Советы, подсказки и пособия по игре, как игровые так и технические
#310488 gorakwedi 16 авг 2022, 18:28
Я играю в wot blitz уже 6 лет, но наконец-то получил достаточно хороший компьютер для wot. Просто интересно, есть ли какие-нибудь советы или хитрости, которые должны знать новые игроки.
#310609 Emilylowes 08 дек 2022, 14:04
Barrier family also gets some love D2R Items. Barrier family also receives some appreciation, so those who have two families will have one on all six pieces. Both have characteristics that appear after being attacked that will imprison enemies and shield your PvE Crusader from further attacks.

The first two attributes are vitally beneficial to Holy Banner and survivability. Within the Barrier family there are many positive effects that cause damage to elites and gives the Crusader a longer life.

There are two types of gems to be considered for this build: legendary gems and regular gems. Everyone from all levels of income will be using this guide, and there are three charts with legendary gems to pick from. There is a good chance that spending money to gain an advantage will not be enough to find t[цензура]erfect gems. Therefore, feel free in mixing and matching from the charts based on your highest-value stats for your character.

Primary attacks will indeed be needed once we reach the end of the Rift as the final boss won't just stand at the form of a Spinning Shield. T[цензура]rotection boosts that these attacks provide could help the Crusader to get to the finish line as well. It's important to note that more than a handful of players own in mind t[цензура]ower and Command gem, even with 5-Star alternatives. If players master the timing, they'll get a boost on every attack they use as well as their skills. Berserker's eye is a fantastically powerful gem it is found on many of the most experienced builds and isn't as powerful d2r items for sale, but it has the Resonance of other 5-Star and 2-Star gems. With Punish blocking bosses' attacks and a surrender to defense, it's not as noticeable as the results gained.

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