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Damage callouts?

Дата: 06.06.2011 07:31:25
Tanitha: This is dated march. So.. should be reasonably accurate
Below is a list of the current voice in game.

Friendly vehicle knocked out!
One of our vehicles destroyed!
They destroyed one of our tanks!
That was one of ours!
We've killed a friendly!
We've destroyed one of our own vehicles!
We've hit one of our own vehicles!
Our ammunition rack was hit!
Ammo hit! We're lucky it didn't blow!
We've lost some ammo, but at least it didn’t explode.
We didn't even scratch them!
That one didn't go through!
We didn't penetrate their armor!
Not… go through.
Punched right through their armor!
We've hit them hard!
They're hit!
Another one like that should finish them!
We got 'em!
Nice shot!
Enemy is hit.
Enemy armour is damaged.
We've got them.
It bounced off!
That one ricocheted!
We've just dinged them.
The Commander is knocked out!
The Commander is hit!
We're done for!
Crew is knocked out!
Crew members are killed!
Bail out!
We've lost all of our men!
That was close!
They're right outside!
They almost got us that time!
Our Driver is dead We can barely move!
The Driver is hit! We can't go very fast!
The Driver's a goner! The controls aren't responding!
Enemy on fire!
Enemy fuel tank is hit!
We've torched him!
We lit that one up good!
Enemy destroyed!
Another one down!
Enemy vehicle eliminated!
Scratch another bad guy!
Enemy vehicle knocked out!
We finished him off!
He's gone - find us another target!
They're knocked out.
Enemy armour is destroyed.
Enemy vehicle destroyed!
Enemy detected!
Target spotted!
Enemy exposed!
There's one!
I see one of them!
The engine is damaged! We've slowed down!
We're losing power!
The engine is cutting out!
They hit the engine! We're losing speed!
We've lost half of our engine power.
The engine is smoking.
Engine stalled, we can't move!
Critical engine damage - we're stopped!
They hit the engine! We can't move!
They've taken out our engine - we're stuck!
Critical engine damage - we're stuck here.
Our engine is knocked out.
Engine fixed. Let's move on!
We've fixed the engine, but we can't go too fast!
The engine is holding together for now - don't push it!
The engine is fixed, but its not going to hold up the speed.
We've repeared the engine, but we cant go very fast.
We're on fire! Put it out!
Put out the fire!
Grab a fire extinguisher and put that out!
Smother those flames!
Fire, put it out quickly!
We're on fire!
The fire is out!
We've put out the fire!
The fire is extinguished!
We've put out the flames!
Fuel tank hit!
Our gas tank is hit!
We've been hit in the fuel tank!
Our fuel is hit! We've lost half our gas.
Our gas tanks corrupted
Main gun hit!
Main gun damaged! We've lost accuracy!
Our cannon was hit!
Our main gun is damaged. It's working but not very well.
The main gun is damaged. We cant fire accurately.
Main gun destroyed We can't shoot!
Main gun knocked out!
They've knocked out our cannon!
Our cannon is destroyed!
The main gun is destroyed.
They took out our gun.
The main gun is knocked out!
Main gun repaired but it's not going to shoot straight anymore!
The cannon is up but the sights are still off!
The main gun is working but not very well.
The main gun is up, but accuracy is off.
We've fixed the main gun, but it still not very accurate.
Ammo up!
Locked and loaded!
Ready to fire!
Loaded and ready!
Gunner is dead! We're shooting blind!
The Gunner bought the farm! Our accuracy will suffer!
Gunner's gone - somebody get on the gun!
The Loader is dead! Our rate of fire is slow!
Our Loader is gone! We can't fire as fast!
They got our Loader!
Radio hit! We can only talk locally.
Radio is hit! Radio range decreased
The radio is damaged! See if you can raise anyone!
The radio was hit. We cannot raise anyone outside this area.
The antena is damaged! We can only talk locally.
The Radioman is dead! Our radio range is reduced!
Our Radioman is hit! Radio range has dropped!
They got the radioman! Stay close to other vehicles!
Optics hit! Spotting range reduced!
The periscope is damaged! It's hard to see!
Vision devices damaged - visibility decreased!
The rangefinder is hit.
Spotting range reduced to 50 meters.
Viewfinder knocked out! We can hardly see anything!
They've hit our viewports! Can't see anything!
We can barely see through the scope, nothing pass 50 meters.
The reachfinder took ahead, we can only shoot close targets.
Optics repaired!
Viewfinder back up - visibility increased!
We've cleared the viewports! Keep your eyes open!
We,ve got the reach finder working, but it margile.
The periscope is fixed, but it still fragile.
Target acquired!
Target locked!
Ready to fire on target!
Permission to engage!
Ready to fire
I can't see them anymore!
We've lost the target!
Target has moved away!
Where did the target go?
Target lost
I don’t see the target
Our track is hit! It could break any minute!
A track is damaged!
One of our tracks was hit!
One of ours tracks is damaged.
Track hit
One of our tracks is gone! We can't move!
We've lost a track! We're immobilized!
They blew off our track! We're stuck!
We're immobilized!
We've lost a track!
Track fixed, let's roll!
Track repaired, drive on!
We fixed the track! Get going!
Track's up, lets roll!
We fixed the track, let's roll!
Turret hit, rotating speed decreased.
Turret ring hit - it's moving slowly!
They hit the turret controls!
The turret ring is damaged, we can barely turn it.
Turret jammed!
They destroyed the turret controls!
The turret is stuck!
The turret controls are busted, we cant turn it.
The turret is fixed, but it's still not turning quickly!
The turret works now, but be gentle with it!
You can turn the turret slowly now.
We've fixed the turret, but it still not turning very fast.
Try rotaining the turret slowly, it should be working now.
Vehicle destroyed!
We're done for! Get out!
Bail out! We're finished!
We've had it! Let's get out of here!
Critical hit!
We nailed them bad!
That's gotta hurt!
Looks like that one went right through!
Let's go!
Time to roll out!
Move out!
Let's get this show on the road!
We've won!
Victory is ours!
Great job, men!
Mission accomplished!
Nothing more we can do here…
Fall back, men - this mission is over…
We can't hold on
We may have lost this one, but we'll be back!

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