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#250657 Писаренко Роман 05 ноя 2017, 02:20
почему т100лт отличается плохими характеристиками у амх13 105 лучше все намного и у немецких все хорошо и у американских все при себе не равномерный баланс лт у него нет пробития нет альфы маскировка такая ж как и у 13 105 но у него есть альфа и барабан
#310932 haoxiuyun 09 авг 2023, 08:10
Even as the Dragon Isles lurking on the future, Unknown Worlds also confirmed that we would dive returned into the sea once more in Subnautica 3. For one factor, system can be ranked up, and the rank can then be transferred to another item in that same spot.

Launch date to be showed. It's far clean that the loot -- the to be had gadgets that are equippable and might alter the strength of your man or woman, inside the experience of altering how competencies work -- has been subtly shifted off the center of the display.

This means that an vital a part of your development is now not the thrill of grabbing interesting drops from monsters and into an incremental grinding process that is colorless, in which you acquire big quantities of unneeded loot to feed into the improve gadget.

Also, your goods have been greatly stepped forward by using adding legendary gemstones of immense electricity, and that is where maximum proceedings approximately Diablo's earnings circulation were directed. As a lot as five additional gems consistent with gem slot.

A Diablo Immortal man or woman is a legendary man or woman with six gem slots. Each gem has an arbitrary score, ranging from one as much as 5 stars. This rating cannot be changed, and has a large impact on its electricity. Gemstones with five stars are a lot rarer drops than one-star. Get the fastest, safest and cheapest Diablo IV Gold from thousands of reputable sellers in the industry. P2PAH ensure your security, give it a try!
#312749 helgaella99 10 май 2024, 17:47
Вопрос балансировки характеристик различных легких танков в таких играх, как Drift Hunters , действительно может вызвать вопросы у игроков. T100LT кажется менее популярным из-за своих характеристик, таких как низкая пробиваемость и низкий урон за выстрел (альфа-урон), что делает его менее эффективным в некоторых боевых ситуациях, чем AMX 13 105, имеет барабанную механику и более высокий альфа-урон.
#312855 vaansh 24 май 2024, 12:18
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