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World of Tanks v.0.6.4 update

Дата: 12.04.2011 16:28:16
Overlord: World of Tanks v. - v.0.6.4 expanded patch notes:
- Added new vehicles: premium heavy Lowe and KV-5, intermediate KV-13 and Pz38NA, tier 8 SPGs: Object 261, GW-E serie, T-92.
- Redesign hit-box for Maus on the basis of new "skirt" type of armor.
- Fixed hit boxes for IS-7, JagdPanther, Tiger, VK4502, Ferdinand, JagdTiger, M41.
- Fixed minor inaccuracies in hit boxes for several tanks.
- Fixed inaccuracies in visual models and textures for the majority of vehicles.
- Add new visual gun models for VK4502, Ferdinand, Tiger II.
- Rebalanced specifications for all SPGs.
- Readjusted camouflage values while movement and at rest.
- Readjusted camouflage values while firing for all guns.
- Readjusted shell velocity for all guns.
- Readjusted maximum firing range for the majority of guns.
- T-54: top engine substituted for 700 hp V-14, weight for top turret increased by 500kg.
- Fixed bug with the gun mantlet armor for Object 212
- Multiple balance adjustments for the majority of vehicles.
Battle mechanics:
- Added extra checkpoints on tank models for more accurate visibility checks.
- Readjusted visibility calculation for multiple bushes if they are within 15m range away from the vehicle.
- Engine now catches fire, if is has received certain fixed amount of damage, which is the same for all vehicles. The purpose is to reduce the ability of low-tier automatic guns to cause engine fire.
- Changed fuel tanks fire mechanics. It catches fire when it is destroyed now.
- Changed mechanics of "Fill tanks with CO2" equipment, now it increases durability of fuel tank.
- Changed firefighting mechanic: fire strength decreases with each second. The exact value differs from vehicle to vehicle and is multiplied by average crew firefighting skill. As soon as fire strength reaches zero (and the vehicle is not destroyed), the fire is put out.
- Changed effect for credits and gold first aid kits, repair kits and fire extinguishers:
Credits repair kit fixes 1 chosen damaged module until the end of battle. Gold repair kit - all currently damaged modules until the end of battle.
You can put both repair kits on the same tank together.
First aid kit works the same way.
Credits fire extinguisher extinguishes fire immediately after you manually activate it – by pressing its button in-game.
Gold fire extinguisher automatically extinguishes fire 0.5 seconds after tank catches fire and will reduce chance of catching fire by 10%.
- "Extra combat rations", "Case of cola", "Chocolate" consumables are now automatically activated at the beginning of the battle.
- "Removed speed governor" equipment now damages the engine 50% faster.
- Changed damage mechanics for tracks. You can damage tracks if you hit the leading or the rearmost wheel of the tank. It will be much more difficult to detrack it by hitting middle part of the tank.
- Reworked vehicle movement system – stucking at vertical surfaces and map borders is nearly completely eliminated. Reduced chance of getting stuck in terrain objects.
- Added first version of moving wrecks of destroyed vehicles.
- Fixed miscrashing of hit-box objects that stick out from the rear hull (rear hull of Gw-Tiger, etc).
- Fixed crash models for server open top SPGs being damaged by other tanks when contacted slightly.
- Fixed the condition of getting “Defender” medal. Now it meets the description requirements.
- Fixed the condition of getting “Reaper” achievement, which wasn’t granted when the tank was destroyed by splash wave or fire.
- Fixed the condition of getting Fadin's Medal which wasn’t granted when the tank was destroyed by splash wave or fire.
- Fixed the discrepancy between arcade and sniper reticle, when the tank is positioned on a slope.
Non-combat mechanics:
- Added the possibility of dismounting nondemountable equipment ("Rammer", "Coated Optics" and other) for 10 gold. To dismount it, click the module and choose “dismount equipment” option at the end of the dropdown list.
- Added the possibility to transfer in-game gold to another player. A special financial password is used for additional transaction control.
- Now when leveling the crew (on an elite tank with marked “Rapid crew training”) – bonus experience received for the crew is given to the least experienced crew member. The estimation is based on the general experience (not on the basis of skills percentage); if several crew members have equal values, the first one is chosen.
- Added the automated ban system for teamkillers.
- Added new maps: “Mountain Pass” and “Prairies”.
- Visually redesigned “Hills” map.
- “Komarin” map redesigned from the point of view of gameplay: the amount of bushes is reduced, buildings for cover added to the central island.
- Corrected a lot of mistakes connected with objects’ disposition, passing ability, getting stuck on most of the maps.
- Corrected borders and skyboxes’ junctions on some maps.
- For most of the maps the red line marking the edges of the map removed from those places where vehicle is unable to go through (mountains, cliffs, water etc.)
- Reworked base capture circles. Now they reflect the capture radius precisely.
- Fixed/redesigned hit boxes for a large number of small objects.
- Optimized texture sizes for some objects and buildings.
- Added some new pieces to the current track list.
- Fixed some sounds effects for objects.
- Fixed some sounds effects for shots and explosions.
Garage Interface:
- Added the information about the player’s clan to player’s information window.
- Added the possibility to block voice messages from a player both while a battle and in garage.
- Added a filter for vehicle scrolling to reflect the tanks marked as primary.
- Added an option to disable vehicle shaking when shooting/starting/stopping/being hit in a sniper mode. The shaking is enabled on default.
- Added an option to switch off the display track prints.
- Added an option to switch off smoke and mud effects.
- Added advanced voice chat settings: the choice of audio device, connection test and other.
- Fixed the bug with client’s hangup when joining platoon or tank company when voice chat ports are blocked.
- Added the adjustable volume suppression of primary sound effects when using voice chat.
- Added “Clan” section with its members to the “Contacts” window.
- Corrected and updated tips displayed when map is loading.
- Corrected the message when changing the engine with installed consumable of a different type (e.g. diesel engine and “105 octane gasoline” consumable).
- Added visual display for “talking” players: training room, platoon and tank company windows, map loading screen.
- Corrected skybox rendering in garage when it takes long to download.
- Added possibility to close consequently opened interface windows by pressing "Esc" button.
- Added “asterix” mark for icons of those vehicles which haven’t received double experience for a day.
- Reworked old and added new por-up tips for interface elements in garage.
- Fixed vehicle overlapping by the elements of a premium hangar (balcony, ladder).
- Fixed bug with credits counter updating when vehicle comes after the battle.
- Adjusted the change of equipment weight after it has been mounted on a tank in some cases.
- Fixed the display of pre-battle waiting queue if the player has reclogged in.
- Fixed the discrepancy in crew family names in additional information window.
- Fixed the “compression” of crew personal data window in some cases.
- Added the display of researched modules for unresearched vehicle.
- Added the display of the additional statistics for “Mouse Trap” achievement.
- Fixed the display of counter for “Sharpshooter” achievement.
- Fixed the display of counter for “Invincible” achievement in the general statistics.
- Changed default display for tank company and platoon channels of the chat.
- Added new sound effects for some interface elements.
- Fixed a lot of minor interface errors.
- Removed duplicated family names from the respective list.
- Added pop-up hint for nondemountable modules.
Combat interface:
- Minimap reworked in flash, as well as the rest of the interface. Added the displau of platooned players by a different colour.
- The icon of the player’s tank who has killed several allies is coloured in blue.
- Added in-battle ignore feature. Press Ctrl and RMB click on the player’s nickname to add him to ignore list.
- Added the display of additional markings above the platooned tanks.
- Added option to change markings above the tanks: “show the tank’s icon”, “show the tank’s tier”.
- Added pop-up hint with possible actions when player’s vehicle is destroyed.
- Improved the battle statistics interface (press "Tab" button in battle).
- Improved the in-game help window. (press “F1” button in battle).
- Fixed bug with random appearance of "Panzerwaffe JagdPanther 26%" line in reticle.
- Improved full-screen stretching for battle chat when typing a lot of spaces in it.
- Adjusted sticking of the voice chat button during battle with simultaneously opening the chat window.
- Fixed the use of graphics settings presets for some old graphic cards.
- Improved auto-detect feature for graphics settings.
- Fixed a lot of rendering errors, increased the efficiency of advanced dynamic shadows.
- Changed memory allocation for 64-bit operation systems, which should solve the problem of memory leak.
- Added the limitation for maximum texture quality for 32-bit configurations with 2GB or less of the address space available.
- Reworked post-effect displayed when player’s vehicle is destroyed.
- Adjusted the display of server reticle in SPG-mode, in some cases its size was displayed incorrectly.
- Adjusted the display of track wheels rotation for large distances and low graphic settings.
- Improved the dsiplay of the track prints for different types of terain the prints are different.
- Added the protection against client-side changing the colour, brightness and the time of tracer effects.
- Fixed missing engine and tracks sound effects.
- Adjusted microfreezes and FPS drops while rendering track prints.
- Fixed some cases with vehicle’s “weird” behavior (vehicle doesn’t move or moves with delays) when the ping is normal and there are no package losses.
- Saving screenshots is performed by means of a different application stream. It will fix hangups when taking screenshots.
- Fixed the display of the player’s vehicle when switching from arcade to sniper mode.
- Adjusted the effect of space “compression” when post-processing is switched on and the camera is rotating sharply.
- Changed the settings of objects’ rendering check-up.
ETA - to be announced.
Topic for discussion.

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