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EU Questions & Answers

Дата: 22.03.2011 16:28:50
View PostFimp3n, on 22 March 2011 - 03:47 PM, said: Follow-up question then.
The wiki states that the stats for a tank show on the right while in the garage are the actual stats based on current crew skill and modifications. This is apparently not the case which is obvious to anyone who compares the stats shown in the garage to the stats in Tankopedia. Is this one of the things that are "being worked on" or do the wiki-updaters just don't know?

Overlord: Seems that the description on wiki is not correct. It's a player driven project mostly, though we host and support it.

View PostGorzki, on 22 March 2011 - 03:34 PM, said: 1. Have you considered customising abilities of specific clan memebrs?
So instead of having 4 deputy commander with exactly the same abilities give the clan leader option to customise what exactly can each of them do (so you may for example have 1 officer with diplomat abilities, 2 normal and 1 without a treasury access).
Is it possible that that value will change for example into 10% for premium tanks or any other change in that matter? Right now it's better to use normal tank of similar tier for free exp converting purposes.
Or even better, take an high tiered SPG.
I have idee fixe to get (almost) all available tanks into my garage. I know I wont get Pz V-IV alpha :D but my question is: will there be a lot of limited versions available to buy only in some specified countries?
And will it be possible in a future to buy a tank from other player?

Overlord: 1. Nope, we haven't :).
2. This is not planned.
3. Possibly during some special events.
Auctions are planned to be introduced, but they have been frozen temporarily.

View Postarkhell, on 22 March 2011 - 06:04 PM, said: question about "forum ranks"
is there a rank above first sergeant? and if so what is it and how many post do you need (geussing commander isn't atainable by the normal people)

Overlord: First sergeant is the highest currently. 1000 posts to reach it. Just don't spam much.

View PostAllitair, on 22 March 2011 - 08:42 PM, said: which patch will we see the E series for the Germans? or at least the 50, 75 and 100. wanting that tier X :)

Overlord: Very likely they will be added in the patch that comes after v.0.7, the one with US TDs, not sure of the exact index. Should be v.0.7.3 or v.0.7.4.

View PostRAZORLIGHT, on 22 March 2011 - 09:28 PM, said: any near info for the Tiger buff/bugfixing
this thing is horrible to play its more like a very fragile TD than a heavy tank + its very expensive to run due to the high module dmg and high chance of fire!
its cheaper to leave the battle than to fight and receive insane module damage and receive a crazy repair bill (even higher than is-3...)
and if you wont change this tank this is the end for WoT + me this tank cant be fun doesnt matter how you play and a game is about fun
and another question
which advantage(s) do german tanks have?
accuracy doesnt count

Overlord: The amount of module damage will be decreased substantially. Apart from that it's a decent tank comparable to the other 2 tier 7 heavies (tho T29 still needs some adjustments).
Each tank has its own ones: Maus - armor, Leopard - speed, GW-Tiger - gun's power. Don't want to generalize.

View PostRAZORLIGHT, on 22 March 2011 - 10:30 PM, said: but why is every T5 (even some T4) tanks able to penetrate the tiger easily (with autoaim)? even a KV-3 is able to bounce alot more but only has 20mm more frontal armor + bit slope!
+ there is another big mistake ... the gun
you have to show your tank the enemies more often due to the high rof low dmg...
i think there is something wrong with the armor value etc.
most german tanks have bad armor bad guns bad mobility in comparison with russian and few american tanks
guys its a PVP game there should be equality
isnt it a sign for you that most of the players will go russian after the hardwipe? or look at the clans/leagues most of them are using russian tanks because they are more versatile.
i may asked my second question wrong
which advantage(s) do german tanks have in comparison to russian tanks?
will you ever fix the camo value of german heavies and some german mediums? not only for german tds?

Overlord: MS-1 can penetrate IS if you know where to shoot and aim accurately.
Armor is fine, once the amount of module damage is decreased Tiger's performance will see some boost.
Each tank should have its own weak and strong points that's the aim of balancing. I won't claim for the whole nation. None of the three.

View PostRAZORLIGHT, on 22 March 2011 - 11:04 PM, said: maybe i am just a dumb human but i dont get it
what is the advantage of the tiger?
armor ... no
mobility ... no
gun ... maybe
moneymaker... no
i am sorry for this discussion but it hurts to see what you did with the, in WWII feared tank
sure in this game the tiger has other enemies but even its historical enemies can easily penetrate it at any range with auto aim because the whole tank is one huge weakspot.
yes ms-1 can penetrate IS
ms-1 can even penetrate VK4501 <_<
BUT it has to be very close
whereas the enemis of the tiger can penetrate it easily with auto aim at any range

Overlord: From a player's standpoint, though I don't play hevies much, Tiger should take advantage of its accuracy, low aiming time and good sight range (perhaps mount binoculars and optics). Moreover it's quite possible to deflect shots using your good side armor and timely traverse. Requires practice. I do bounce shots in T20, so should not be too difficult in Tiger.
Each nation has its own legends and heroes (M4 Sherman, T-34), moreover public belief may not always be credible.

View PostRAZORLIGHT, on 22 March 2011 - 11:21 PM, said: sorry this could be OT because its no question,
but i have better accuracy with my russian tanks (IS vs Tiger) than with my german tanks
sure the aiming time is (a little) advantage but good sight range?
IS 400
Tiger 420
T29 430
but you forgot the camo values
IS has very good camo values
IS 30% while standing
Tiger 10% while standing
T29 10% while standing
yes i know the legendary tiger tank is fighting other enemies and is accordingly weaker but even its historical enemies are able to easily penetrate it from any distance! u see the mistake in your post?
i promise this is the last OT post in this topic because i know my humble opinion wont affect the game and thats sad because most players who played the tiger think its totally useles/underpowered in comparison

Overlord: It's pretty well-known that Tiger could cope rather easily with a bunch of T-34s or Shermans, even 4 or 5 of them. But we are developing the game not reviving the historical truth or staging some famous battles. The game has got plenty of conditionalities and damage would be the first and most important one.
Each tank requires certain skill and practice, you can't, excuse me, "own" others just because you are driving Tiger, IS-7, T32, or whatever. Learn, adjust and get fun would be my advice.

View PostCerVus, on 23 March 2011 - 04:01 PM, said: Hi,
is there any chance to give 7.5cm KwK 45 L/100gun to vk3002DB?
That tank is seriously under-gunned.

Overlord: This is not planned currently.

View PostWolfgang_Kruger, on 23 March 2011 - 04:02 PM, said: *sigh* please do not bring up another Russian tanks OP debate, i may be favoring german tanks but they got their strengths and the russian tanks are not THAT good.
can we now just stick to the topic okay, thanks.
so here are my questions.
A. will there be a feature where you can give resources and items to other clans that you are in an alliance with.
B. how will we be able to pre order, i do not have a paypal account so my mother will do the transaction and i wonder if there will be a problem with it?.
C. will clans created prewipe be stored and kept, or will we have to recreate them with gold we've purchased?.
D. for now we know that the E series will add some new gameplay and equipment, any chance they might get more in the future?.
E. will you implement an easy way to adress and report bugs and problems ingame?.
F. will the current game engine be improved or replaced by a better one, and if so when?.

Overlord: 1. Only gold as far as I remember.
2. There shouldn't be any problem I think. The details on payment methods will be published tomorrow.
3. Clans won't be wiped.
4. Depends on what you mean exactly.
5. Submit ticket to support seems to be the best option. Doubt, we will add smth else in the near future.
6. The engine will be improved. We are constantly working on it.

View Postincurably_myself, on 23 March 2011 - 06:42 PM, said: as i understood it only moving the body break camo (the HULL)
moving turret or gun is just fine
(and no i will not search for that post)

Overlord: This is correct.

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