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#310396 clairerr 28 май 2022, 03:35
During this May, we can take part in many events to earn more rewards for themselves. And The All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally is one of them, and I can prepare SWTOR Credits for more fun. This event runs from May 31 to June 7 and requires players over level 20 to take part.

For some players with insufficient levels, they can buy SWTOR Credits to level up quickly. In this event, we can get Swoop Rally Mounts (regular and gold versions), Swoop Gang Outfits, Promotion Droid Mini-pets, Various Stronghold, Decorations and more.

If players want to get these coveted rewards, they also need to buy enough SWTOR Credits to make themselves stronger. And I chose IGGM, it is a most suitable site. It's delivered very fast, and players basically don't have to wait long to receive SWTOR Credits. It's also cheap and risk-free. Go!
#313074 leelenka266 12 июн 2024, 10:53
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