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You Ask - We Reply! Bulletin 1

Дата: 24.08.2011 15:34:47
Mad_Hatter: Below are the questions, gathered for the first bulletin of You Ask - We Reply!
After reading it, you can leave your questions in this forum topic, and yours may be selected for the next bulletin!
- When will you balance the number of arties in battle?
We do not plan SPG limitations in random battles at the moment. It’s a rare case that there are many arties on each side.
- Any ETA on when the french tanks will arrive? Also what other countries will be in the future in WoT?
The main branches of the French Tank Tree are at the final production stage. Tank Trees to be implemented into the game: French, English, Japanese and the assembly of tank-building nations: Italy, Hungary, Sweden and etc.
- Will there be an option to reset all our trees and turn our used XP into free xp at some point? I wouldnt mind paying a few thousand gold to do this! :Smile_honoring:
We do not plan that at the moment.
- I would like to see the math for calculations for miss, bounce, riko, etc. I would also like to see the math for damage calculation. There is a huge variability that is difficult to understand and I want to see the exact mechanics behind it. Thank you.
The calculations cannot be seen in the game client. There are no unique formulas for all game situations. Some information about the request can be found on the forum.
- A log of each battle recording players. who killed you, who you killed, damage and battle heroes seems like an easy thing to add. The info is sent to the client at the end of battle. Why not dump it into a txt file on the client?
The work over the extension of each player’s and team’s battle statistics is in process.
- A lot of times something is said in chat and gets missed because of spammers. Are there any plans to make the chat window larger and/or scrollable?
Yes, we plan to add this option, it will be implemented with the chat update.
- I apologize if this has already been asked, but how will the in-game camouflage skins be implemented?
More specifically, will they be overlays placed on top of the default skin?
Yes, they will overlay default skins; it won’t be mandatory, but will be active only when you purchase a camouflage skin.
- My question: Are we going to be able to check and see whether out clanmates are in battle simply via the chatbox? Currently it can be a little irritating talking to a specific clanmate in clan chat only to get them to eventually respond (sometimes) "Hey, I was in battle, what did I miss?" or something that reveals that they were not there for a large portion of the conversation you thought you were having with them.
Yes, we plan adding such a notation by analogy with the platoon chatbox.
- Any updates on larger maps (much larger) and 30v30 battles?
Active work over larger maps is in progress. 30v30 battle modes will be added concurrently with the maps implementation.
- Could we have stiffer penalties for those that rage quit during a battle or just leave to avoid giving the kill to the enemy. Double Repair Cost for Tank and Full Ammo resupply charges.
Yes, stiffer penalties will be introduced; the range of penalties is being considerated.
- If the physics do come in will we take some fall damage from heights like in other shooter games?
Yes, the tank will be damaged.
- If my tank is parked in the woods and there are several trees between myself and the enemy am I getting a cammo bonus? Or do I have to be parked in a bush (physically touching it)?
A cammo bonus is given only for parking in a bush.
- Not sure if this was brought up: Would it be possible to add a chat channel for PUGs. It would make it easier to find some random dude for a platoon.
Yes, it will be possible, we are working over that.
- Has there been any thought to puting in a "platoon" chat feature? (perhaps hitting Shift+Enter so that the chat message only goes to members of your platoon)
We do not plan it at the moment.
- Will crew damage mechanics be changed at some point? I am not aware of crew currently taking damage from ramming, which I suppose is ok, but it seems that tanks falling off of ridges (such as with the new physics) should result in injured crews.
No, the crew won’t be injured in this case.
-Tell us about camouflage.
Two types of camouflage will be implemented:
-Adaptive – adapts automatically to each map (winter, the desert, a town);
-Permanent – acts like a skin. Does not give bonuses.
The adaptive camouflage will reduce visual noticeability of a tank on any map, while the permanent one will not provide such an option.
- Will the new modes be available for super platoons only or for everybody?
The new modes will be available for everybody.
- Dear devs, do you plan implementing the option of total destruction of all stuff that is placed on the map?
No, we do not plan creating maps with totally destructive environment.
- What about the new physics?
We will need to adapt most part of maps to new physics. It will affect the gameplay. That is why we will test the new physics accurately for a longer time.
- Will it be possible to create an ‘official’ guild/alliance of clans (for example, clan1, clan2, clan3), which will share gold and will not fight for territories owned by one of the clans?
Yes, we plan adding alliances.
- Will you implement interactive minimaps? I mean, will it be possible to zoom it while in battle, or to give signals, other than that we have now (to all or to platoon). Will it be possible to change the colour schemes while in battle/ the ‘teammate-enemy’ setting, to change ‘transparency/light intensity‘setting of any details on the minimap?
We do not plan it at the moment.
- Will we see new light tanks (including Christie-tanks), which will gain the maximum speed over 80 km per hour and even more? I guess, many would wish the light tanks, used mainly for scouting, to be effective in high-level battles and in clan wars because of their speed and maneuverability, which will make it difficult to hit them.
They will gain the speed of their real prototypes, the historical tanks models.
- Will you implement financial history for clans (treasury, gold transaction and etc.)?
Yes, this function will be implemented.
-Will you make vehicles level limitations for capturing separate provinces?
No, we won't.
-Why there’s no ‘boost’ consumable for E-series?
There’s no ‘boost’ consumable for E-series as it resulted in being excessive for some vehicles (Е50) and evidently poor for others (Е100).
- How often will the You Ask – We Reply! bulletin be updated?
Once in two weeks.
-Will I see Katy Perry in 2-3 days?
As soon as on sight.
And now feel free to ask your own question here! :Smile_honoring:
Please, bear in mind that questions for the next bulletin will be selected only from the forum thread.

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