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beta v.0.6.3.x update

Дата: 15.01.2011 22:08:27
Overlord: beta v. - v. patch notes
- Basic UI for web-based battles (clan battles).
- Removed festive stuff from maps and hangars.
- Reworked static lightning for some maps.
- Fixed long descriprions for HE shells in service window.
- Fixed failure when pressing PTT button (rare).
- Fixed crash to desktop when using voice chat (rare).
- Fixed bug when reticle in SPG mode going beyond the map in some cases.
- Fixed incorrect display of water when using high settings for some configurations.
- Fixed incorrect display of assigned buttons in game controls.
- Fixed bug with opening game menu while loading the map.
- Fixed game "hang-up" when searching for companies.
- Removed "turret" for Object 704 from shop window.
- Cleared descriptions for some medals.
- [E] button unassigned from "fire" and "auto-aim".
- Fixed too powerful jerks when taking a hit in SPG mode.
- Reassembled audio output libraries.
- Vehicle performance characteristics:
T-54: repair costs increased by 15%, clearance increased by 15 cm, decreased armor of tracks by 5mm (now the same as for T-44), track repair time increased by 10% (now the same as for T-44).
ISU-152: repair costs increased by 8%.
Object 212: repair costs increased by 100%, decreased gun armoring.
203mm F-625D shell: price 1387 -> 1442.
203mm G-620 shell: price 1050 -> 1092.
IS-7: repair costs increased by 5%.
T-14: maximum battle tier reduced by 1.
Т30: repair costs increased by 10%.
STUG III: increased weight limit for top suspension, maximum battle tier reduced by 1.
Increased hit points for guns: 75mm_KwK_L70, 75mm_KwK45_L100, 88mm_KwK_43_L71, 105mm_KwK45_L52_ausf_B.
Maus: reloading time decreased by 0.21 sec.
Panther II:
- 7,5 см KwK42 L/70 gun: dispersion decreased by 7%.
- 7,5 cm KwK45 L/100 gun: dispersion decreased by 4%.
- increased weight limit for stock suspension (to mount top turret).
- repair costs decreased by 6%.
- 10,5 cm KwK45 L/52 Ausf. B gun: decreased dispersion during turret traverse by 14%, reloading time decreased by 0.17 sec, dispersion radius decreased by 7%.
- Maybach HL 234P50 engine: decreased chance of fire by 5%, increased hit point by 12.5%.
- Ammo rack: hit points increased by 8%.
Projected timeline: to be announced.
Current status: in open RU testing since January 15.
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