Tiger module breaking.

Training crew to 100% for gold...what?
24.03.2011 12:54:04
Subject: Game Discussion\Gameplay Discussion\Training crew to 100% for gold...what?
Link on message: #442232

Vallter: The crew training works as it was planned and it won't be changed. As was mentioned, you are paying for a course in an academy. Such facilities always have fixed price for their services. That is the system implemented in our game. You are paying for a certain amount of practices, which quantity and content you are not able to change.

Team Hampering?
24.03.2011 12:25:45
Subject: Game Discussion\Gameplay Discussion\Team Hampering?
Link on message: #442193

Quote 1. I would pay the repair cost, no problem, but gain 10 minutes. Or rather NOT lose 10 minutes in a match I loathe.
Also: when in a platoon consisting of 3x tier 6 tanks, we found ourselves the ONLY tier 6 tanks in a match featuring tiers 7-10 tanks. Note: no arty involved in our platoon (we were 2x med tanks and 1x TD). We were all dead in minutes with no benefit to our team. Not really helping your argument. Screenshot available to skeptics.

Vallter: In my post I mentioned platoons like a 'medicine' for you, if you don't like teams with players exiting battles at the start. And then I said, that we are working on the matchmaking systems. But with appearance of my post I tried to indicate, that this two statements are not connected.
Also if you play in a platoon, you are considered by matchmaking system a stronger team, than single tanks. Due to this the balance you mentioned for your platoon is possible, but should not be usual.

Team killers
24.03.2011 12:01:32
Subject: Archives\Beta\Questions\Team killers
Link on message: #442162

View Postian666, on 23 March 2011 - 05:20 PM, said: Best way to deal with TK is to make them auto banned for one day if they kill more than 3 team mate tanks in last 24 hour. If TK kills 3 team mates again then he would receive 3 day ban, then a 7 day one. Oe month without punishment would reset ban count.
Yes someone say that he play arty and tk something happening. Well i like to play arty too and after maybe 200 battles mostly in Su-26 i killed team mate only one time.

Vallter: We are currently working on improving the existing system

Elite status
24.03.2011 11:55:38
Subject: Archives\Beta\Suggestions\Elite status
Link on message: #442153

View Postplizzken_dk, on 24 March 2011 - 11:29 AM, said: Could you please elaborate on how your "current conception" and "plan" counters this suggestion?

Vallter: The current system is that to make a tank Elite, you have to research all it's upgrades and the next tank. It allows you not only to accelerate the crew training, but to convert experience to free one as well. For the current researching and Tech Tree hierarchy it is unacceptable to get this options, for example, on Hummel SPG without researching GW-Panther. And remaking of the whole system for adding such option is not rational, taking into account the amount of tasks with a higher priority we currently have. But, as I mentioned, we will remember this suggestion and possibly add suggested feature later.

Suggestion: Stop the clock
24.03.2011 11:40:21
Subject: Archives\Beta\Suggestions\Suggestion: Stop the clock
Link on message: #442130

Vallter: You have an interesting point of view on this situation and your suggestion is circumspect. But we try to make the game active and aggressive, with fast and entertaining battles. Due to this the timer is implemented and it's current version maximally corresponds to the mentioned and other game needs. The system you proposed is good too, but it is not the system our game designers intend to make. Suggested changes won't be done.

My suggestion for WOT ( with video )
24.03.2011 11:27:46
Subject: Archives\Beta\Suggestions\My suggestion for WOT ( with video )
Link on message: #442113

Vallter: We came to the same conclusion in points 2 and 3, and we are currently working on the physical engine. The first part of it will be implemented in the v 0.6.4. patch. As for killing tanks through buildings with AP shells... This will be passed to our game designers for discussion.

2nd turret for GW Panther
24.03.2011 11:19:28
Subject: Archives\Beta\Suggestions\2nd turret for GW Panther
Link on message: #442107

Vallter: We have carefully read your suggestion and also reviewed our historical materials. You have done a great work, but we are satisfied with current characteristics of the GW-Panther artillery, as well as with it's balance in the SPG tank type. Possible review could be done only after adding Tier 8 artillery.

Elite status
24.03.2011 11:01:31
Subject: Archives\Beta\Suggestions\Elite status
Link on message: #442098

View PostGorDoink, on 14 March 2011 - 11:33 AM, said: I would like to suggest that tanks become elite when all the research has been done for that tank, rather than the current situation where the next tank also has to be researched. For example, if you have no intention of buying the next tank it seems to me that you're penalised by having do do unnecessary research instead of investing that experience in the crew training. This situation is particularly bad in the Russian trees where there are a number of links between and tanks and artillery or tanks and tank destroyer.

Vallter: Your idea is quite interesting and has it's good parts. But we won't implement this in the game, because it's contrary to the current conception of our game and the plan of the game development. But we will remember your suggestion.

3 Suggestions
24.03.2011 10:51:30
Subject: Archives\Beta\Suggestions\3 Suggestions
Link on message: #442093

Vallter: 1)We will take into account your suggestion, when the personalization tools will be discussed.
2)Currently the are no plans to change the number of participants depending on a map landscape. But such things possibly will be implemented in new battle mods.
3)We will add auction feature in the game, where players will be able to buy even the whole tank for a fair price of another player.

24.03.2011 08:41:11
Subject: International Forums\Baltic Forums\Latviešu\Tehnika\PSRS tehnika\KV-3
Link on message: #442008

View PostbReeTz, on 23 March 2011 - 11:20 PM, said: Esmu ticis līdz KV-3, vēl tikai "nedaudz" kredīti jāsakrāj un jānopērk tas briesmonis. Jautājums- kā labāk attīstīties ar KV-3- pa taisno bliezt caur motoru uz IS vai vispirms attīstīt torni un ieročus?

OldFox: Iesaku darit visu pakapeniski. Jo 122 mm strobs - galvenais KV-3 trumpis, un vins ari bus derigs nakamajam tankam - IS. Un saja lvl lieki 15-20 K pieredzes ir sikums. Piem. paskaties VK 3001(P) - vot tur patiesam gruta izvele: vai sakrat 40K pieredzes ar "stoku" (IMHO, sliktaka komplektacija spele!!!), vai attistit visus modulus (tad tanks klust par loti simpatisku masinu), kas maksa aptuveni tie pasi 40 k.

EU Questions & Answers
23.03.2011 22:52:25
Subject: Game Discussion\Gameplay Discussion\EU Questions & Answers
Link on message: #441785

View PostAllitair, on 23 March 2011 - 10:27 PM, said: Ok i understand all of the "not planned currently" so i ask... Why is there no plans to give the Germans a bit of a boost, this isnt a flame i just don;t understand why if there is so many people moaning, trolling and flaming it hasn't been looked into?
Fair enough if you have been but statistics cant recreate how the tank handles and how people feel who drive it. Especially for those who have both as their opinion is more gratified.
And just out of curiosity how many people are actually working on this project game?
i mean developer wise not customer services or support etc.

Overlord: If you look through "Improving German Vehicles" topic, you will see that's not true actually. Moreover the list from the OP is far from being full. We have some other curious ideas that are currently under consideration. Most of them will make it to the future patches.
All current balance discrepancies are wll-known and will be seen to in due time.
About 100 people.

View PostRaketensegler, on 23 March 2011 - 08:49 PM, said: What do you plan then to increase German gunpower of Tier 5 and 6? German tanks have nothing comparable to the ZiS-6 and D10T (the 7,5 l/70 and 8,8 l/56 are 30-40mm short in terms of penetration and have much less damage). This is the case for tanks as well as TDs.
As of now no increase of penetration for the 8,8 l/56 was planned which is desperately needed.
Overlord, wouldn't you agree that the 7,5/l100 could close this gap nicely from a mechanic wise point of view as well as thematically?
Since pre order is starting tomorrow I want to know what buffs are actually planned for German tanks and the above mentioned examples of completely superior guns warrant some comment.
What (exactly) is planned for the 12,8/l55?

Overlord: Most likely 12.8 cm will see simultaneous damage/accuracy increase and RoF decrease.

View PostLito, on 23 March 2011 - 11:47 PM, said: Are there any updates for the german TD line, camo wise?
Will it be fixed in the next patch?

Overlord: Camo values are being reconsidered currently. Most likely they will make it to v.0.6.4.

View Postwaylander1, on 24 March 2011 - 09:41 AM, said: Are there any plans to link the help key in battle to the mini map so it shows what area they are in when they call for help as it stands now when they shout for help its guesswork to know where they are.
Also any plans to bring in an indicator for arty to show when they are reloading, this would help other players see their status and not keep calling out for arty to fire given their slow reload times.

Overlord: 1. This will be added either in v.0.6.4 or v.0.7.
2. Doubt, we will add it.

View PostKazomir, on 24 March 2011 - 12:05 PM, said: Additional grousers are underused lately, do you plan any changes on them?
And, more important question:
As of now i thing almolst noone will buy gold, because clan wars will generate, and gold trade will be aviable aswell, and the game economy will be full with gold, do you plan on implementing more gold sinks, because if not, the income will be low and i fear this game can turn into annother Battlefield heroes :(?

Overlord: 1. No.
2. Will work hard and hope for the best. :)

View Postarkhell, on 24 March 2011 - 12:35 PM, said: thought trading was only allowed between clanmates. or did i miss something somewere

Overlord: At first stage gold transfers will be available only within the clan. later they will be expanded to include all players regardless of clan membership.

View PostHaineko, on 24 March 2011 - 02:27 PM, said: What is the "Advantage" mentioned for the CBT players in the Pre-Order news?
Haineko :Smile-izmena:

Overlord: A gift tank, I believe.

View PostTisBACK, on 24 March 2011 - 05:39 PM, said: I have a question about the pre-order tank Panzer V/IV.
On pre-order page stands "Turret armor 120-30-30" but on Tankopedia (EU WoT-Homepage) "80-30-30, which specification is the truth?

Overlord: It's 80-30-30. The banner is not correct which is obviously our fault.

View PostGorzki, on 24 March 2011 - 02:02 PM, said: 1. Are you planning to add some new functionalities to the tank list in garage? Primary/Reserve worked well for me up to 10 tanks but was definitely not enough with 20 of them and I planned for much more after the release.
Any chance for:
2. Sorting by tier/showing only specific tier
3. more sorting (like for example number of battles played)
4. More groups (instead of primary/reserve groups 1-9 for example)
5. Possibility to move tanks on the list so they will be in direction I liked
6. Are you planning to add possibility to sort tanks in statistics window (both in game and in page) by tier/name/type so if I want to check someones top tanks I don't has to go through the whole list in case he has sth newly bought?

Overlord: Advanced and customized sorting in garage is planned to be added.
The possibility to sort tanks in statistics window is unlikely to be introduced.

View PostLito, on 24 March 2011 - 06:01 PM, said: Another question.
Will there be any new music added for Wot? Well in the nearest months or so...

Overlord: Yes, we are going to update our soundtrack.

View PostKazomir, on 24 March 2011 - 07:40 PM, said: Do you realize that the PzIV is unbalanced in terms of armor/health/gun to the KV (especially to the KV and its gun from hell that does 300 dmg) and T1 hvy?
And will you buff it? Its counterparts are WAY better.

Overlord: The direct counterparts of Pz. IV are T-34 and M4 Sherman, not T1 and KV, though it may be adjusted in the upcoming patch.

Panzer General
23.03.2011 16:44:38
Subject: Off-Topic Discussion\Off-Topic\Panzer General
Link on message: #441336

LiannaSilverwind: I greatly enjoyed Panzer, Allied, Pacific general series, although Panzer General II did not impress me much. People's General was fun for me as well.
Panzer General revival is great and its WW1 campaigns are nice too.
If you'd like to experience real operational East front Turn-based game, try Gary Grigsby's War in Russia: http://www.matrixgam.../downloads.asp. Screens can be seen here: http://www.matrixgam...screenshots.asp
I still play from time to time and enjoy it greatly.

My suggestion for WOT ( with video )
23.03.2011 16:41:34
Subject: Archives\Beta\Suggestions\My suggestion for WOT ( with video )
Link on message: #441330

View Postfeersum, on 23 March 2011 - 04:09 PM, said: Would be great. Or at least bits and parts flying off the tank as it takes damage. I wonder if the engine could support this...

LiannaSilverwind: From what I've read on Russian Dev Q & A forum, they already do something with turrets flying off. Would be great!

Official Hard/Soft Wipe Discussion Thread
23.03.2011 15:49:01
Subject: Archives\Beta\Official Hard/Soft Wipe Discussion Thread
Link on message: #441246

View Postian666, on 23 March 2011 - 03:47 PM, said: I heard that hardwipe will be before 12th april, the release data. Its true?

LiannaSilverwind: No, there is no official data on that. Beta will end, hardwipe will happen, release will start immediately after. :Smile_honoring:

7 Months and ...
23.03.2011 15:47:26
Subject: Archives\Beta\Impressions\7 Months and ...
Link on message: #441240

LiannaSilverwind: Thank you for detailed and well-described Impression! :Smile_honoring:

My suggestion for WOT ( with video )
23.03.2011 15:46:28
Subject: Archives\Beta\Suggestions\My suggestion for WOT ( with video )
Link on message: #441238

LiannaSilverwind: Thank you for detailed suggestion.
First versions of tank-pushing is closing in! :Smile_honoring:

A typo on the webpage
23.03.2011 15:44:34
Subject: Archives\Beta\Suggestions\A typo on the webpage
Link on message: #441232

View Postnandeee94, on 23 March 2011 - 01:32 PM, said: On the website i was watching the Maus and the text sais My link:
Excellent second-line support tank. Extremely precise 10.5 cm cannon is able to hit enemy's critical spots at 200 m. Good speed allows it to get at most needed place in time.
But it's cannon is 12.8 mm.

LiannaSilverwind: Thank you very much for help! Working on fixing that. :Smile_honoring:

Side Project / Other Translation
23.03.2011 14:22:10
Bright Life of a Light Tank
23.03.2011 13:56:33
Subject: Contests & Competitions\Contests\Bright Life of a Light Tank
Link on message: #441080

Cheeka: “Bright Life of a Light Tank”. This is a new video contest that starts today within World Of Tanks.
Important conditions when creating a video:
- One player can present only one video,
- the video should be shot during a standard battle,
- the length of the video should be not more than three but not less than one minute/ length for videos extended to 5 mins / mediahead
- a light tank should be in the same platoon with the vehicles of a higher tier,
- the video (or its link) should be posted in the forum in a special topic for contests;
- the video shouldn’t violate moral, ethical and legal norms and the rules established in the game;
- the video should be accompanied by a motto of the life of a light tank;
- in the end of the video the post-battle statistics of the battle should be presented;
- in the video the tank should live its life throughout the whole battle - from the very beginning till the very end (it’s enough to capture the last seconds before the beginning of the battle);
- the video shouldn’t be cut into episodes.
Detailed conditions of the contest:
- HQ-quality of the video is not essential, however poor quality is not welcomed.
- Pasting episodes from movies is prohibited.
- It is not allowed to use photos, pictures of famous historic (and not only) characters.
- It is allowed to dub videos using one music composition or combinations of different ones. It is essential that everything is politically correct and doesn’t violate any rules or norms;
- the video should be animated and active.
All contest videos are to be posted here
Read full text

Bonus for last week of beta
23.03.2011 13:55:32
Subject: Game Discussion\Gameplay Discussion\Bonus for last week of beta
Link on message: #441078

View Postfeersum, on 23 March 2011 - 01:47 PM, said: You mean events other than the Ural Steel championship?

Vallter: Yes, there is at least one already scheduled, but not yet announced.

Camouflage and other painting jobs
23.03.2011 13:50:00
Subject: Game Discussion\Gameplay Discussion\Camouflage and other painting jobs
Link on message: #441073

Vallter: The camouflage painting is currently 'under construction', as well as some other personalization features. Also some pre-moderated customizations will be implemented in the game. But we cannot give the exact date, when this will be done.

Bonus for last week of beta
23.03.2011 13:45:01
Subject: Game Discussion\Gameplay Discussion\Bonus for last week of beta
Link on message: #441066

Vallter: There are few possibilities, that such boosts for the last week of the Beta Test will be implemented, but we are planning some events.

Ability to deselect at least 2 maps
23.03.2011 13:39:54
Subject: Game Discussion\Gameplay Discussion\Ability to deselect at least 2 maps
Link on message: #441058

Vallter: There are no plans to make any map filters.

Maintenance works, March 23
23.03.2011 13:21:55
Subject: Important Information\Server Status\Maintenance works, March 23
Link on message: #441023

Vallter: Maintenance is over. The server is up and running.

My impressions...
23.03.2011 13:19:27
Subject: Game Discussion\Newcomers' Forum\My impressions...
Link on message: #441019

Quote - Waiting. I typically spend more time waiting than playing. Either I play agressively, die and spectate, or I wait in ambush, die anyway, and spectate the rest of the time.

Vallter: User's have already answered on this.

Quote If you do not like watching battles you can always develop another branch of tanks. Then quit out of the battle you died in, and fight with a second tank.

Vallter: That is right, that only a premium user can make a platoon or a tank company. But you are free to join the existing platoon\tank company and cooperate using voice chat there.

Quote Locking away one of the games key features for non-premiun users. Namely, the social part. Not being able to use voice chat very badly undermines the ingame communication, I have yet to see a single properly coordinated battle, or even hear a single user speak.

Vallter: Please, play some battles in the tank company and then post your new impressions.

Quote - The effect from the above, especaily the later two, is that the strategy element of the game is very limited. Especialy team strategy. Without it it doesnt make much of a game for me.

Vallter: We are working on improving the current matchmaking system. Also you can try to hit the weak spots of enemy tanks. And there are different strategies for different tank types. Killing enemy is not the only goal of battle. Scouting can give benefits too.

Quote - Balancing anyone? Is this a feature yet to be implemented? Not even a rock-paper-scissors system, instead a rock-boulder-mountain system. My medium tank spends its better battles making some much bigger tank wonder whats making that 'ding' noise all the time*. Its worse battles is where it finds out. Bonus expierience (of which I typically see very little as the whole dying thing cuts experience in half) or not, its not entertaining.


Team killers
23.03.2011 12:45:20
Subject: Archives\Beta\Questions\Team killers
Link on message: #440988

View PostStick, on 23 March 2011 - 07:15 AM, said: Uhmmm... excuse me, but what's this section then?
The name of the punished TK-ers was always posted there. I just attributed the lack of posts in the recent time to the fact that after the open beta and the announcement of the game going live, the amount of TKs increased exponentially.

Vallter: There are two different systems in our game for finding and punishing Team Killers:
One is the Automatic System, that is described in the game rules. The Team Killers banned by this system and not reported by players are listed in the special topics in mentioned forum branch. We have not posted new lists recently, because all Team Killers banned by the system were also reported by players.
The second is the 'ticketing' system. You send a screenshot,if any, and\or a detailed description of the issue to the Support Center. Then Technical Supporter starts the above-described process.
The first system is banning players, who have violated the game rules many times. This users can't be judged by usual EULA statements and can even receive a permanent in-game suspension. And this why we can post their names on forums.

Quote One of my clan mates reported a TK-er earlier and didn't get any words from tech support.

Vallter: A ticket submitted even for the simple report can't be closed without an answer. If you haven't received it because of some technical issue, you can send a request to the Support Center with a 'problem' ticket ID included in the message and they will resend the answer.

Quote This has not been my experience, hence my question. Unfortunately, I've submitted a number of TK tickets, for myself and on behalf of ally victims, and I've never had a response that sanctions were taken/not taken. Is this something new?

Vallter: The normal response is 'We will consider possible sanctions against the player' and this means in 98% of cases, that the reported player will be punished. If not, Support Center will inform you about this in a special message and explain the reasons.

Quote What is the significance of "(chat)"?

Vallter: This is a type of suspension in the game the prohibits the use of battle chat and all garage channel. It is usually applied for any violation of rules, that regulate norms of in-game communication use.

Web Resources Translation
23.03.2011 12:36:27
Subject: Testing Grounds\Translation Issues\Translation Assignments\Web Resources Translation\Web Resources Translation
Link on message: #440973

Overlord: Hungarian.
The translation of Play project +additional lines(play_registration_18-03).

Zero damage in the tracks
23.03.2011 12:11:51
Subject: Archives\Beta\Suggestions\Zero damage in the tracks
Link on message: #440923

Vallter: The whole track damaging system will be reworked in the version 0.6.4 patch. You will be able to damage tracks if you hit the leading or the rearmost wheel of the tank. It will be much more difficult to detrack it by hitting middle part of the tank. Also, if the trajectory of the shell after hitting tracks goes to hull, damage will be dealt to the tank.

Release of v. Update on March, 23
23.03.2011 11:55:23
Subject: News from the Front\Discussion of News Articles\Release of v. Update on March, 23
Link on message: #440905

View PostMadArseInAShed, on 23 March 2011 - 11:15 AM, said: which is strange because yesterday it said 6.30 to 8.30 GMT :angry:

Overlord: That was a typo.

New skills?
23.03.2011 11:55:16
Subject: Archives\Beta\Suggestions\New skills?
Link on message: #440904

Vallter: We will add new crew skills in upcoming updates and take your suggestions into account.

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