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EU Questions & Answers

Дата: 06.05.2011 11:35:21
View PostFimp3n, on 03 May 2011 - 03:36 PM, said: Since this is a Q&A thread I'll post this in the form of a question.
Overlord, can you please confirm that you won't in any way touch the excellent map Malinovka with it's many opportunities for tactical play and nice layout?
Can you also confirm that you understand that it's seldom the comfortable majority that complains about things?
It's ok if you don't want to answer this.

Overlord: Old maps will be either replaced or reworked in due time.

View Postqrak01, on 03 May 2011 - 03:41 PM, said: Hello!
I heard rumors that probably we will get M103/T110 amongst with US TD line in June/July. Is this possible? If not, any ETA on these two beauties? :)

Overlord: It is not true. Only Patton will be added together with US TDs.

View PostPaaranoja, on 03 May 2011 - 04:08 PM, said: MAlinovka is just fine, its not a camping map if you dont camp....
back OT
#1 it has been said that TX IS4 will get an improved 122mm gun, will that gun be similar to 120mm gun on t34 (maybe a bit better)
#2 again on is4. as it will be moved to tier X, will it get more HP (it should), if yes, will it be more/same/less than IS7?

Overlord: Can't say anything on the exact module setups for now.

View PostVirtus, on 03 May 2011 - 03:59 PM, said: 1. Any chance for some new battle type with limits in tank types? For example 2 artys per team, 4 tds ...
2. PzI and PzI C tanks, question is when we will have them, they are dead end with just two tanks.
3. I have a pz38 with hetzer reaserched, in new patch pz38 will lose link to hetzer, pz38na will get it. What will happen with exp I've spend on that link, will I lose it or get it back.

Overlord: 1. Such battle mode is not planned.
2. Not soon, I'm afraid. Top tier tanks from revised trees have higher priority.
3. If you have managed to unlock Hetzer before the update is out, it will remain unlocked. Otherwise your experience will remain on Pz 38. Not much of a grind really, ~6k exp.

View Posttabal5000, on 03 May 2011 - 05:18 PM, said: Maybe this was already asked but I'll take a shot anyway
As some people are getting bored of the same matches every time I'll ask
1. Any new news on the new game modes and most importantly,can we expect at least one new mode in the Summer,to spice things up a notch?

Overlord: We (developers) will definitely have two new modes in Summer. Then we'll test them, then supertesters will test them, then we'll see.

View PostMecha_Lenin, on 03 May 2011 - 07:48 PM, said: I just stumbled upon this old thread
Why camo values on pretty much all soviet tanks are so high? In some cases several times higher than their german counterparts. How is this balanced?

Overlord: Invisibility of all vehicles is revised in 6.4.

View PostMecha_Lenin, on 03 May 2011 - 07:48 PM, said: I just stumbled upon this old thread
Why camo values on pretty much all soviet tanks are so high? In some cases several times higher than their german counterparts. How is this balanced?

Overlord: Camo values will be reconsidered in the upcoming update.

View PostFimp3n, on 03 May 2011 - 08:15 PM, said: A poll on the forums about what maps people like would be extremely unrepresentative of the community since a lot, if not the majority of players, do not read the forums.
As it is now, the two maps that need reworking are actually the ones that the devs are reworking. It's either magic, or they have a good eye to which maps work and which don't. Komarin is by far the map in most need of a fix, and I can see why Pagorki is being reworked as well. All the other maps in the game are currently balanced. Whether one likes them or not is a whole different thing. Camping is indeed a matter of players. If you're experiencing players who camp on Malinovka it's most likely inexperienced players (we've had a huge influx of those since release) who haven't figured the map out yet. I'm sorry that you have to play with those people, but I strongly suggest you try to "teach" them. For example suggest that your team leave a few big guns in base to defend against possible rushers. Position one or two to keep an eye on the marsh west of the lake so no spotters sneak up that way. Have some secure hill, and wait for some others to secure village so they can provide cover fire while those on hill descend. Don't rush blindly down. Take one position at a time. Work your way down, and then you'll be almost in their base. Of course in Standard Battle this will be hard to get to work, but every once in a while you'll end up on a team that's eager to learn, and that understand what you say. Those games will be a blast.
In the end campers on Malinovka is just as bad as "no-one going on hill" in Himmelsdorf, "Campers in the forest" at Murovanka, "Everyone going through town" at Ensk, the same at Ruinberg and so on and so forth. Every map becomes a drag when your team doesn't cooperate. After several thousand games (pre and post beta) I have to admit that the majority of games played in Standard Battle have been horrible from a tactics point of view. That's the way Standard Battles go. Not much that can be done about it I'm afraid (I might be wrong and there are some fabulous sollution to that).
Malinovka is not the problem however.
I also have a question:
Have there been any post-nerf statistics reviewed for the T29's biggest gun? It seems to be horribly inaccurate and since it's only marginally better than the 90 mm, with it's slow reload and what not I am starting to think about switching back to the 90. The 105 sure isn't worth the 40 000+ xp I had to grind together to get it in my opinion so I'm curious if you have looked at the performance post-nerf.
Also, is there a reason why the 105 for the T29 have different models depending on which turret you use? And me and other clan members have also experienced big difference in accuracy with the 105 depending on which turret you use. Is this an illusion? Care to look into it?

Overlord: 1. Planning to gather comprehensive new stats after the release of 0.6.4. Currently T29 looks not bad.
2. Top turret doesn't require a muzzle brake. It's ok.
3. There should be no such difference.

View PostKeulz, on 03 May 2011 - 11:42 PM, said: 1 - Everyone knows that mass-camping is something that is killing the fun of the game, so would it be possible to add a rule like :
A time expired draw = no gain for both teams
That would push players to create action, doesn't it ?
1bis - Don't you think that awarding (a little) HP loss would help player to get out of their bushes and play ? If not, why ?
2 - You said that US TD line won't come with the M103 & M110 (if i understood correctly), so what will happen to the T30 ? Will it be in TD line AND heavy line at the same time ?
3 - For clans, any ETA on the possibility to promote recruits to other positions ? (deputy...)
4 - Why will the T23 disapear, and not be transformed in a premium tank, like the T34 ?
5 - I know the detail on the modules of modified tanks are to be determined, but do you think the T30 will keep its 155 ? :Smile-hiding:
6 - As it is now, people aren't awarded for tracking an opponent to help others destroy him, do you think it's good as it is ? Couldn't it be changed ? :unsure:
Thank you and i look forward to your answers. :Smile_honoring:

Overlord: 1. Such penalty does seem to be too harsh. The camping issue is not that acute to be penalized for, moreover there is a fair number of "legitimate" draws. Why should they be penlized?
2. T30 will remain as heavy until T110 is added.
3. At launch of CWs.
4. We have decided there are too many very similar tanks in the US line curretly. Someone should leave.
5. Can't guarantee that but quite possible.
6. Detracking counts as critical damage and is paid in experience and credits.

View Postdrothi, on 04 May 2011 - 01:47 PM, said: Is it possible in future that the EXP gained in Platoon will be shared so that everyone get the same EXP?

Overlord: No planning to do so currently.

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