Игровая механика, обсуждение карт и стратегии поведения при встрече с противником
#231379 nu_rafis 27 фев 2017, 07:27
Добрый день. Играю в танки давно просто для игры. Однако в последнее время появилась одна проблема-во время боя играя зависает на 5-12 секунд. То есть я двигаюсь и вдруг все замирает на экране, на клавиши не реагирует танк, мини карта стоит, и включившись через те 5-12 секунд я могу оказаться в любой ситуации-меня уже убили, я перевернулся, утонул-много вариантов. За бой может повториться несколько раз. Объясните пожалуйста из-за чего может быть такая раздражающая ситуация. fps-30-70, png-50-80.
#311398 Nicholwhit 22 дек 2023, 15:29
As I pointed out above, given the keyboard's creation, there has constantly been a competitor over the space secret. White-collar workers especially liked to make spacebar obstacles in their extra time. Thanks to TikTok, this competition has become prominent once again. Users fire videos making use of Championxiii's song. They are running the Space bar clicker together with the words "Sprinkle" on the track. There are hundreds of video clips made this way. If you wonder how many times you will push the area type in 1 min, you can check it in the automobile over. The first results may come out poorly. However, keep functioning. Think Progress, not luck. Tiktok customers additionally do this challenge for 15 days and share the outcome with their followers. As you can think of, they enhance the everyday.
#312040 Patricia Kuehn 29 фев 2024, 09:55
The freezing issue you're experiencing during tank battles, where the game halts for 5-12 seconds, can indeed be quite frustrating, especially given the dynamic and fast-paced nature of such games. This problem could stem from a variety of factors. Network instability, despite a seemingly adequate ping range of 50-80 ms, could be a culprit, as intermittent spikes in latency or packet loss might not always be captured by average ping measurements but can severely disrupt real-time gameplay. On the hardware side, the variance in your FPS (frames per second) from 30-70 suggests that while your system may generally cope with the game's demands, there could be moments where it struggles, possibly due to background processes, thermal throttling, or insufficient hardware resources. These freezes can critically impact gameplay, leaving you vulnerable to various unfavorable outcomes like being destroyed, overturning, or even drowning in-game, which underscores the need for a smooth, uninterrupted gaming experience.

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