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EU Questions & Answers

Дата: 30.05.2011 10:33:58
View Posttabal5000, on 30 May 2011 - 08:19 AM, said: In the new improved tech trees,we can see a link between M4A3E8 and the new tank destroyer line,M36.
So I was wondering,will this link be present at the launch of the US TD's ,so I can speed up the time needed for me to get T95?

Overlord: Yes, the link should be added in 6.5.

View PostSzalona, on 30 May 2011 - 08:51 AM, said: It was said that American equivalent of "the true premium tank" (like Lowe, KW-5) will be the changed T34 (if I'm not mistaken). Is it going to be sold in the shop like the T8 premiums except M6, and is it going to earn as good as Lowe/KW-5, or it will be "second class premium tank" like M6?
Edit. I was not mistaken: http://forum.worldof...467#entry575467

Overlord: T34 is going to be purchasable in store.
It should enjoy the same income/costs.

View PostMStinos, on 30 May 2011 - 09:06 AM, said: Hey Overlord.
Can it be that credit earn rate for T34 is normalized? Or am i just playing a lot better.
Instead of -25k, i earn an average of 10k per round. I'm very happy!
And maybe it's just me, but yeah it sucks that tracers are gone, but I prefer removed tracers over cheaters any day!
Good job on that Devs.

Overlord: There were no changes apart from those mentioned in the patch notes.
It sucks, but we were forced to do that.

View PostKampfpanzer, on 30 May 2011 - 09:46 AM, said: Gold exchange amongst players was announced for 0.6.4
1) will it be possible to freely choose to which player you transfer your gold or is it limited to clan-members only?
2) is there any ETA when the interface for that feature will be unlocked?
Thanks in advance

Overlord: 1. We are planning to make gold transfers available for all players. Improving the security of the service at present.
2. Can't give any ETA.

View Postmmipko, on 30 May 2011 - 09:50 AM, said: dear Overlord,
How do you plan to compensate to the premium users who have paid one product and all the sudden got broken one ?
I would also like to know what is behind this Moderating policy - moderating policy is outrageous ! There is huge chance that some moderator will find this post offensive and give me the ban.
Personally I don't care if I get ban although I have spent a LOT of money - you can certainly check amount. The reason why I do not care any more is because I have requested my account termination due lack of user support, the way you handle user complains and ABOVE all because of Moderators.
Treating customers like this is below any acceptable limit.
There is no way I will spend a single euro any more on WOT, or any other Wargaming product ever. I can bet that you do not give a damn about this and that's exactly the attitude that repelled me from this product.
EDIT: my ingame nick is mipko - so you can check what type customer is signing off.

Overlord: Premium account brings 50% more credits, allows to create platoons and companies. These features are working fine, the servers are stable.
There is nothing to compensate.

View PostZoijar, on 30 May 2011 - 09:54 AM, said: Did you have new evidence that sudden, massive cheating occurred as compared to the months before that? What people mean is that the hack has been around for some 8 months, and the sudden radical decision to turn tracers off seems arbitrary. Most people would prefer to have tracers on and live with the massive amount of cheaters for a while until you fix it. Why didn't you just silently implement some memory crc check in a stealth update and ban everyone cheating? Maybe next time :)

Overlord: The issue escalated to a such degree that it was necessary to disable this feature.

View PostDaKrieger, on 30 May 2011 - 10:11 AM, said: Credit transfers should not be implemented, because this would definitely cause "chinafarmers" to start Real Money Trading in WoT. <_<
And now a Question for you: Since I read somtime during Beta, that you guys(WG) plan to make "Tank&Crew Auctioning" possible somtime in the future. I this still in consideration/development and could you give a rough ETA about that? Like 2-5 months or longer.
Found nothing about it in this thread and only old stuff in the other posts on this forum so plz don't ban me :)

Overlord: Auctions/trading have been frozen, might be even cancelled.

View PostSquadman45, on 30 May 2011 - 11:02 AM, said: A question about changes on trees.
I am closer to the T34 and want know a clarification on this
"Players who have a T34 in their garage at the time of the revision will have it replaced with a M103 with the respective module setup and a 100% crew."
Respective module setup... what do you want say with this??? if i research on T34 tracks and 2nd turret i have both on M103??? their equivalent, and if i win xp on T34 i have it on M103 after the change???

Overlord: Yes, correct. Researched top turret for T34 will give you researched top turret for M103. Experience will be transferred to M103.

View PostRock_Spider, on 30 May 2011 - 11:25 AM, said: This thread is about asking questions... which is exactly what he has done. You yourself have not asked a question.
Question: The clan wars community vote is at -+ 400 people voted now. What do WG consider an adequate sample size of the population with regards to public opinion? In other words how many people have to vote before it is considered a fair representation of the communities viewpoint?
P.S I have alot of respect for the amount of patience you have Overlord. Some of the posts you guys have to put up with would drive me crazy. Keep up the good work. Stay sane.

Overlord: Don't know yet. Will be still assessing the situation. Currently we are not ready to change the existing concept.
Thank you.

View PostRock_Spider, on 30 May 2011 - 11:39 AM, said: Quick question again... What was the tracer hack? I dont play arty so I have no idea. Could someone tell me what the hack/cheat was? Im just curious.
Dunno why I never heard of it...

Overlord: I think you can just google it, you will find plently of images featuring "Star Wars mod" for World of Tanks.

View PostSzalona, on 30 May 2011 - 10:13 AM, said: Is it possible, that you will reschedule restarts on EU/RU servers, so they will not happened the same time? Last Sunday I was trying to play EU, but it was switched off. So I went to RU to my old account, but after like 2 games I think it went down too. So no WoT at all. Maybe switch it one day EU, next one RU etc.?
And btw. - any problems with EU server restart last Sunday? It was down longer then RU (RU and EU went up together, however EU wend down some time before RU) :)
Edit. Yes, I'm addicted... at least my wife was happy that I checked her Frontier Vile lol :)

Overlord: 1. Actually there is a 30 mins gap between the two. :) EU restarts at 5:00 UTC, RU - at 5:30 UTC.
2. A minor hardware issue, had to exclude one of the servers and reconfigure the cluster.

View Postmeuhbat, on 29 May 2011 - 10:12 PM, said: Hello,
Does the gun depression depends on the gun used with the same turret ?
I've just equiped the 128mm on my VK45, and I feel that the gun depression is worse than with the 105mm, the 105 model went through the glacis when aiming at the lowest, but the 128 has a good margin before being in contact, and when playing it seems I can't aim as low as before.
Or maybe it's just me, tired after grinding 50k xp.

Overlord: No, it doesn't.

View PostBaldfish, on 30 May 2011 - 12:04 PM, said: If we all stopped paying for premium would you still release patches and new content?

Overlord: If we started handing out premium for free, would we still release patches and new content?

View PostBaldfish, on 30 May 2011 - 12:23 PM, said: Sorry i thought this was Questions and Answers. Not Questions and more Questions.
But if you did hand out premium for free would you still release patches and new content?
Its exactly the same question. you just rephrased it and asked it back to me. Thought you were a QA specialist not the Riddler :P

Overlord: Your signature speaks for yourself, the bottom line question was answered a few posts above. The previous question is rhetorical it doesn't require any reply.

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