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#113556 sashaolen 10 мар 2015, 20:55

Есть ли информация когда выйдет тест обновления 9.7?
#113832 Ansy 13 мар 2015, 15:14
Еще физику тестят. Первый тест совсем сырой был.
#311079 lavender0 10 окт 2023, 11:46
I learned a lot from your blog, and you can learn more about older video games to have more engaging experiences. I look forward to playing with you in t[цензура]ast! foodle
#311383 Emmaythomson 19 дек 2023, 10:28
Is buying WoW Classic SoD Gold useful?

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Gold can be used for a variety of things in WoW Classic SoD, including:

· Buying consumables, such as potions, food, and flasks

· Buying gear and mounts

· Leveling up your professions

· Enchanting and gemming your gear

· Buying epic flying

If you are serious about raiding or PvP, then having a good supply of cheap WoW Classic SoD Gold is essential. Gold can be used to buy the best consumables and gear, which can give you a significant advantage over your opponents.

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