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Sandbox 2021: Try Out Crew 2.0!

Дата: 24.02.2021 16:03:00
View PostGorzki, on 23 February 2021 - 06:40 PM, said:   That's even more bull. Come on, I just wrote specifically about that it is pointless to have different crews for the same tank and you just repeat that this is my reward for 60% of my work - another commander for the same tanks, only worse.
That's so patronizing, that it is offensive.
First of all, with current CW meta, all you need is IS-7, ST-II, Ob 277 commander and 705, IS-4, 277 commander, and you have tactical diversity covered as the only russian heavy out of tech tree really used is 277 and that's only if you don't have 279(e).
Secondly, there is no point of having 2 commanders with 3% extra proficiency and different skill setup, if I can have 1 commander with 6% extra proficiency, so leveling up the second commander for the same tank is pointless - even if I will need completely different setup 1 in 10 games, I prefer flat bonus to proficiency 10 out of 10 games.

It's not 2015 anymore, there are a lot of people who have a lot of crew and you basically flatten the top to some level.
For the game it may be advantageous, I agree.
For most dedicated players it's a kick into the bollocks, and trying to pretend it's all fair is insulting.

Seriously, why can't you take an example from World of Warships, with their Elite Crew experience and ability to max out a commander and use him further to earn free experience for other commanders? Can't you be nice to players, just once, instead of looking for a way to gauge them at every opportunity?

At least allow us to sacrifice old tankers who have more than 1 perk to get experience/crew books, even if at some loss


HeatResistantBFG:  If they are similar training then in no way worse. I have been playing around on the sandbox and with a 75 point crews and it's much stronger than a max crew currently (using a press account) but often you will make 3 areas (Firepower/mobility/concealment etc) much stronger and 1 area weaker (compared to a current crew max build) and even within an area you can often buff different aspects And not by 3% but by quite large margins. An example would be if you are going to play brawly with friends then having one build will suit better than one for brawling solo for a "slight" gain, or having hyper exact builds because you want to buff aspect X on the 277 which doesn't fit the other Russian heavies (Buffing it's mobility to an extreme maybe) for significant gain.

I'm not saying that it wouldn't be nice if there was a system to turn the spare crews into free xp/skill books or something, in fact, it is something we will be including in our feedback. So no it's not patronising, or at least wasn't meant to be, it was making the point that there are valid reasons to want multiple crews and that in my experience I have enjoyed having the extra crews as they are something to mess around with and do the things I have mentioned. And another thing is not all players, in fact, the VAST majority don't have lots of crews spare as a result of this. The aspect you are talking about will affect a small number of players who have played a lot of battles, this is why we are on these forums to gather this feedback and our intent would obviously be a solution that fits all players... This is why it's a sandbox, find the areas where it can be better, or changed or removed, tell us and we pass that on. The sandbox tests from the past that have been scrapped is proof that if players don't want something it will change. 

View PostSheolite, on 23 February 2021 - 06:41 PM, said:   Are you sure about that? I compared my tanks stats on live server and onn sandbox servver and there is visible difference in stats like gun loading, accuracy and overall DPM. How is it possible?


View PostMaki711, on 23 February 2021 - 06:43 PM, said:   I also think that he is wrong, My E5 clearly reloads slower than on live server.


View PostArdralis, on 23 February 2021 - 07:13 PM, said:   This is either not working as intended or a mistake on your part. Just tested it on the sandbox, T92 arty on live server 40.66 reload and on test server 42.45. also higher dispersion and aiming is noticable. Same skills and equipment, clear difference.  


View Postexori, on 23 February 2021 - 07:21 PM, said:
ok, explain to me how this (new system) http://prntscr.com/1050seo is better then this (old system) https://prnt.sc/104zsqc lets say that that crew coverts into 70 points, with 70 points i can have 7 full skills + free 6th sense + 1 additional perk=9 in total. in old system i had 12 skills in total. so how is 9 skills in new system better then 12 skills in old system???


View PostStahanoW, on 23 February 2021 - 07:56 PM, said: So I tried some stuff out, tried to understand what changed and stuff... yeah, I was right
You DO lost that extra percentage what the commander adds to your crew after all. My Löwe reload time was 8.99 in the live server, while on the sandbox, with almost the same configuration (BIA is Coherence basically with +1% extra) is 9.39. Accuracy is 0.3 instead of 0.29 and other aspects are worse than currently on live server.

Some of the new skills are nice addition, most of the situational stuff for me is just no bueno, Talents are almost useless, very very situational.

But the worst part is its an overall skill nerf in the end. You can't have it all, you can have 7.5 skills what you had before. If I had a 5 skilled heavy tank crew and my crew formed by 5 members (Commander, Gunner, Driver, Loader, Radio Operator), that means I had:
- Sixth Sense
- Repairs
- Recon
- Situational Awarness
- Deadeye
- Intuition
- Snapshot
- Smooth Ride
- Offroad Driving
- Clutch Breaking
- Safe Stowage

Now, in Crew 2.0 I can't have it all. This is pathetic. Not to mention I'm losing all my 0 perks what I had for lots of my crewmembers - I bought it with a tank on the premium shop / I won on an event / I received from Personal Missions. I'm just losing that, so my 5 skilled crew can converted to a mid leveled crew... which was strong on the live server.

So. No. This is an overall nerf to EVERY TANK, and overall nerf to the current crew system. You have to reach the maximum rank to gather that lost extra % what you have on the live server right now (or surpass that level), while you are losing lots of skills in the end, for worthless skills. This is the WORST change of all time in this game, even on the sandbox server.... when the first HE change iteration looks fine compared to this BS! I'm upset!

Still some changes are quite good:
- I don't need to get an extra crew member, or drop an extra crew member if the next/other tank crew layout is different
- 1 commander can trained for 3 different tanks
- No more 75% or 50% main percentage crews
- Some of the skills are good, like the ones where my aimtime is decreased when I'm going slow for example (and none of these skills are situational)

I could say Crew 2.0 is great IF:
- The 0 skilled crew considered as a fully trained normal skill, so after the conversation I didn't lose my current "crew strenght"
- Situational skills would be reworked to be no situational skills (or change it to a more common situation)
- removing these weird 10 point system and max 7.5 skillcap and change it to a 1 point / skill and 11 skills maximum cap
- Adding back that extra 10% what we lost. Even a blind man can see that there is a difference between the live server stats, and the sandbox server stats on the same exact tank. Even if its not intended and just a system bug, its still there.
- Reworking this Talent system, because what talents gives you are edge-situational and plain BAD things.
- Reworking this Ranking system after you reaching 75 levels, because just adding vehicle handling % is just plain laziness.
- Reworking, or just completely removing the Instructors system. I mean Instructor is like collecting cards with random points. After getting a big stack, you will have some good Instructors with proper points, but a lots of "bad" instructors with bad points. Its just too random.


View Postexori, on 23 February 2021 - 08:59 PM, said:
ok, on the SB server actually from that crew i got 67 points. so basically im losing even more skills. i ended up with this: http://prntscr.com/1052ci1   9 skills in total. which equals to loss of 3 skills i had in old system.   if i want to train this crew to another tank for 500k credits i lose 2 lvls =476914 exp, that's way too much. i would need to spend 4 mil credits to get that back.


View PostKODyN, on 23 February 2021 - 09:26 PM, said: @HeatResistantBFG the easiest way without anyone complaining, the fairest one, is to convert all existing crew to a common xp, and anyone should choose existing skins, number of skills, etc. for every needed new commander. This way will be no wasted commanders and crew like many said.

Interesting idea, certainly something I can include in our feedback :) 

View PostGalaxy_class, on 23 February 2021 - 09:34 PM, said:   Vehicle Handling is not showing up against any of the tanks statistics though so it looks like it is not doing anything.

HeatResistantBFG:  They are being applied, but maybe it's not showing. Will see if it's a bug, but if you take vents/food on and off it is making a difference so it is still working :) 

To answer the ones without a reply under;

So the 10% boost from having a 100% commander, you are right it is currently not being applied. We have reported it as a bug and will update as we find out more :)

But answering all of the things, I'd point out you can now actually increase a crew far past the previous. As I said further up I have been testing out comparing max crews to 0 point crews and one of the things that became clear is as you create synced up builds (often with a specific focus) you get far LARGER boosts than you currently do.

An example I tried was the LTTB, this one I went for a combo of spotting and then going in to circle/pump shots into a flank and close range.
 Crew 1.0 vs 2.0  LTTB Crew 1 Max Build.pngLTTB Crew 2 Stats max build.png

The 2.0 build LTTB Crew 2 Build.png  As can be seen, 3 areas are much more powerful and 2 are a bit weaker. But that doesn't take into account the situation bits that will activate as I play, making it even more powerful. A number of the perks you can no longer take are actually compensated for by that the max you can add to crew skill (even without the previously mentioned 10% bonus) is actually now much higher. If I went for a "spotting with concealment" build I could make it so the spotting and concealment are significantly higher than the max now, but the firepower would suffer as a result. The reason for comparing max/min and less so in the middle is because in the middle you can pick something to fit an argument without taking into account the alternatives. If we went with just a 4 skill commander I could pick nothing but skills that need all crew members and go "hey look, I gained perks!" and you could pick only single-member ones and say "hey look, I get less!" when the reality is somewhere in between. With max crews, you get fewer skills, but the impact your skill selection can have and the results of it are significantly larger.

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